Pig Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Pig in 2016
The Pig sets great store by his relations with others and in the Goat year (19 February 2015–7 February 2016), many Pigs will have experienced happiness and support. Both the Pig’s home and social life will have been busy, and as the year comes to a close, the Pig will find himself with a lot to do, arrange and enjoy. September and the end of the year could be particularly hectic times and bring parties and surprise occasions which will delight the Pig. Many Pigs could also give timely advice to a close friend in the closing months of the Goat year.
Goat years are excellent for personal and career development and the Pig should take advantage of any chances to further his skills and knowledge in what remains of this one. What he does now can often help both his current situation and future prospects.
At work, by seizing any chances to extend his remit and prove himself in what could be pressured times, the Pig can move forward. Present commitment can reap future reward.
In the closing months of the year being so busy, the Pig’s outgoings will be high, and while he will often be generous and enjoy all the activity, sensible control over the purse-strings would be wise. Too many impulse buys could mount up.
The Pig will have seen a lot happen in the Goat year, and while his progress may have been modest compared to some years, what he has succeeded in doing can be built upon in the Monkey year.
The Year of the Monkey, which starts on 8 February, will be a reasonable one for the Pig, but while he can make good progress at work and his personal prospects are again promising, it will require significant effort. Delays, niggles and sometimes situations outside his control will impact on some of what he wants to play, and throughout the Monkey year he will need to keep alert and adapt accordingly. Fortunately the Pig is blessed with a resourceful nature and can often steer his way round the year’s trickier aspects, but it is nevertheless a time for care and watchfulness.
At work, the Monkey year can see considerable activity, with new initiatives and working practices and numerous product launches. As a result, there will be the chance for many Pigs to move ahead. Those who are looking forward to improve their situation should keep alert for openings as the Monkey year starts and stay informed about developments in their place of work. Once they start to explore the possibilities, chances can very quickly start to arise. Pig’s skills and background will often be valuable assets and the Monkey year encourages progress.
For Pigs considering a more substantial change or seeking work, professional bodies or contacts may be in a position to offer useful advice, and by keeping alert for possibilities, these Pigs could find a position that is just right for them. March, May, July and November could see encouraging advances.
Monkey years are also times of innovation, with many different approaches finding favour. Pigs whose work involves creative thought should make the best use of their talents, putting forward their ideas and promoting their strengths. The skills of many will be encouraged this year and some well-deserved successes can be enjoyed. But again this is a year for the effort. Pigs, take note, and make your strengths count.
As always, the Pig will be eager to forge good relations with his colleagues and generally his working relations will be positive. However, while he will enjoy good support, he should be wary of making assumptions. Some people are not so reliable or as motivated as he is and there could be instances this year when another person slacks or lets him down. It would be prudent for the Pig to keep tabs on what is happening and what others are doing. Monkey years can have challenging moments, but it is in overcoming these that the Pig’s qualities can be seen and reputation enhanced.
The Pig will need to be vigilant in money matters. During the year, many Pigs could face repair costs and buy new equipment as well as have commitments to meet and other plans and purchases in mind. Careful budgeting will be required. Also, Pig should be wary of risk. To act (or buy) as well hastily could leave him with regrets. In this Monkey year, it is better to check, to be sure and to take time over decisions rather than hurry. Pigs, take note.
With personal interests, however, this can be an inspiring time, with ideas occurring, projects starting and some Pigs being inspired by a popular novel activity. Creative Pigs should consider putting their talents to greater use and explore ideas and new approaches. Innovation and participation can reward the Pig well this year.
For Pigs who are unattached and those newly in love, affairs of the heart can also make this Monkey year special. Relationships can develop and, for some Pigs, new love be found, sometimes in a fortuitous way. And when in love, the Pig’s life – and year – can be so very different.
The Pig will also enjoy the social opportunities that arise over the year. Some people he meets at events connected to his interests can become beneficial contacts and potentially important friends. Many will warm to the Pig’s genial nature this year. April, June, August and September could see the most communal activity.
Throughout the year of the Pig will, though, be kept busy and he needs to make sure this does not impact adversely on his home life. To be preoccupied or too involved with additional commitments could cause difficult moments. His situation may not be aided by additional pressures arising, including equipment breaking or home maintenance issues being problematic. There will be times during the year which frustrates the Pig, but with the help, problems can be overcome and the solutions (including new equipment) often turning out for the best.
It is also essential that over the year the Pig and others in his household communicate well and quality time is not sidelined due to all the activity. Pigs, take note. Home life is very special to you and, as with all things, it requires care, attention and your own unique contribution. By being aware and mindful, however, the Pig can overcome the more awkward aspects of the Monkey year. The second half of the year will be generally easier than the first, with August and September seeing special occasions in various a Pig home.
The Pig likes to be active and the Monkey year will offer him the chance to take part in a variety of activities. In his work there will be opportunities to use his skills in more fulfilling ways. While personal interests are favourably aspects and ideas and new activities will often be inspiring. Monkey years also have exciting romantic prospects. Domestically, it is important that the Pig spends time with others, and when problems and pressures arise (as they do in any year), shows patience and fortitude. Monkey years can have their challenges, but by remaining conscious of these and putting in the effort, the Pig can make progress in this one.
The Metal Pig
The Metal Pig has great resolve and when, he sets out to do something, he invariably gets results. He has willpower and personality, and as the Monkey year starts, he may well find himself looking ahead with specific goals in mind.
In his work, he can see critical developments. Various Metal Pigs who have established themselves in their present place of work can look forward to securing an increased role this year. Senior colleagues will often be keen for these Metal Pigs to make more of definite strengths and, whether through offering promotion and/or greater responsibilities, will help move their career forward. Monkey years also favour enterprise and there may be the chance for the Metal Pig to contribute ideas and become more involved in work progresses. This is no year to hold back. For the ambitious, this can be an exciting and rewarding time.
For Metal Pigs who feel opportunities are lacking where they are and would welcome a fresh challenge, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can also open up interesting possibilities. By keeping alert for vacancies and making enquiries, many of these Metal Pigs will find their initiative and skills yielding consequences. It will take effort, and what is offered could be surprising and require a certain amount of readjustment, but the Metal Pig will often be given an excellent chance to explore new skills and unlock hidden talents in the process. Work-wise, this is an inspiring year. March, May, July and November could see particularly interesting advances.
Advance at work will help the financial position of many Metal Pigs, but the Monkey year can be made expensive by breakages, repairs and the equipment many Metal Pigs will be keen to buy. In view of the prevailing aspects, the Metal Pig does need to keep a tight watch on outgoings and check the terms and obligations when making larger purchases. Also, should he authorize any home repairs, he should compare quotations and check that his requirements are being met. To prevent problems, he has to be thorough. Metal Pigs, take note.
Domestically, Metal Pig will again need to be attentive and involved. Sometimes pressures and other commitments could eat into his time and whenever possible he needs in order to compensate for this. Shared interests and occasional treats can make an essential difference. In this eventful year, the Metal Pig does need to strive for a good home/work lifestyle balance. Also, at times during the year, he (and/or his family members) could face heavy workloads or be concerned about the forthcoming changes and it is important that thoughts are discussed openly so others may better help and understand. Sometimes, too, there will be additional problems to address, including home maintenance issues. Here all are part and decide together on the best solutions.
If possible, the Metal Pig should try to take a holiday with his loved ones over the year. A rest and a change of scene can do everyone good.
He should also ensure that his social life does not suffer due to his various commitments. He will appreciate the chances to talk to his friends, exchange views and seek advice. However, he must take care not to make assumptions. An issue could arise which troubles him or about which a friend has reservations. He needs to take take note of this and be aware.
April, June and mid-July to September could be lively months with many domestic and social activity.
For unattached Metal Pigs, the Monkey year can have thrilling romantic possibilities in store, while those currently enjoying romance could see their relationship growing stronger. Sundry of these Metal Pigs will decide to settle down with another during the year.
The Metal Pig will also benefit from preserving time for his interests. These can again do him much good, including giving him the chance to unwind. Imaginative activities could be particularly satisfying. Some Metal Pigs may decide to take an interest in a different direction or set themselves a personal goal (sometimes with a keep-fit element) and again their enthusiasm can lead to some pleasing results.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a hectic one for the Metal Pig. At work, there will be opportunities to make greater use of precise strengths, and personal interests, too, can develop well. However, while this is an encouraging year, the Metal Pig does need to maintain a decent lifestyle balance, including sharing time with others. This can be just an interesting and rewarding year, but the Metal Pig does need to manage his time well.
Tip for the Year
Value your relations with those around you. Consult, listen and share. Your efforts can make an essential difference. Also, seize opportunities to make progress and make greater use of your abilities.
The Water Pig
Monkey years are action-oriented and the Water Pig will respond well to the variety and scope of this one. He is placed at do well, too, although it will require considerable effort on his part.
At work, many Water Pigs will have made progress in recent years, often establishing themselves in a restricted area and gaining important skills. In the Monkey year, they will have the chance to take this further, especially as promotion opportunities arise or new initiatives open up new responsibilities and roles. The Water Pig will often be ideally positioned to benefit, with his in-house knowledge an asset. For Water Pigs pursuing a particular career, there may also be the chance of additional training or a move to duties which will give them a wider understanding of their industry. What happens this year can be an essential stage in their development. Water Pigs who are reserved, this is an opportunity to believe in yourselves and put yourselves forward.
For Water Pigs who are seeking a fresh challenge or who feel they could better their prospects and remuneration by changing employer, the Monkey year can also hold significant advances. Almost as soon as they begin to make enquiries, ideas and possibilities can arise. These Water Pigs should not be too restrictive in the type of positions they think. Their strengths can be developed in many ways and skills gained now can be built upon later.
A feature of the Monkey year is that it favours new ways and creative thinking, and for Water Pigs whose work or personal interests are in any way creative, this is an excellent time to develop and promote their talents. Frequently inspired and with ideas aplenty, they can make this an exciting time.
For Water Pigs seeking work, again the Monkey year can bring up some excellent opportunities. By keeping informing of developments in their area, many will secure a valuable foothold and the chance to prove themselves.
Late February, March, May, July and November could see some interesting changes, but openings and offers could occur at almost any time and the Water Pig needs to respond quickly.
Headway made at work can also improve income, but this can be just an expensive year. Many Water Pigs could confront repair and replacement costs as well as extra home, travel and commuting expenses. As a result, Water Pig will need to be disciplined and keep track of spending. He should also be wary of risk or haste and check the terms of any new agreement he takes on. This is a year to be vigilant and thorough.
In his genial manner, Water Pig gets on well with many people and enjoys an active social life. The Monkey year can give rise to a pleasant mix of social occasions and new acquaintances can be made as the Water Pig develops his interests or changes his work. Others will appreciate his company and warm to his character, but the Water Pig could be concerned by the attitude of another person. If troubled, he should exercise care and, while generally so trusting, be discriminating. Water Pigs, take note, for Monkey years can pose problems for the unwary. April, June, August and September could see the most shared activity.
For the unattached, the year can be rich in romantic possibility, while for those enjoying loving, this can be an exciting year with significant personal decisions likely.
Water Pig’s home life will also see considerable activity, although busy lifestyles will often need to be reconciled. Excellent communication and quality time will be of especial value. Water Pig’s suggestions for activities all can share can be particularly appreciated. Also, the more undertakings can be tackled together, the better, particularly with home maintenance or equipment issues requiring sometimes swift attention.
Short breaks or weekends away will also add interest to this crowded year. Some travel opportunities could arise quite unexpectedly.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a hectic one for the Water Pig. In his work, there will often be chances to further his role and/or take on something new and so develop his skills. Personal interests, especially if creative, can also develop in an inspiring manner. Romantic prospects are promising and there will be many good times for the Water Pig to enjoy in his home and social life, despite the fact that he should take careful note of the views and feelings of others. In this operational year, he does need to maintain a good lifestyle balance.
Tip for the Year
Give time to those who are important in order to you. Not only will this benefit rapport but it can also lead to more of your plans coming to fruition.
The Wood Pig
There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us. ‘There is no limit to learning, ’ and these words hold true for the Wood Pig this year. Monkey years favour personal progress and the knowledge the Wood Pig can gain in this one can be significant, both for the present and the longer term. Also, Monkey years have vitality and can often broaden the perspective of the Wood Pig.
For many Wood Pigs in education, there will be much to study and some will be of a complex nature. However, by focusing on what needs to be done, not only will many Wood Pigs make good progress but also gain the skills and qualifications needed for definite vocations. The effort the Wood Pig makes now is an investment in himself and his future.
The young Wood Pig may also have the chance to take action on certain specialisms, choose assignments related to what he wants to do or gain work experience. By making the best use of his opportunities, he can gain insights into careers he may wish to pursue as well as highlight certain aptitudes. Monkey years can be illuminating and instructive.
These Wood Pigs will also value their camaraderie with other students. Not only will there be a fair level of mutual support, especially when the pressure is on, but a lot of fun can also be had.
For Wood Pigs in work or seeking it, the Monkey year can again hold important advances. Those in work will often be encouraged to see more about different aspects of their industry. Also, once they have proved themselves in one capacity, further possibilities can begin to open up. The skills are theWood Pig gains now can be an important part of his development.
For Wood Pigs who are unhappy in their current line of work and those seeking work, the Monkey year can bring interesting opportunities. By registering with employment agencies and finding out more about the types of work that interest them, many could be alerted to possibilities they had not considered before. What many security this year can be the all-important foothold they need. It will take a long time, but tenacity will prevail. March, May, July and mid-October to the end of November could see encouraging advances.
With a busy personal and social life and possibly expensive interests, the Wood Pig will, however need to manage his money carefully and ideally set himself a budget for specified activities. To be a spendthrift or succumb to too many temptations could curtail some plans later on. Also, if he takes on fresh commitments or is attracted to a financial venture, he should check the details and implications.
The Wood Pig will, though, take pleasure in his personal interests and often delight in the way he can use his talents. By spending time on activities he enjoys, he may not only feel enthused but also find the energy filtering through to other areas of his life.
so much this year, he will be encouraged by those around him and helped by the good rapport he enjoys with so many. Over the year, many Wood Pigs will find themselves in demand, with a lot of socializing to look forward to. April, June, August and September could be harried and often special months.
Wood Pigs enjoying romance could find this strengthening over the year, while for the unattached, the Monkey year can be costly in romantic possibility. Exciting times are ahead for many. However, Wood Pig does need to be attentive and take careful note of the feelings of others. Misreading situations could cause difficulty. Monkey years can have awkward moments for the unwary. Wood Pigs, take note.
With the Wood Pig being faced with important decisions this year, he should also draw on the willingness of senior relations to assist. By being forthcoming, he could be helped in unexpected ways. He will often have the chance to reciprocate, including in decisions some family members have or problems (sometimes of a technical nature) they need to address.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a demanding one for the Wood Pig, and whether studying or in, work, he will need to show commitment and be ready to learn. In the process, however, he cannot only gain the skills needed for future progress but also discover more about his strengths. The ambitious Wood Pig will have many hopes for the future and what he does now can help. During the year, he will be glad of the support of those around him and his social life and personal interests can bring much pleasure and variety to this active time. Romantic prospects, too, are promising. The Wood Pig can do well and enjoy this year, but it is important that he puts in the effort. There is no limit to learning … or what learning can open up.
Tip for the Year
With much happening, including good times, you need to keep your various activities in balance and, when work or studying have to be done, remain focused. There is much to be gained this year and it can be for your long-term advantage. Good luck.
The Fire Pig
‘Variety is the spice of life’ and the Monkey year can offer the Fire Pig a variety of activities and opportunities. He will often have a satisfying mix of things to do. However, to help give the year some direction, as it starts, he should give careful consideration to his objectives for the next 12 months. He could also find it helpful to discuss his hopes with those dear to him. Sometimes, as ideas are aired they can also inspire, and plans can quickly take shape as a result.
Some of the Fire Pig’s attention will be concentrated on his home. In some instances, there will be problems that need addressing, including equipment which breaks or has become unreliable, and some areas which the Fire Pig considers have become drab. By working out how best to proceed, he can find his actions making a startling difference. The opening quarter of the year in particular can see much practical activity.
The Fire Pig will value the support of his loved ones, especially as some may have special knowledge or a deft way with arrangements. He will also be responsive to reciprocate and over the year will give considerable time to family members. This could include spending time with grandchildren or great-grandchildren as well as advising a close relative over a tricky decision. Here his sage counsel may be particularly appreciated.
He will also enjoy the varied social and family occasions that arise, and the more that can be shared, the better. There may be invitations to visit friends and attend social gatherings as well as some of the local events being held. There could also be fascinating travel opportunities, some occurring at short notice. April, June and mid-July to September could be particularly enthusiastic months both for socializing and travel.
Fire Pigs who are feeling lonely or dispirited will find that by going out more and perhaps joining a local interest group, they can make some significant new acquaintances. Monkey years favour personal relations. However, a word of warning: when company, the Fire Pig needs to be attentive to others. An unguarded comment or difference of opinion could prove unwieldy. Fire Pigs, take note and avoid faux pas!
Personal interests can bring the Fire Pig great pleasure and by setting himself some projects. He will enjoy developing his ideas and using his skills. Fire Pigs who enjoy research could become engrossed in what they discover. Creative projects can also be particularly satisfying. Some Fire Pigs may be interested in locally run courses and by taking advantage of these can benefit in many ways (including social).
In view of the equipment many Fire Pigs will buy, possible repair and maintenance costs and family activities, the Fire Pig will, however, need to keep a careful watch on his financial situation. When entering into any further agreement, he should check the terms carefully. Paperwork should also be dealt with thoroughly and kept safely. This is a year for giving vital matters extra attention.
In general, the Year of the Monkey can be a rewarding one for the Fire Pig. Interesting possibilities can arise, and whether involving himself in ongoing activities or trying out something new, by making the most of his time in the Fire Pig will be pleased with what he is able to do. Family and friends will encourage him and he in turn will offer time, advice and assistance. The Fire Pig likes to be busy and involved, and the Monkey year will, for many, be an especially gratifying one with a lot to do and appreciate.
Tip for the Year
Take action. To make things happen and secure results, you need to be the engine. Set your plans in motion and draw on the support of those around you. This can be an interesting and fulfilling year for you.
The Earth Pig
There is a Chinese proverb which is appropriate for many an Earth Pig this year: ‘Diligence is a priceless treasure and contains a talisman for survival.’ Earth Pig recognizes the need for effort but he is also cautious, preferring to think things over and take one step at a time. This approach will continue to serve him well in this activity, interesting and often lucky year.
An encouraging feature of the Monkey year is that it will give the Earth Pig greater chance to use his strengths. Whether work, his personal interests or another sphere, there can be good opportunities for him and his diligence will again prove its worth.
In many workplaces, there will be changes taking place, possibly new working practices, product launches or shifts in responsibility. The Earth Pig will often play an increasing part and have the opportunity to bring his experience to bear. Some Earth Pigs could become involved in implementing change, training junior staff or taking over additional responsibilities, and many will have the opportunity to use their strengths in new and telling ways. As many an employer recognizes, the Earth Pig has an important contribution to ensure that.
He also has a talent for ideas, and when suggestions or solutions are needed, his resourceful thinking can be valued. His contribution this year can be considerable.
The majority of Earth Pigs will welcome the opportunities they will have their present employer, but for those who consider their prospects can be bettered by a move elsewhere or who are seeking work. The Monkey year can have interesting developments in store. To benefit, these Earth Pigs could find it helpful to speak to friends, contacts and others connected with their industry. Word-of-mouth recommendations can play an important role in what opens up this year. The Earth Pig should also follow up any ideas he may have. His instinct can guide him well, and if he senses a possibility or sees a vacancy that appeals to him, he should take action. March, May, July and November could be crucial months for emerging opportunities.
The encouraging aspects also extend to the Earth Pig’s personal interests. Many Earth Pigs will be stimulated by both existing and new activities, and their interest will often have been aroused by a friend or by something they have read. Again, many will be proud of what they do.
Some will also find their interests can lead to travelling opportunities, and if there is an event or attraction the Earth Pig would like to go to, he should investigate and see what is possible. Similarly, if competent to take a holiday this year, some early planning can lead to some rewarding experiences.
The Earth Pig will, though, needs to manage his finances well. With accommodation costs, travel, family expenses and items he is desirous to acquire, including equipment for home and personal use, he should watch his spending and make advance provision for outgoings. This is a year for diligence and good financial management. Also, the Earth Pig should not be lax when dealing with paperwork, as delays or oversights could be to his disadvantage. Earth Pigs, take note.
With his various activities and interests, the Earth Pig knows a great many people and over the year will again value his good friends and contacts. As has often been found, the more people you know, the more chances tend to open up, and this could be true of the Earth Pig this year. Certain friends could prove especially helpful in alerting him to opportunities, suggesting possibilities or offering advice. In this busy year, it is important that the Earth Pig takes advantage of the help that is available and is communicative rather than keeps his thoughts to himself.
The Monkey year can also give rise to some fine social occasions and the Earth Pig will be eager to take part. April, June, August and September could be particularly lively months.
For the unattached, affairs of the heart are positively expected and many Earth Pigs will enjoy newfound romance. For those who have had recent personal difficulty, new people, new activities and new opportunities can help lift the shadows they may have felt under. This is a year to be active and engaged, although when in company with the Earth Pig does need to be attentive to others and awareness of differing viewpoints. A wrong assumption or minor disagreement could cause some awkward moments. Earth Pigs, take note.
Earth Pig’s home life will be busy, but while there will be family successes to celebrate and plans to implement, the year may not be problem-free. Maintenance issues and mechanical faults could inconvenience the Earth Pig, and some projects he is earnest to tackle could be more complex than envisaged. The skills and patience of quite a few Earth Pigs will be tested, but benefits can follow, with new equipment offering advantages, and ideas that is followed through enhancing living areas.
Where possible, it would be useful for everyone in the Earth Pig’s household to be involved in practical undertakings. With good co-operation and support, many more will become possible.
Also, the Earth Pig should ensure that his commitments and often hectic lifestyle do not make too many incursions into his home life. Fortunately, most Earth Pigs are aware of this, but quality time together is an essential ingredient of home life and should be preserved. Earth Pig’s domestic life can be rewarding and special this year, but increased mindfulness is advised.
In general, the Year of the Monkey is an encouraging one for the Earth Pig and will bring opportunities to utilize his ideas and skills. However, he needs to put himself forward. This is no year to hold back or let chances slip. In much of what he does he will be assisted by others, and his reputation and contacts can help his development. The Monkey year can also contain many pleasures and some pleasant social opportunities. Domestic activities can lead to beneficial outcomes too. In this eventful year, the Earth Pig does need to keep his lifestyle in balance, but he will be able to demonstrate his strengths and move forward.
Tip for the Year
Liaise with others. With a combined effort, your progress can be much easier. Appropriate opportunities will arise this year. Be proactive and make your presence felt. Remember your diligence is a priceless treasure and can serve you very well this year.