Goat Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Goat in 2016
Goat’s own year (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) can be a busy and eventful one for him, and get the most from it he will need to be focused focused. He has wide interests and many ideas, but to spread his attention in too many directions could reduce his effectiveness. In what remains of his own year, he should decide on priorities and concentrate on these.
Many Goats who have experienced change in their work during their one year should be intended to familiarize themselves with their duties during the closing months and establish themselves in their new role. For those seeking a position or keen for a change, some good possibilities can open up, in November and early January often significant. Goat years encourage Goats to make more of their talents, but they support to promote themselves rather than hold back. At this time, fortune favours the bold and enterprising.
Goat’s home and social life will also see a lot happen in the closing months of the year, and again the Goat should try to plan ahead and spread arrangements out. Several weeks towards the end of the year could be especially diligent. For unattached Goats and those newly in love, the end of their one year can be exciting and eventful.
With so much happening, the Goat’s spending will be considerable, and possibly greater than envisaged. He would do well to watch his outgoings. With such a hectic lifestyle, he should also are part attention to his private well-being, including allowing time to rest after tiring periods. As with so much in his own year, extra attention will make a difference.
The Year of the Monkey begins on 8 February is able to be a good one for the Goat. However, while the aspects take that side, Monkey years can have traps for the unwary. This is no time for the Goat to push his luck, or the goodwill he enjoys, too far. Monkey years require care and mindfulness but. In return, offer special opportunities.
One area in which the Goat will need to be particularly attentive is his relations with others. Throughout the year, he should be forthcoming and communicate well. To assume others are conscious of his thoughts and feelings may lead to confusion and disappointment. Also, if, at busy times, he appears distracted or gives scant attention to what is happening, this could be presented and undermine the rapport he shares with those around him. Goats are particularly cognizant of this, for misunderstandings or inadequate communication could be problematic this year. Goats, take heed.
Goat would also be well advised to consider paying some attention to his lifestyle. Although he will have numerous demands on his time, he should not be just so hectic that he misses out on the pleasure recreational activities can bring. For Goats who are keen to meet others, this is an excellent year for joining groups, enrolling on courses and taking part in shared activities. Monkey years encourage participation.
In the Goat’s home life, good liaison will again be important. With numerous changes taking place (including routines), implications will need to be discussed and flexibility shown. While the Goat may have specific hopes for the year, including home improvements and purchases he is desirous to make, sometimes requirements will change or alternatives be suggested, and he has to be mindful of this. Monkey years need not be clear cut and numerous times during this one the Goat will need to revise his plans.
However, while there will be a certain fluidity to the year, a lot will go well, and time reserve for shared interests can be of real value. April, July, August and December could be favourable and busy months with enticing travel possibilities.
These will also be useful months for socializing, but throughout the year of the Goat will have people to meet and places to go. When in company, however, he needs to be informative rather than assume others are aware of his views. Without care, misunderstandings could occur. Goats, take note.
At work, many Goats will benefit from encouraging developments. As a result of organizational decisions, staff movements and other changes, opportunities can suddenly open up and the Goat finds himself excellently placed to benefit. Sometimes positions taken on now will involve a sizeable shift in duties (and relocation for a few), but these Goats will welcome the chance to show themselves in innovative ways.
The majority of Goats will have the opportunity to make significant headway with their present employer this year, but some may be attracted by positions elsewhere. The emphasis of the Monkey year is on career development, and by keeping alert. The Goat can make impressive progress. This also applies to Goats seeking work. By discovering, keeping themselves informed of local recruitment drives and, if applicable, taking advantage of refresher or training courses, many of these Goats will be offered the opening they are hoping for. This may be a considerable change from what they have previously done so, but can introduce them to a line of work which suits them well and in which they can ultimately be very successful. The significance of the Monkey year should not be underestimated. April, May and July to early September will see potentially important advances.
The Goat will, however, have to be thorough in money matters. His busy lifestyle, existing commitments and new ideas will make this an expensive year and he has an obligation to keep a close watch on spending. If assuming new commitments, he should check the terms carefully, and keep paperwork, including guarantees and policies, in order. Risks, haste or assumptions (always a danger for Goats in Monkey years) can be to his disadvantage. Goats, take note.
By the end of the year, the Goat could look back and be amazed at all the changes that have taken place. By making the most of his opportunities, he can gain a great deal this year. He will be forced to adapt, but what he undertakes now can have significant long-term value. This is equally a year for being alert and chary in his relations with others. It is a time for sharing, participating and, most importantly, communicating. By being mindful of the year’s trickier aspects, though, the Goat can benefit from its opportunities and often fortuitous developments.
The Metal Goat
This will constitute an active and interesting year for the Metal Goat, permitting him to make meaningful headway and secure some personal goals. However, while the aspects are encouraging, he will need to be adaptable. Monkey years require flexibility. Also, for any Metal Goat who may start the year dissatisfied with his present position, this is an occasion to draw a line under what has gone before and to focus on the now. The opportunities of this year should not be underestimated.
The Metal Goat’s work situation can see some particularly encouraging developments. Metal Goats who are following a particular career or have been in the same position for some time could be reinforced by more senior colleagues to broaden their skills and increase their area of responsibility. Sometimes training may be offered, or the chance to deputize for someone, or, if an opening arises, the Metal Goat may be asked to apply. The skills and commitment of various Metal Goats can be rewarded this year. Monkey years can bring surprises as well, and for those who take on more responsibility early on in the year, further opportunities may arise later on in 2016. Sometimes what is offered may (temporarily) put the Metal Goat outside his comfort zone, but it will also find a way to provide the chance to study and prove himself in his new role.
The majority of Metal Goats will make critical progress in their current place of work, but for those who feel unfulfilled and would welcome a fresh challenge, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can offer considerable possibility. By talking to employment officials and considering various options, many will secure an opening which will give them a foothold with a different employer. It may be a little different from what they were intending, but Monkey years can move in curious but fortuitous ways and many Metal Goats will find their original position an ideal base on which to build. April to early June and July to early September could see significant changes.
Throughout the year of the Metal Goat should work closely with his colleagues and be lively within any team. Some Metal Goats may be quiet, and at times uncertain, but by being visible, contributing and meeting others, they can do their prospects great good. Also, many have creative flair, and if they have ideas that could help in their place of work, they should bring them forward. Monkey years favour innovation and the Metal Goat’s talents could be rewarded.
Advance at work will often result in an increase in income, but with numerous outgoings and plans, the Metal Goat will need to watch his spending and avoid too many impulse buys. Also, he should check the terms of any large transactions and keep important paperwork safely. Lapses and losses could inconvenience him. Metal Goats, take note.
Personal interests, however, could be satisfying. If there are definite skills, the Metal Goat wishes to develop or a new interest that appeals to him. It would need to be well worth considering talking to experts or seeking instruction.
Metal Goats who are sedentary for much of the day would also find it helpful to include some exercise into their routine, as well as pay attention to the quality of their diet. Attention to their well-being and lifestyle balance can make a noticeable difference this year.
With his extensive social circle, there will be countless opportunities for the Metal Goat to go out, and late March, April, mid-June to August and December could be particularly lively months. Work changes and interests can also lead to the Metal Goat meeting some new people who could become potentially important. However, while he will find himself in demand, he has to be alert. Communication problems and misunderstandings can be dependent on Monkey years. Metal Goats, please take note.
This advice also is increased to close relationships. With so much happening, sometimes the Metal Goat may be preoccupied or make assumptions. Both could be expected to result in awkward moments, and if the Metal Goat should feel stressed, tired or unsure at any time, it is better that he talks openly rather than keeps his thoughts to himself.
This is also essential in view of the hopes and plans he will have for the year. This can be only an exhilarating time, but effective communication is necessary.
Monkey years are constructive, and with effort and flexibility, the Metal Goat can enjoy this one. It is a time for going ahead with plans and building on strengths. Metal Goat will have to adapt as situations require, but a lot can follow on from what he is doing this year. He will value the pleasant relations he enjoys with many of those around him and can carry out some often significant plans with his loved ones. Overall, an encouraging year that can be of far-reaching value.
Tip for the Year
Make the most of your skills and look to move forward. Positive effort can yield conclusive results. Also, give some attention to your lifestyle and enjoy your recreational pursuits. Importantly, communicate well with others.
The Water Goat
With his abundant ideas, keen approach and inventive outlook, the Water Goat will enjoy the scope offered by this Monkey year. However, to benefit fully, he will need to be active and involved. This is no year to sit on the sidelines or delay. Instead, the Water Goat should have taken the initiative in. As the Chinese proverb is a reminder, there is ‘No reward without good deeds’ and the Water Goat’s good deeds this year can bring considerable rewards.
For the Water Goat born in 1943, this can be a particularly interesting year. He will often have a variety of ideas and plans he would want to get underway, perhaps relating to his home, garden (if he has one) or personal interests. He will feel in inspired form, but he has an obligation to channel his energies wisely. To be over-ambitious and start too many activities at the same time will not only bring increased pressure but may lead to less satisfactory outcomes. In this inspiring year, the Water Goat needs to focus, prioritize and use his time effectively.
He would also be well advised to seek the opinion of others. This approach, he may not only gain from the support they offer but also find discussion giving some hopes and activities useful impetus. Ideally, he should not act alone this year.
Monkey years are also capable of surprises and sometimes, once plans are underway, helpful progresses can assist. Serendipity may be much in evidence this year. Also, extra options can arise, especially when purchasing is involved, and the Water Goat will have to be responsive and adapt accordingly. There may be some curious twists and turns this year, but they will often work on the Water Goat’s strength.
In his home, carefully planned projects can be especially satisfying, with modern equipment often bringing welcome improvements. Water Goat could also delight in buying some simple yet aesthetically pleasing items which add style and colour to the main rooms. His deft touch can often make an appreciable difference.
Personal interests, too, can bring him considerable pleasure and he may be stimulated to perform. For the resourceful, there will be ideas to explore and talents to use and often a variety of occasions to attend. Where possible, the Water Goat should join others, and if not already a member of an interest or community group, would do well to consider joining one. Monkey years favour participation and a lot can be gained as a consequence. For Water Goats who are lonely, the meetings of a group they join now can become something they look forward to receiving receiving and, in time, value.
April, July, August and December could see pleasing social occasions and throughout the year the Water Goat will welcome meeting up with his friends and having the chance to talk through recent developments. A lot can follow on from these discussions, but where arrangements are involved, these have to be clearly agreed upon. Misunderstandings can be all too frequently occur in Monkey years and it is nice to be sure than make assumptions.
This need for effective communication also applies to the Water Goat’s home life. Water Goats sometimes think others know what they are thinking or are conversant with their plans, but this is not always the case. Water Goats, take careful note and be open and communicative.
Water Goat can look forward to some pleasing family occasions this year, with the achievements of younger relations often being a question of considerable pride. Many will also enjoy visiting and perhaps staying with relations living some distance away. July and December could be harried months in numerous Water Goat households.
There will also be advantageous chances for the Water Goat to travel this year, perhaps at short notice. By taking advantage of the opportunities that come his way, he will often visit (and sometimes revisit) some impressive attractions.
With some expensive purchases this year and his many activities, he is required to monitor spending, however, and thoroughly check his paperwork, including the terms of any notable transactions. This is a year for vigilance.
For the Water Goat born in 2003, the Monkey year also offers immense scope. With his enquiring mind, the young Water Goat could find different activities and recreational pursuits especially appealing and will often gain in confidence as he needs to be made more. If he is particularly keen to be seen, try or acquire something. He should tell others. If he is candid, more can become workable.
The adventurous nature of any wholesome Water Goats will also be satisfied this year. There will be travel opportunities and, for those who make use of the outdoors, exciting pursuits to enjoy.
In the Water Goat’s schoolwork, this is a year for application and learning. By putting in the effort (including subjects which may not have so much appeal), he can make significant headway. This is no year to waste. The more the Water Goat engages with what is happening around him, the more he will ultimately gain. In addition, with communication imperative this year, he should talk to those at home about his current activities as well as any areas of difficulty. Input, assistance and advice will make a difference. Young Water Goats, take note.
The Year of the Monkey can be a satisfying one for the Water Goat, whether born in 1943 or 2003. It is a year for taking action and making the most of opportunities. With a positive ‘can do’ way, much can be done. Throughout the year the Water Goat does, though, has an obligation to involve others and get feedback and support. Lack of communication or too much independence can lead to difficulty. Water Goats, take note. Overall, however, the Monkey year is encouraging. It can be a fortunate one, regardless of the fact that it asks that effort, action and worthy use of time.
Tip for the Year
Promote your ideas and enjoy your interests and special talents. Monkey years encourage and inspire and can bring pleasing (and sometimes surprising) results. Also, be communicative with your ideas and plans. Support and advice can mean the difference.
The Wood Goat
Monkey year moves at a fast pace and brings change and opportunity. And while numerous Wood Goats may feel settled in their present situation, few will remain untouched by the events of the year. This will be an interesting but busy time.
At work, many Wood Goats will face new and often unanticipated developments. Long-time colleagues may suddenly depart and/or the Wood Goat’s responsibilities change as additional objectives are set. Some weeks could be unsettling, but by being prepared to adapt and make the most of arising situations, many Wood Goats will have the opportunity to take on renewed (and often more remunerative) duties.
Wood Goat will also be helped by the satisfactory working relations he has with many of those around him. There may still get a lot going on behind the scenes as well and some influential colleagues may be championing the Wood Goat without his knowledge.
Numerous Wood Goats will benefit from openings in their present place of work, but there will be some who are desirous to make a change. For these Wood Goats and those currently looking for work, the Monkey year can open up fascinating possibilities. By widening the scope of what they are prepared to consider and keeping alert for vacancies, many could find a position which will be an interesting change and allow them to use their skills in new ways. Talking to colleagues and friends could be obliging and opportunities can arise in sometimes shocking ways, so the Wood Goat needs to keep alert and act swiftly. April, May and July to early September could see interesting possibilities.
In this eventful year the Wood Goat’s outgoings can be considerable, however, and he will be required to keep a vigilant watch on spending and, when making large purchases, compare options and terms. The more control he has, the better. He is through with essential paperwork and seek clarification if he has questions or doubts. Monkey years are not ones to be lax or make assumptions.
Personal interests can, however, develop well, with Wood Goat’s imagination generating a variety of different possibilities. Extraordinary events being held in his area, courses or activity groups could also appear. By being attentive and receptive and participating in what is happening around him, the Wood Goat can inject an interesting new element into his lifestyle. Wood Goats whose interests and recreational pursuits have been provided to one side in recent years should look forward to addressing this and preserve some ‘me time’. It can be helpful in many ways.
Travel – often at short notice – can also be pleasing this year. Wood Goat will often be stimulated by the places he visits.
Over the year, he will also welcome the contact he has with his friends and the opportunity this brings to talk over recent events. The experience of some of his friends could be particularly beneficial to his peculiar situation.
In addition the Monkey year can give rise to some sprightly social occasions, some celebratory, which the Wood Goat will not only enjoy but also benefit from, as he can make some potentially significant acquaintances this year. April, July, August and December could be satisfactory and agreeable months socially.
Wood Goat’s conjugal life will also see a lot happen this year. Wood Goat and those dear to him will often be affected by sudden changes, especially work-wise. As a result, this will be a period of readjustment. With good co-operation, much can be gained, however, and some well-deserved successes enjoyed. Amid the activity, the Wood Goat should encourage shared interests and be communicative with his private thoughts and any concerns. Exceptional communication and openness are particularly crucial this year to avoid misunderstandings or moments of confusion. Wood Goats, take due note.
The Year of the Monkey offers considerable scope for the Wood Goat, but he is needed in order to seize his opportunities. Should he delay or hold back too long? Changes may be missed. This is a period for him to utilize his talents, to pursue his ideas and make the best use of situations. He will be supported by the support of those around him but must remember that openness and good communication are vitally meaningful this year. Sharing, discussion and involvement will be essential to so much as well as enable the Wood Goat to get more from this most charming of years.
Tip for the Year
Be receptive. Follow up possibilities and be prepared to adapt accordingly. Also, look forward to receiving making more of your interests and special talents. This is all just an inspiring time. Enjoy it and is used well.
The Fire Goat
The element of fire increases a sign’s drive and sense of purpose, and this is the case with the Fire Goat. Ambitious, keen and with ideas aplenty, he likes to make the most of what is going on around him. And while there will be the inevitable peaks and troughs in his life, he has qualities that can take him a long way. The Monkey year offers excellent prospects.
At work, many Fire Goats will have seen considerable change in recent years, some of which will have happened at a bewildering pace. While some developments will have greatly concerned the Fire Goat, what he has been through will have given him considerable experience. In 2016, he will be in a position to take advantage of this. In many cases, his experience will do him an ideal candidate for the openings that will arise over the year end. In the process, he will be located in a position to improve his often specialist skills.
The majority of Fire Goats will make development with their present employer, but for those who are unfulfilled or currently seeking work, this can be a year of noteworthy possibility. By keeping informing of openings in their area, these Fire Goats may learn of a vacancy in a different type of work which offers the potential for progress. Some learning and adjustment of routine may be involved, but Monkey years encourage professional growth and what is done in this one can determine the direction of sundry a Fire Goat’s future. April, May and late June to early September could see interesting developments, but throughout the year the Fire Goat should act swiftly when he sees an opening that appeals to him.
The background, reputation and versatility of the Fire Goat will often enable him to progress and impress this year, but he does need to work closely with his colleagues. Exceptional communication and establishing an operational presence in any new role is very important. Fortunately, Fire Goat’s commitment will help.
The emphasis on progress and development also applies to the Fire Goat’s interests. By embracing the inventive spirit of the year, he can derive great pleasure from what he does. For the creative Fire Goat in particular, Monkey years can be stimulating times. Sometimes different recreational pursuits or a fitness discipline may appear and if the Fire Goat can take a look at other enthusiasts, this can give precise activities greater impetus. Any Fire Goats who have let certain interests slip of late because of their busy lifestyle should look forward to remedying this if possible.
There is another element of good fortune in this Monkey year and the Fire Goat will often be uniquely placed to benefit. This can apply to travel opportunities (some arising at short notice) and the Fire Goat may also be invited to special occasions or attracted by regional events. There is a spontaneity to the Monkey year which will add interest and meaning.
In view of the Fire Goat’s often hectic lifestyle, this will be an expensive year, though, and he will need to watch his outgoings and, when possible, remain within his budget. As well many unplanned purchases could curtail some plans later on. Also, when dealing with paperwork, the Fire Goat needs to be meticulous. This ceases to be a year for risks or being lax.
With his eclectic interests, the Fire Goat gets on well with many people and the Monkey year can give rise to a pleasurable mix of communal occasions. As a consequence of friends introducing him to others, the Fire Goat could find his social circle widening and some of the people he meets now will be very in tune with his thinking and outlook. The unattached, the Monkey year can have momentous romantic possibilities. April, July, August, December and January 2017 could be sprightly and interesting months. However, while numerous occasions will go well, the Fire Goat needs to be perfect when making arrangements or expressing his views. Communication problems could occur this year and could be embarrassing. Dismiss Goats, take note.
Fire Goat’s home life will also see considerable activity, and in view of the commitments of family members. There will need to be effective co-operation between all. Fire Goat (and others) will often be in inspired form and keen to go ahead with definite plans and acquisitions. These do, though, have to be completely discussed and costed, and ample time allowed. If too much is tackled at anyone time, pressure, haste or confusion could mar certain activities.
Amid the plans and projects, the Fire Goat will also enjoy some fun times with family members. The Monkey year will contain a pleasing mix of things to do and the Fire Goat’s input and thoughtfulness will yet again be much appreciated. The summer will be an especially active time.
A lot can happen this year and there will be chances for the Fire Goat to make more of his skills and interests. He is under an obligation to seize the initiative and act with determination, but what he does now can benefit him now and prepare him for subsequent opportunities. He will draw on the support of those around him, and domestically and socially, the year will be active and meaningful. However, while this is an uplifting time, it does require commitment, openness and communication. Dismiss Goats, take note and enjoy this rewarding year.
Tip for the Year
Be proud to take advantage of opportunities, even though they may require adjustment and learning. What arises now will happen for a reason and will often be to your benefit. Also, value your relations with those around you and enjoy what this Monkey year makes possible. You have a great deal to offer.
The Earth Goat
There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us to ‘Throw a long line to catch a big fish.’ It means: ‘Adopt a long-term plan to secure something big.’ The Earth Goat would point out these words in this decisive year. By taking full advantage of it and looking to improve his knowledge and skills, he can benefit both now and in the longer term.
An interesting feature of this Monkey year will be the unexpected opportunities that arise. Sometimes it will appear that an unseen influence is working behind the scenes, for whenever the Earth Goat sets his ideas in motion, circumstances will somehow assist. However, to make the most of his situation, he will be compelled to put in the effort, even if this sometimes means venturing outside his comfort zone.
In his work, the Monkey year can see fast-moving developments. Sometimes, as staff change or bonus systems is introduced, more responsibilities will be placed on the Earth Goat. Some weeks will be especially demanding, but by focusing on what needs to be done and being willing to learn (and adjust), he can do his reputation and prospects a lot of good. In difficulty lies opportunity, as has often been suggested.
The progresses of the Monkey year can also highlight the Earth Goat’s strengths and show where his forte lies. Monkey years are illuminating and can impact the career paths of many Earth Goats.
For Earth Goats who are dissatisfied where they are and would welcome a further challenge, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can be one of the keys juncture. By considering different ways in which they could enhance their skills and obtaining the appropriate advice, many of these Earth Goats could be alerted to an opening which offers excellent prospects for career development. It will require persistence to make the breakthrough, but Monkey years can bring momentous opportunities. April, May and late June to early September could see significant advances.
Progress made at work will improve the income of various Earth Goats, but spending still requires discipline. Without care, outgoings could be too easily creep up and rushed for purchases be regretted later. Earth Goat is also needed vigilant with financial paperwork, checking details and keeping documents safely. Lapses could work to his disadvantage. Earth Goats, take note.
Despite the fact that the Earth Goat will have numerous demands on his time, it is just as important that interests and recreational activities do not get sidelined. Not only do these help keep his lifestyle in nice balance but some interests give him the chance of additional exercise and social opportunities as well as encourage the committee to study definite ideas. Interesting opportunities can arise this year and if the Earth Goat is tempted by a singular event, course or new activity, he should follow up. Monkey years encourage participation as well as highlight some of the Earth Goat’s talents.
This Monkey year can also bring surprises, including chances to travel and/or attend events at short notice. A lot of the Earth Goat’s activities will also have a favorable social element and the Monkey year can give rise to some lively occasions. The Earth Goat’s amiable nature will make him popular company, and for Earth Goats who are feeling lonely or have had a recent personal upset, the Monkey year could put some sparkle (and romance) back into their lives. Late March, April, July, August and December could be charming months socially and indispensable for meeting others.
Earth Goat’s home life will also see considerable activity, especially as commitments and routines are sentenced to change. Also, as practical projects are started, developments can occur which can alter perspectives and lead to innovative ideas and approaches being considered. As with plentiful this year, the Earth Goat will have to be prepared to adapt and make the most of the situations and resources as they are.
There will also, however, be family successes to enjoy. Not only will the Earth Goat’s personal development please loved ones, but, close family members will have their individual successes and milestones to mark. Times spent together as a unit will also be appreciated and do everyone good.
As with all years, problems can sometimes raise their head, however, and when they do, they will often result from a lack of communication or jumping to conclusions. Earth Goat should avoid making assumptions or think others are as fast with his arrangements and views. He needs to be communicative and clear if he is to prevent misunderstandings. Earth Goats, take note.
Overall, the Monkey year is a promising one for the Earth Goat but it does require commitment and looking forward to receiving building on skills and strengths. What is completed now can be instrumental in the often considerable successes that await. There will also be abundant enjoyable occasions in this hectic year. It is a period that encourages personal and professional growth and offers long-term gains to.
Tip for the Year
Looked forward to build on your skills and strengths. Have a fine future ahead of you and effort made now can prepare you for the opportunities that await. Also, be attentive to others and ensure you communicate clearly. Extra effort can make an important difference this year.
Famous Goats
Jane Austen, Lord Byron, Vince Cable, Coco Chanel, Nat ‘King’ Cole, Jamie Cullum, Robert did Niro, Catherine Deneuve, Charles Dickens, Vin Diesel, Ken Dodd, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Douglas Fairbanks, Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Bill Gates, Robert Gates, Mel Gibson, Whoopi Goldberg, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Grisham, Oscar Hammerstein, George Harrison, Billy Idol, Julio Iglesias, Sir Mick Jagger, Steve Jobs, Norah Jones, Nicole Kidman, Sir Ben Kingsley, Christine Lagarde, John led CarrĂ©, Matt LeBlanc, Franz Liszt, James McAvoy, Tim McGraw, Sir John Major, Michelangelo, Joni Mitchell, Rupert Murdoch, Randy Newman, Sinead O’Connor, Michael Palin, Aaron Paul, Eva Peron, Pink, Keith Richards, Flo Rida, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William Shatner, Ed Sheeran, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Gary Sinise, Jerry Springer, Lana Turner, Mark Twain, Rudolph Valentino, Vangelis, Barbara Walters, John Wayne, Justin Welby, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Bruce Willis, Shailene Woodley.