Ox Chinese Horoscope 2016

The Year of the Goat (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) will have been a tricky one for the Ox and in what remains of it he will be compelled to keep his wits about him. The Ox likes certainty and the volatility of some situations will exasperate him in the closing months of the year.
At work, he could feel unsettled, as extra demands are put upon him. Also, he may not continue to form part of a full accord with certain colleagues. However, it will be a case in knuckling down and concentrating on specific duties, and remaining wary of distractions and time-consuming trifles. Although great effort will be a need, impressive results can be still possible achieved. For Oxen keen to further their career or seeking work, September to early November may see interesting chances to pursue.
With many demands on his resources, the ox would be well advised to watch spending at this time and check the terms of any major transaction.
More positively, his personal life can bring him considerable pleasure and there will be opportunities to go to parties and other get-togethers and catch up with relations and friends he has not seen for some while. By sharing news and seeking the opinions of others (rather than keeping his thoughts to himself), he could take advantage of the advice and generosity of another person. For some oxen, romance can also add excitement to this time. August and December are likely to see numerous social and domestic activity.
Overall, the Goat year will have had its awkward moments, but the ox is a realist and by adapting and doing his best, he will still have learned and accomplished a great deal during it.
The year of the Monkey starts on 8 February is capable of being an interesting one for the Ox. Regardless of the fact that he will have reservations about the speed of certain developments, voluminous of his plans will draw up well and some good opportunities will come his way.
The Ox is always keen to develop his knowledge and skills and the Monkey year will encourage this. Whether in his work or his personal interests, if he is given the opportunity to train or can undertake personal study and research, he will find his time well spent. Professional and personal development can be rewarding this year and this is an area all oxen would done well to consider.
At work, aspects are also encouraging. The Ox should still expect some volatility. A lot can happen quickly, sometimes too quickly for the Ox’s liking, but by making the best use of the opportunities that open up, he can further his position and use his strengths to benefit.
This also applies to oxen who feel unfulfilled in their present position and those seeking work. By keeping alert for openings, they could identify a new and sometimes very different position which offers the innovative challenge they desire. They do, though, need to be swift in making their application and could help their prospects by learning more about the duties involved and so be better developed for the interview. In the Monkey year, initiative, purpose and going that one step further can tell the difference. April, May, September and November could see important advances.
Also, if at any time the Ox should be offered training, or the chance to deputize for someone or become involved in a new initiative, he should seize the opportunity. This is quite a year which rewards commitment.
Progress made at work will lead to countless oxen in increasing their income and as a result many will proceed with plans they have long had in mind, including updating equipment and improving their home. When considering purchases, the Ox’s thoroughness can lead to some useful acquisitions. Also, if he is in a position to predict the future, this too can be helpful.
Being conscientious, ox drives himself hard, and, throughout the year it is critical he allows himself a respite and sets time aside for pursuits he enjoys. The Monkey year encourages trying the unfamiliar, and whenever the ox hears of something that intrigues him or is built on an idea, he should follow up. If he can involve those close to him, this can often add meaning to the activity. In the Monkey year, the box has to be receptive to what is available and allow time for some well-deserved leisure.
The Ox is selective in his socializing and can be reserved until he knows someone well. However, in the Monkey year some curious social opportunities can arise and he would be well advised to take up any that appeal to him. The Monkey year favours participation. April, June, August and December will see the most shared activity.
For Oxen enjoying romance or those who meets someone new, during the course of the year, the relationship is such as to strengthen steadily. Oxen do anything to take their time to matters of love and affection.
The Monkey year is a fast-paced one, however, and in the Ox’s home life some matters may arise which require swift attention. These can include decisions the ox or another family member may have. Frank discussion will be helpful in determining the best way forward. In addition, some plans for the home could move ahead as the right opportunity suddenly arises. A lot can happen quickly this year and while this may not suit the Ox’s character. Improvements can often result.
Throughout the year, a great deal of pleasure can be had by sharing interests and enjoying time with loved ones. Here the thoughtfulness of many oxen can add a special ingredient to home life. August and December could be eventful months and give birth to some surprise occasions or travel opportunities.
Despite the fact that the Ox may not always feel at ease with the fast pace of the Monkey year, he can win a lot from it. In his work, this is a huge time to add to skills, and this can have considerable value later on. Developing respective interests can also be satisfying. Throughout the year, the ox will value the support of those around him and his thoughtful approach will be evaluated. This will be a busy year, but personally and professionally a rewarding one. It is a period for sizing (and enjoying) the moment.
The Metal Ox
The Metal Ox possesses great resolve and is willing to work long and hard for what he wants. However, despite his best endeavours, his progress in recent times may have been muted. While the Monkey year will bring its challenges, it is a more positive one for him and will see him enjoying some worthy successes.
For any Metal Ox who may start the year feeling discontented, now provides an opportunity to focus on the present rather than feel fettered by what has gone before. To help, these Metal Oxen should set themselves some goals to work towards. With purpose, and their considerable Metal Ox resolve, they will find a lot can become feasible this year, but the initiative does rest with them.
The Metal Ox’s work situation can lead to some interesting opportunities, especially for those metal oxen who feel they have not meant making extensive use of their potential recently. With the expertise the Metal Ox has built up, not only can he be influential in his workplace but, as specific situations arise or positions fall vacant, he will often have the skills needed to advance his career and reap the rewards of his loyalty and commitment. April to early June, September and November could see significant advances, despite the fact that whenever the Metal Ox sees an opening, he should be quick to show interest.
For Metal Oxen who feel there is a lack of suitable opportunities where they are, as well as those seeking work, again the monkey year can hold encouraging – and surprising – progresses. By keeping alert for openings and talking to friends and contacts, these metal oxen could be alerted to companies looking forward to receiving recruiting or advised of any opening worth reckoning. Resolve and persistence can yield meaningful results this year.
Monkey years also favour enterprise and some Metal Oxen may be taken to become self-employed or figure out a way to put an interest or skill to profitable use. The Monkey year is full of possibility.
Advance at work can help financially and many Metal Oxen will enjoy a rise in income over the year. Some will also have the advantage of the receipt of an additional sum. However, the Metal Ox does need to budget well, ideally setting funds aside for exact requirements. With appropriate planning, not only will he be satisfied with his decisions but he could also benefit from some favourable purchasing opportunities. On quite a few occasions, this year, he will delight in some luck.
The Monkey year will also bring encouraging developments in his personal interests. Some Metal Oxen will have ideas or projects that will particularly enthuse them, and by setting time aside for these, they will not only enjoy what they do but also the way their activities promote. With this being a year of opportunity, some may be tempted by a fresh pursuit or choose to join an active group or support a cause. This is a time to be receptive to what is available and to develop ideas and skills.
Some of Metal Ox’s activities can have a decent social element and over the year he will have the chance to pass time with those who are like-minded. However, there also are some metal oxen who like to be themselves to themselves. These Metal Oxen should be careful not to become too insular. Going out and participating in what is happening around them can do them a lot of good and the Monkey year will offer a variety of attractions. Reserved Metal Ox, please take note and get some forward to embracing the spirit of this noteworthy year. For socializing, April, June, August and December could be operational months.
Assorted Metal Oxen do enjoy the close and enduring friendship of those they have been recognized for a great many years and over the year one of these faithful friends could seek advice on a delicate matter. Not only will they welcome the support and suggestions the Metal Ox may offer, but his words may become of more value than he may realize. Once again this year, there will be quite a few who value the Metal Ox’s level-headed approach.
Metal Ox’s home life will see much activity. Not only will the Metal Ox himself his plans he is desirous to perform, but both he and his loved ones could face worker choices which impact on established routines. At such times, it is important that the metal box is forthcoming and discusses his views. With clever dialogue, better decisions can be made and some plans (including a practical nature) more easily advanced. This is a year favouring joint effort.
With the Metal Ox and other family members likely to be leading hectic lifestyles, it is just as essential that time is set aside for shared interests and taking advantage of what is available locally. In addition, many a Metal Ox home will have a special occasion to commemorate, often occurring in the late summer. The Metal Ox will also delight in the travel opportunities the year brings.
In general, the Year of the Monkey holds enormous promise for the Metal Ox but it is a chance to be focused and involved. In both his work and personal interests, there will be the chance to further ideas and skills. The Metal Ox will have the support of the support of those close to him, regardless of the fact that to fully benefit he needs to be informative as well as watch his sometimes go-it-alone tendencies. He does, though, have much in his favour this year and his resolve, experience and initiative can deliver useful results.
Tip for the Year
Act on your objectives and work purposefully towards them. With firm intent and your skills and experience, you can accomplish a great deal. Also, preserve time for your loved ones and personal interests. If you keep your lifestyle in balance, you can make this a gratifying year.
The Water Ox
The Water Ox will have seen a great deal happen in recent years and in this one can look forward to receiving receiving reaping some perhaps overdue rewards. This can be a progressive year. However, to obtain the best from it, the Water Ox needs to set his plans in motion and believe in himself. With determination, he can make this a momentous time.
One area which will see considerable activity will be the Water Ox’s work situation. Water Oxen following a particular career will often have the opportunity to learn about other aspects of their work. By taking advantage of what is offered, including training, they will find their new knowledge not only helping their current role but often preparing them for promotion. This is a year favouring self-development and water oxen who feels their career has stalled recently will come out it back on track, maybe in a new and more fulfilling position.
For water oxen who are hoping for a more substantial career move or seeking employment, again the monkey year can open up significant possibilities. By widening the scope of what they are prepared to think, many of these water oxen could secure a position which offers the challenge they have needed. April to early June, September and November could see encouraging progresses, but such is the nature of the year that events could move surprisingly swiftly at any time.
Water Ox’s respective interests are also favourably accepted and he will be keen to take his knowledge and skills further. Whether he prefers creative, practical or sporting pursuits, by looking to extend what he does, he will derive increasing pleasure from what he is in a position to come to. If he can join others, this can be added to the fun. This can be an inspiring year and any water oxen who start the year dissatisfied could find an extra interest the tonic they need.
Plentiful water oxen can look forward to a financial improvement this year, often from an increase in income, but perhaps also from a gift or other source. However, in view of his commitments and plans, the Water Ox will need in order to manage his finances with care, ideally setting aside funds for specific requirements. With discipline, though, he will be thrilled with what he is done.
The Monkey year will tempt many water oxen to travel and they will delight in some of the places they visit, especially if these are linked to their interests or exciting in themselves. In addition, there could be local events to participate in. By taking advantage of the opportunities that come his way, the Water Ox will enjoy his travelling over the year.
Many of his activities will also have a beneficial social element, and while it can sometimes take the Water Ox some time to feel at ease with other people, he will enjoy a good rapport with some of those he meets during the year. For any water ox who is alone and perhaps nursing recent hurt, new friends and perhaps a modern romance can restore the sparkle that has been absent from their life. April, June, August and December could see the most communal opportunities.
Water Ox’s home life will see considerable activity over the year and some Water Ox homes will undergo quite a transformation. A little water oxen may take advantage of an opportunity to move to more suitable accommodation. With such a lot happening, effective communication will be critical. With flexibility and co-operation, though, this can be a domestically active but, be pleasing year.
Overall, the Monkey year is filled with possibility, but to realize his ambitions, the water ox has to be the engine. With initiative and determination, however, his accomplishments can be weighty. At work, new skills and duties will aid his development, while time spent on personal interests can be rewarding, with new ideas and knowledge often developing in an inspiring manner. In so many areas of the Water Ox’s life, this is a year for moving forward. On a subjective level, he will be supported by those around him, and if he is communicative with his thoughts, he will find that significant advances can often be set in motion. This year the talents and personal qualities of the Water Ox can reward him well.
Tip for the Year
Seize any chances to add to your skills, knowledge and experience. This can assist in your current situation as well as increase your options for later. Also, enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Joint pursuits can bring immense pleasure and lead to more support.
The Wood Ox
With wood as his element, the Wood Ox is eminently achievable and also aware that he is under an obligation to provide to reach some of his goals. In the Monkey year, events can assist in some surprising ways. This will be a fortunate year for him and almost all areas of his life will see encouraging developments.
Key among these will be working. Being conscientious and having shown commitment for some time now, the Wood Ox may find himself being upgraded for greater duties. This could be through training or the chance to assume additional responsibilities. By taking maximum advantage of what arises, the Wood Ox will be excellently placed to benefit when other opportunities become available. This is a year to prove himself and look forward to moving forward.
Numerous Wood Oxen will take on a greater role with their present employer, but should the Wood Ox feel that his career could benefit from a move elsewhere, he should keep alert for openings as well as talk to contacts in his industry. As a consequence, he could find himself head-hunted, or recommended for a position, or ideally qualified for a particular vacancy.
Aspects are also promising for Wood Oxen seeking work. When these Wood Oxen detect an opening, they will believe that it is advantageous to know the actual duties involved so they can stress their suitability for the role. In this monkey year, extra effort will be viewed as a lot. Also, as many Wood Oxen will find, once a position is attained. It can quickly need to be based on. April to early June, September and November could see significant advances, but opportunities need to be seized quickly throughout the year. Work-wise, these can be momentous times for the Wood Ox.
With his sense of commitment, the Wood Ox puts a lot of energy into his activities and during the year it is essential he maintains a respectable lifestyle balance, including being allowed his personal interests. Those that offer him the chance of additional exercise and/or takes him out of doors could arise out of distinct benefit. The functional nature of assorted wood oxen will come to the fore this year as they become intrigued by unusual subjects, focus on a particular project or to further their knowledge in some way, and they can find their interests of great value.
Progress made at work will increase the income of abundant wood oxen and some may find supplementary work or an enterprising idea of helping their situation as well. However, the Wood Ox will be required to cover his many commitments as well as set sufficient funds aside for plans and possible deposits. The more thoroughly he manages his situation, the better he will fare. Also, if entering into a fresh agreement, he needs to talk to check the implications and draw on the expertise of others. The Wood Ox may always want to take action independently, but the advice of experienced family members or professionals can often help and reassure him.
While the Wood Ox’s outgoings will be considerable, he should try to allow for a holiday at some time during the year. Some Wood Oxen may decide to arrange this at the last moment and so take advantage of some very nice offers. Whatever he does, the conscientious Wood Ox can benefit from a break. June and August could see fine travel possibilities, including some that arise by chance or at short notice.
The Wood Ox will also find himself in demand on a societal level. Over the years, he will have established a tight social circle and several times. This year there could be exceptional occasions in store. Wood Ox’s friends will often be glad of his support and his dependable nature. April, June, August and December could see considerable social activity. The Wood Ox’s work and interests can also lead to meeting new people, and any Wood Ox who is alone or who moves to a new situation over the course of the year will find that some people he meets now could prove helpful in the near future. The unattached in particular can find this monkey year surprising and delighting them.
Domestic life will be hectic and, especially for Wood Oxen with a partner, eventful too. There will be home improvements and supplemental plans to undertake, as well as some problems and repairs to address. Once started, projects can improve in sensational ways, with the Wood Ox’s inventiveness and practical nature to the fore. Shared interests can also add to the fun of this action and lively monkey year.
Some Wood Oxen may also start a family, while those who become parents will delight in (and occasionally despair over) the activities of their baby or young child. Domestically, as in so many other respects, the monkey year will bring some extraordinary times.
In general, the aspects are favourable for the Wood Ox this year. Personal development is encouraged and at work the Wood Ox may reap substantial benefits from the opportunities that are yet before him. He will have to be enthusiastic and ready to respond swiftly, but what he accomplishes now can prepare him for future success. The potential value of the present time should not be underestimated.
Tip for the Year
Build on your capabilities. What you undertake now can help you both in the present and the future. Also, ensure your lifestyle is balanced: set time aside to enjoy with your loved ones as well as to proceed with peculiar interests.
The Fire Ox
The Monkey year has a certain vibrancy about it. It encourages activity, involvement and effort, and while the Fire Ox may sometimes be surprised by what happens during it, a lot can work out in his favour. However, to benefit fully, he will be necessary in order to adapt. He may have thought a lot about the longer term and what he would like to see happen, but, as the saying reminds us, ‘There are numerous routes to the top.’ New routes will open up for numerous fire Oxen this year.
Throughout the year of the Fire Ox will rely on the support and friendship of many of those around him. By being honest with his thoughts and feelings, he will find they can often help and reassure one another and create some moral bonds. In addition, he could have an opportunity to assist a dear friend with what could be a delicate personal matter. Here his thoughtfulness and care will be a lot appreciated. Also, there will be much fun to be adopted had during the year. Whether partying, playing sport, undertaking additional outdoor activities or following other pursuits, the Fire Ox will have countless opportunities to build on himself. And, as with so much this year, the greater his involvement, the more he can be available at the present time.
This is also applicable to the numerous fire oxen who will experience a change this year, whether moving to a separate place of education or work or changing location entirely. By taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to them rather than remaining to inward-looking, these Fire Oxen can promote their interests, discover new activities and meet and befriend others. On a subjective level, the monkey year has significant potential. Late April, June, August to mid-September and December could be particularly lively months and the second half of the year will generally be busier than the first.
For some Fire Oxen, the year will have romantic possibilities as well, with a chance meeting often becoming more consequential as the year develops.
Despite the fact that the Fire Ox likes to retain a certain independence and may not always be fully in accord with certain family members, he will value their support during the year. When thinking choices or experiencing change, he should talk over his views and feelings and pay attention to the advice offered. That way, any anxieties he may have can also be considerably eased.
The Monkey year can also have its surprises, including travel opportunities. For some Fire Oxen, there could be the chance to exploit the holiday with others or to visit a place of interest or a special attraction. The spontaneity and buzz of the Monkey year will lead to a fire Oxen enjoying occasions that just appear to be happening, especially in late summer.
The Fire Ox should also make good use of limited resources, as these can also help him learn more out of the present time.
The majority of Fire Oxen will reach an important juncture in their schooling this year. There will be exams to be prepared for, coursework and projects to complete and original subjects to learn. The demands will be considerable and these fire Oxen need to remain organized. By working consistently and focusing on what has to be done, many can make fair headway and gain qualifications they can build on in the future. Supplemental study possibilities can also open up some of the more unexpected developments of the year may benefit the Fire Ox in decisive ways.
For Fire Oxen of work, there are also encouraging developments in store. For those set forth in a position, there could be the chance to undertake diverse duties or transfer to another role. Regardless of the fact that these five oxen may feel daunted by what is required of them, if they apply themselves, they can gain experience in another area and widen their prospects for the future. This is rather a year to embrace opportunities.
Fire Oxen seeking work will find that by actively pursuing vacancies and showing initiative, they can gain that all-important foothold. While some positions they are offered may be the most stimulating, once these Fire Oxen have proved their reliability, greater responsibilities can (often quickly) follow on. April to early June, September and November could be months of possibility.
Personal interests can also develop in an inspiring manner and in many cases lead to inventive possibilities. Diverse interests could also have future value. In so many respects, the developments of this year will have longer-term benefits for the Fire Ox.
With a lively social life and many interests, he will, however, is necessary in order to manage his finances carefully. His disciplined nature will help, however, and if he is able to keep control over his spending, he will be able to do a surprising amount. Any Fire Oxen who enter into sizeable agreements this year should also check the details carefully and seek professional advice if necessary. The more thorough they are, the better.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey can be a fine and fascinating one for the Fire Ox. It will require effort, but what he learns now can be meaningful in terms of his onward progress. And regardless of the fact that the Fire Ox values his independence, liaising with others can help him get more from the year as well as enrich his life. This can be a big year for him, but it requires commitment and involvement.
Tip for the Year
Make the most of the opportunities that arise this year, whether in your studies, work or personal interests. Even if these are different from what you anticipated, unexpected benefits can often follow on. The year is filled with possibility.
The Earth Ox
The Earth Ox has a conscientious and diligent nature and when he starts something, He is there seen through. During the Monkey year, he can look forward to receiving accomplishing a good deal.
To get the most from the year, as it starts he should consider what he would like to do over the next 12 months. Dialogue with others can be especially advantageous, and in some instances. Plans can quickly take shape.
One area that will be particularly satisfying is the Earth Ox’s interests. As well as continuing with activities he enjoys, he could set himself some additional challenges, possibly learning or improving a skill, putting an interest to actual use or starting something completely different. Some Earth Oxen may be just trying to write about their interests, either online or for possible publication. Over the year, many will delight in the way they can be done talents. Also, if there are special exhibitions or interest-related events that the Earth Ox would want to be present at, he should consider going. The Monkey year can open up a world of opportunities.
For Earth Oxen who are alone and who desire more contact with others, being the ones who have experienced some personal upset in contemporary times, it would be worth, investigating what local activities are available. Whether joining a local group, enrolling on a course or participating more in their community, they can find their involvement making a tangible difference to their lives.
Of many of the Earth Ox’s activities, he will be thankful for the support of others, and his social life is favourably affected. Community activities can be particularly enjoyable and there will also be the chance to react to diverse people. Despite the fact that some earth oxen can be reserved for individuals, they can win a lot from this year by opening up more and engaging with others. April, June, late July to early September and December could see the most collective activity.
The Monkey year can also bring helpful travel opportunities. Not only should the Earth Ox keep alert for attractive offers, but if there is a unique place he is desirous to visit, he should make enquiries and check what is possible. As with so much this year, once he starts to follow up his ideas, chance can play a helpful part. The Monkey year can also bring surprises in the form of some quickly arranged visits, unexpected invitations to stay with others or surprise weekends away. Monkey years are so full of possibility.
With the dynamic nature of the year, the Earth Ox’s outgoings will be considerable, however, and he would done well to keep a vigilant watch on spending and budget ahead of plans and requirements. Here his discipline will be a terrific asset. He will have to be meticulous when dealing with paperwork and check anything that is unclear or unsatisfactory. Otherwise he could find himself embroiled in protracted bureaucracy. With all forms of monetary and paperwork, concentrated attention is advised this year.
Earth Ox’s home life, however, can be a cause of considerable pleasure. Once more he will very much enjoy the way he is located in a position to divert his thoughts into reality, and over the course of the year notable improvements will be made and additional purchases add to the comfort and energy-efficiency of sundry an Earth Ox home.
There will also be family occasions for the Earth Ox to enjoy. He may particularly appreciate spending time with people who live some distance away. In addition, he will follow the activities of family members with fond interest. Younger relations may often be grateful for his advice and support and may reciprocate by offering technical or other expertise. In this motivating year, the support, goodwill and affection of family members will mean a great deal to the Earth Ox, as well as enable many of his plans to proceed smoothly.
The Monkey year is part of possibility for the Earth Ox and by following through his ideas (and sharing these with others). He can provoke a great deal. There will be part of luck in the year. Problems can, however, still arise. If affected, it is imperative the Earth Ox talks to others, especially those trained to advise. This is not the time to preserve his concerns to himself. Overall, though, this can be a constructive year for him. His domestic and social life and personal interests can all prove rewarding. Travel, too, can be delightful – and there could be some pleasant surprises in store as well.
Tip for the Year
Spend time enjoying and promoting your interests. What you do here now cannot only be satisfying but often lead to additional possibilities. Also, value your relations with others and make sure to share your thoughts and ideas. With the support of others, you can provoke a great deal.
Famous Oxen

Lily Allen, Hans Christian Andersen, Gemma Arterton, Johann Sebastian Bach, David Blaine, Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Camus, Jim Carrey, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Harlan Coben, Bill Cosby, Diana, Princess of Wales, Marlene Dietrich, Walt Disney, Patrick Duffy, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jane Fonda, Edward Fox, Michael J. Fox, Peter Gabriel, Gal Gadot, Elizabeth George, Richard Gere, Ricky Gervais, William Hague, Handel, King Harald V of Norway, Adolf Hitler, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Billy Joel, former King Juan Carlos of Spain, Tony Keith, Anna Kendrick, John Key, B. B. King, Keira Knightley, Mark Knopfler, Burt Lancaster, Bruno Mars, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Chloë Montez, Kate Moss, Carey Mulligan, Eddie Murphy, Jack Nicholson, Leslie Nielsen, Bill Nighy, Barack Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar Peterson, Lionel Richie, Wayne Rooney, Nico Rosberg, Tim Roth, Rubens, Meg Ryan, Amanda Seyfried, Jean Sibelius, Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep, Lady Thatcher, Scott F. Turow, Vincent van Gogh, Sigourney Weaver, the Duke of Wellington, Arsène Wenger, Pharrell Williams, W. B. Yeats.