Gemini Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Saturn in your 7th house of love and Jupiter in Virgo can make you seem aloof, distant and unfeeling to others. Even if you aren’t like that – they feel this. And this can further dampen the love life. Thus this year it will be ready to practise sending love and warmth to others. You will be supported in this consciously. Make it a project.

With Jupiter in your 4th house, this year, you’re going to experience Nature’s therapeutic system. Periodically an emotional spring-cleaning is in order and Nature goes about setting the stage for it. The subconscious mind is so full of untapped riches, with wisdom and knowledge gained by past experience and with abilities unhindered by space and time. But these can’t be accessed if there has too much baggage there as well: resentment, false ideas, false opinions, etc. These need some resolution. So with Jupiter, in your 4th house you will feel more nostalgic. Old memories will arise spontaneously. You’ll find yourself daydreaming of the past at odd moments. At night, you’ll have dreams of the past. These are supposed to be very significant and should be noted. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be remembering old, unresolved love relationships. Don’t just want to suppress these things. The idea is tantamount to look at them from your present perspective, from your present state of consciousness. Things that seemed ‘disastrous’ when they happened are now seen as perhaps useful things. You can laugh at them. Your personal history is not being rewritten – the facts are still the facts – but it is being reinterpreted in the light of greater maturity.

All of this will happen naturally, without a human therapist. However, a decent human therapist can be of invaluable assistance to speed up the process.

Part of the problem in the love life is that you might be living together in the past. You might be just trying to duplicate some jovial kind of relationship, or trying to duplicate ancient pleasures. More likely, you’re trying to avoid ancient pains and disappointments. You are likely this year to leave the ‘now, ’. Ancient Pleasures were wonderful, but new pleasures and new dimensions in love are constantly unfolding. Things you never imagined. Why block it?
Often with this aspect, an ancient flame come back into the picture. In many cases, it is the actual person. In other cases, it is someone with the same physical and psychological patterns as the primal flame. Sometimes it is a person who reminds you of a parent figure at a younger age. These things generally don’t lead to anything serious, but they help to resolve previous issues of the past. When these are resolved you are ready to move forward. Nature is very smart.

It’s a very clever idea to keep a journal of your dreams and experiences – especially this year.

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