Dog Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Dog in 2016
The Dog likes order and consistency and may have felt ill-at-ease with some of the developments of the Goat year (19 February 2015–7 February 2016). This can be a period of volatility, and changing situations may have brought the Dog worrying moments. However, while he may have faced many challenges, he will also have achieved a considerable amount. The remaining months will still be busy.
In his home, the Dog is such as to dispose of undertook quite a few ambitious projects, and for some this could have included a move. As the year comes to a close, many Dogs will be keen to finish off practical activities, including making what will be major purchases. Canny Dog could be fortunate in coming up with items on often favourable terms. End-of-year sales could yield additional bargains.
However, with considerable functional activity and the many arrangements that will need making at this time, the Dog needs to liaise well with his loved ones.
There will step up social activity and the Dog will appreciate spending time with friends and catching up with some he has not seen for some while. December and early January could see a flurry of activity, with some unforeseen occasions and news concerning a friend.
At work, Dog may find the pressures considerably and his objectives challenging. However, by doing his best, he can achieve some notable successes. October could see important advances.
Overall, although the Goat year will have been demanding, many Dogs will have benefited from the support of others as well as experienced events which will have been very important personally.
The Year of the Monkey, which starts on 8 February, will be an encouraging one for the Dog. His judgement can serve him well this year and if he acts with determination, he can secure some key objectives. As Virgil noted, ‘Fortune favours the bold, ’ and in this Monkey year, fortune will favour the bold and enterprising Dog.
One of the Dog’s characteristics is that he relies a lot on his instinct, and as the Monkey year begins, he will sense his prospects are improving. Dogs who are feeling unfulfilled or nursing disappointment in particular should view the Monkey year as a time of positive change.
At work, the Monkey year will give the Dog more opportunity to use his strengths, and his skills and loyalty will be recognized. Dogs who have been with the same employer or in the same type of work for some time will, now have the chance to apply to greater responsibilities. Suitable openings for promotion can also arise and. For those used in large organizations, transfers to other positions could be tempting.
Dogs who are currently feeling unfulfilled and staid in their work should make use of the favourable aspects and look for a position elsewhere. Once they start to make enquiries and register with employment agencies, they could be alerted to several openings worth considering. These could involve a considerable change of duties but be just what these Dogs need.
This also applies to Dogs seeking work. By widening their search, many could be offered the opportunity to go to a new role. For some, this may mean leaving their comfort zone, but Monkey years are encouraging.
March, April, September and November could see interesting developments, but opportunities can arise quickly at any time and have to be seized without delay. Dog’s instinct can serve him well this year and he will often sense which openings are proper for him.
Another factor in the Dog’s favour will be the support he receives, including unexpected quarters. Colleagues, some influential, could put in recommendations for him (sometimes without his knowledge) and his reputation and references will also help his prospects. He should seize any chances to network, as his manner and qualities will impress numerous this year.
Progress at work will help financially, but the Monkey year will be an expensive one. Much spending is again prone on the home, and for some Dogs who considered or started moving plans last year, relocation is now possible. Travel is also strongly indicated this year and in view of all these outgoings. The Dog will need to budget ahead. With care, however, he will be pleased with the various plans he is able to carry out.
It is also essential that he gives some consideration to his own well-being this year and, if necessary, reviews the quality of his diet and his level of exercise. To drive himself hard without adequate rest may leave him susceptible to colds and other niggling ailments. In this encouraging year, he should make his best to remain on top form. Dogs, take note.
Personal interests can help keep the Dog’s lifestyle in balance and the Monkey year will provide a variety of ideas. Should something unprecedented appeal to the Dog, he should seek to find out more. Some Dogs will also be desirous to take certain skills further and set themselves a new challenge or project. This can be just an inspiring time.
There will also be good travel opportunities, and if possible, all Dogs should be designed to take a holiday. This could give them a much-needed rest as well as the chance to visit some fascinating locations. Late summer could see good possibilities.
Regardless of the fact that the Dog is often selective in his socializing, an increase in activity is indicated this year and he could receive invitations to parties and other celebrations as well as enjoy contact with his intimate circle of friends. February, March, June and December could be tiring, and for Dogs who are lonely or have had some recent personal difficulty, someone they meet now could restore some sparkle to their life. Socially, this can be a rewarding and pleasing time.
In his home life, the Dog will continue to enjoy ambitious plans and one idea will often lead to others. However, ample time needs to be allowed for purposeful activities and ideally they should be spread out over the year rather than attempted all at once.
With personal and career successes, good travel possibilities and plans being implemented, the year can be characterized by numerous domestic high points. Dog’s input will once again be valued, and May and September could be particularly tiring and pleasing.
Overall, the Monkey year holds excellent prospects for the Dog, but a lot rests with him. If he is determined, satisfactory progress can be made. The Dog will be well supported and his home and social life busy and often special, but in view of all the activity, he does need to look after himself, including setting time aside for personal interests and to enjoy the good travel opportunities that will arise. If he seizes the initiative and balances his lifestyle, he can make this both a pleasing and progressive year.
The Metal Dog
Metal Dog is determined and conscientious and puts a great deal of effort into his diverse activities. In 2016 his commitment is placed at reward him well. This will be a progressive and often lucky time for him.
Over the year, Metal Dog will be driven by those around him. Particularly when making decisions or considering ideas, he will value the help that loved ones and those with expertise can offer. During the Monkey year, he will have much rooting for him and keen for him to secure the success he deserves. As he meets different people, too, his straightforward manner will impress and he can build some useful connections. Both in his work and personal interests, this is a critical year to network and raise his profile.
Metal Dog is not the right biggest socializer, but he will frequently be surprised and delighted by the social opportunities of the Monkey year. In participating in what is happening, he can look forward to receiving receiving some lively times. February to early April, June and December could see the most communal activity.
Metal Dogs who are feeling lonely should immerse themselves in local activities and take up any chances to get out. Affirmative action can reward them well. For some, affairs of the heart can add excitement to the year. For personal relationships, this can be a hectic and often special time and it would benefit the Metal Dog to go out more rather than keep himself to himself.
In his home life, a dot is set to happen, including a move for some. In addition, Metal Dog and his loved ones could face changes in routine. Adjustments will need to be made. Nonetheless, with good co-operation, much can be learned from the changes taking place. Here again, support from loved ones can be an encouraging factor in the Metal Dog’s year.
While often busy with everyday undertakings, he will also find shared interests and trips can be enjoyable and do relationships a lot of good. May, September and the end of the year could be active and possibly celebratory times in the Metal Dog household.
Metal Dog can also look forward to receiving moving forward in his work. When new openings arise, he will often be well formed to apply and his loyalty and commitment will stand him in excellent stead. Monkey years favour enterprise and there will be the opportunity for any Metal Dogs to contribute ideas and take on fresh objectives. Numerous senior colleagues think highly of the Metal Dog’s abilities and his involvement this year can be of increasing value. March, April, September and November could see potentially significant advances.
For Metal Dogs who feel limited where they are and would welcome a position offering greater scope, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year offers interesting prospects. By keeping alert for vacancies and talking to friends and contacts, these Metal Dogs could be alerted to new possibilities or think of different ways in which they could utilize their strengths. Monkey years can open interesting doors, and by being willing to adapt, the Metal Dog may secure a position which will be shown to be a significant development in his working life. However, he is swift in making applications and stresses his experience. Monkey years reward giving that little bit extra.
Progress made at work will help financially, but with the Metal Dog’s existing commitments, plus ideas for his home and good travel possibilities, he will need in order to watch his spending and plan ahead. This is a time for effective financial management.
Regardless of the fact that Metal Dog will be kept busy this year, he should allow some time for recreational pursuits. These can help him unwind and provide a break from other activities and concerns.
Also, if lacking regular exercise, he should attempt to remedy this and take advice on activities that may help. Similarly, if he is worried about his well-being at any time, he should get this checked out. He needs to ensure sure he is in fine form and able to enjoy the fruits of his labours.
The Monkey year is in many ways a rewarding one for the Metal Dog. In his work there will often be the chance to make more of his talents, and the success he enjoys now will not only be well deserved but often mark an important stage in his career. He will be guided by the belief, support and assistance of those around him, and will value his home life and loving circle of friends. Travel and new friendships can add interest to this rewarding year, and initiative and resolve, the Metal Dog can do well.
Tip for the Year
Be active. Explore possibilities and look forward to making progress. With the support you enjoy and the changes that will become available, this is a year of considerable possibility. Seize the moment.
The Water Dog
The Monkey year is part of unlimited possibilities for the Water Dog. It can see some personally meaningful events and there will be special times to enjoy.
Water Dogs who are following a specific career should use this year to further their experience and get up there to greater responsibilities. Often openings will become available in their existing place of work, and by being functional team members and increasing their working knowledge. Abundant of these Water Dogs will make impressive headway.
Water Dog can also help his prospects for making use of any training that may be available. Meeting others connected in his industry and. If applicable, joining a professional organization. By being involved and raising his profile, he will be noticed and his talents recognized.
There will also be some Water Dogs who feel they could better their prospects by moving to another employer. By keeping alert for openings within their industry, many will make what can be a fantastic transfer. Admittedly, there could be considerable adjustment involved, but with commitment and the desire to perform well, many of these Water Dogs will reach a new level in their career.
Those seeking work should also keep alert for developments in their area, including recruitment drives of larger employers. By being active and informed, many will be given the opportunity to establish themselves in an often unique capacity. Work-wise, the Monkey year is encouraging, and late February to April, September and November could be key months.
Progress made at work will also help financially, with many Water Dogs increasing their income and sometimes benefiting from an additional payment or gift. However, Water Dog will have sizeable commitments to meet, plans to realize and (sometimes) deposits to make. To do all he wants, he will need to stay disciplined.
Travel is favourably accepted and if possible the Water Dog should be designed to go away over the year. For some, a singular offer could be enticing. Water Dog will enjoy any breaks he is in a position to seize this year.
Despite his many commitments, he should also allow time for his personal interests. These cannot only help him relax but sometimes permit him to utilize his talents in other ways.
In addition, if sedentary for much of the day, he could benefit from activities that offer the chance of additional exercise. In this full year, the Water Dog is required to pay some attention to his private well-being. Should he feel below par or lacking his usual energy at any time. He should seek medical advice.
With water as his element, the Water Dog is an excellent communicator and many people enjoy his company and interesting repartee. During the year, he will be placed in demand, with events to attend and friends to meet. He may also serve as implicated in helping a delicate personal matter. He will meet quite a few different people this year, some of whom will, in time, is part of his social circle. For Water Dogs who are unattached, significant romance can be unexpectedly but gloriously rise this year. February to early April, June to early July and December could see the most shared activity.
This will also serve as an important year domestically. In many Water Dog households, there will be a cause for celebration, possibly a birth, a change of residence or a personal or career success. Whatever is taken, the Monkey year will see the realization of some of the Water Dog’s dreams. Admittedly, there will be pressures, too, with some weeks hectic as plans are implemented, but in the main, the Monkey year will be exciting and often meaningful. May and September could see abundant domestic activity.
With such a lot happening, the Water Dog’s ability to communicate well and enthuse others will help, and the more activities that can be carried out jointly, the better. Sometimes more senior relations may be in a position to assist, including in giving time.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a diligent and sometimes demanding one for the Water Dog, but it will be one of opportunity. Work prospects are favourably aspects, and by developing his skills and following up possibilities, the Water Dog can make significant headway. Commitment will be required, but he will be helped by the good relations he enjoys with many of those around him, and by being involved in what is going on and communicating in his usual effective way, he will be able to move many of his plans forward. There will still get a lot factors in his favour this year. With his hectic lifestyle, he is required to give some consideration to his well-being, however. Recreational pursuits can help him unwind. Various Water Dogs will have celebrations and successes to enjoy and the Water Dog’s often superior qualities can be both recognized and rewarded in this inspiring year.
Tip for the Year
Add to your skills. Supplementary knowledge and capabilities can open important doors. This is a year to draw up and advance. Use it well and enjoy the fruits of your efforts, both now and in succeeding years.
The Wood Dog
Wood Dog can look forward to receiving receiving a full and pleasing year. With characteristic drive, he can accomplish a considerable amount and his achievements will provide guidance to the next few years. The importance of this buoyant year should not be underestimated.
In addition to the reassuring aspects, there will also be numerous factors in the Wood Dog’s favour. One will be his sense of purpose and desire to prove himself. By working steadily towards his goals and seizing his opportunities, he can make a success. Another factor is already in ability to relate well to so many people. Wood Dog is alert and aware and makes good company, and this can win him not only respectable but also influential support this year. In 2016, he will learn about himself and his capabilities.
For Wood Dogs in education, this can be a demanding time, with coursework to complete and exams to sit. Despite the fact that this may be daunting, there will be excellent opportunities for the Wood Dog to prove what he can do, and by working consistently, many Wood Dogs will be delighted with the results they obtain. The Monkey year will require enormous effort, but the rewards can be significant.
The Monkey year can also have important consequences for some Wood Dogs. Through their studying, they may discover a vocation or specialism that particularly attracts them. Tutors and other professionals may also offer suggestions to consider for the future. By being aware and following up the possibilities that feel right, these Wood Dogs can set significant wheels in motion.
For Wood Dogs in work, the Monkey year can also hold major progresses. Unexpected openings may occur as staff leave and/or workloads increase. There will be an opportunity for any Wood Dogs to take on additional duties over the course of the year. Significantly, the responsibilities some now take on, or the training they undertake, could indicate areas to focus on in the future. Developments this year can be both timely and far-reaching.
For Wood Dogs seeking work, there also can be curious openings to pursue, but with competition likely to be fierce, the Wood Dog will have to be persistent and show initiative, including emphasizing his skills to prospective employers. Commitment will be required, but once these Wood Dogs get their feet on the employment ladder, they will had the opportunity to prove themselves and the positions they take on now will often have a bearing on their future career. March to early May, September and November could see encouraging advances.
Wood Dog will also enjoy the way he can improve his interests this year. Monkey years have vibrancy and encourage creativity and the exploration of talents. Expert guidance some Wood Dogs receive this year concerning an interest or skill could open up fresh possibilities and be well worth heeding.
The Monkey year also favours travel and there will be the chance for many Wood Dogs to enjoy different places as well as have a good time with those they go with. For the outdoor enthusiast, the Monkey year can lead to some exciting occasions.
With such a hectic lifestyle, the Wood Dog will be required to keep a careful watch on his financial situation, however. With discipline, he will be pleased with the considerable amount he is done, but he needs to guard against too many spur-of-the-moment indulgences. These can easily mount up. Also, if taking a further monetary commitment, he should check the terms and question anything that is unclear. Similarly, if he is ever in a dilemma and would welcome advice, he should remember that senior relations will often be keen to assist in.
Wood Dog often drives himself hard and would also do well to give some consideration to his personal well-being, including making sure his diet is healthy and adequate and he gives himself the chance to rest after tiring times. If he has any concerns or feels lacklustre at any time, he should find out more.
His social life is wonderfully expected this year and he will enjoy many different occasions and the company of good friends. Having known some of these for a long time, he will value the trust and rapport he enjoys and the advice that can be shared. With some Wood Dogs changing their location, perhaps as study courses end or work opportunities arise, there will be a chance to meet others this year, and new friendships and in some cases significant relationships can be forged. February to early April, June to early July and December could be particularly lively months.
For Wood Dogs with a partner, there will be exciting plans to follow through and hopes that i can share. There may be sudden opportunities, too, including invitations to attend celebrations (of which there could be plentiful this year), to travel, or to do anything connected to a shared interest. Some major purchases could also delight the Wood Dog. A dot is placed at happen this year, despite the fact that the Wood Dog should resist the temptation of committing himself to too many undertakings (or costs) at the same time. This is a year to face himself and to enjoy what is possible.
Overall, the Monkey year has considerable potential for the Wood Dog. This is an opportunity to have fun, to appreciate friends and close relationships – and to put in the effort. Consequences, qualifications and work positions will all need to be worked for. However, Wood Dog has the capacity to do well and carves out a prosperous future, and his achievements now can pave the way.
Tip for the Year
Work hard and heed the advice you receive. This can be greater than you may realize. Also, enjoy your relations with those around you. Many will wish to encourage you and their input can make a difference.
The Fire Dog
Fire Dog will not only be the beginning of a new decade in his life but will also see the realization of some hopes and ambitions this year. This will be a rewarding and constructive time for him.
One of the most pleasing aspects of the year is how the Fire Dog will come into certain activities. This can be particularly true in his personal interests. Assorted Fire Dogs will have interests they are particularly fond of and they will enjoy the way these develop during the Monkey year. Creative Fire Dog, new thoughts or projects could be particularly stimulating. There could be techniques to experiment with and encouraging results to celebrate. Monkey years favour inventiveness and many Fire Dogs will be on inspired form.
With this also being a year for participation, any Fire Dogs who would welcome the chance to attempt a separate activity or go out more should find out about interest groups and activities available in their area. By doing nothing decisive, they could discover a contemporary pursuit which brings them pleasure as well as possibly an additional outlet for their talents. Some Fire Dogs may like to keep themselves to themselves, but this is a chance to be involved and enjoy what is available. Lonely and perhaps dispirited Fire Dog, do take note and engage.
Similarly, some Fire Dogs may have a long-cherished dream, perhaps about writing a book, recording experiences or visiting a certain place. Now is now time to take this further, including talking it over with loved ones. Much can become feasible this year, but those all-important first steps are here from the Fire Dog himself.
Despite the fact that many Fire Dogs keep themselves active, they should also give some consideration to their well-being, including the quality of their diet and level of exercise. If the Fire Dog feels either is deficient, it would be worth seeking medical advice on the best way to move forward. Similarly, if he gets any concerns, he should get this looked at. Attention to his personal well-being can make a difference this year, including to his energy levels.
Travel is well expected and many Fire Dogs will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique holiday. By planning this in development and reading up about their destination, they will particularly enjoy their time away. Here again some cherished dreams can be realized this year.
The Monkey year can also give rise to some sprightly social occasions. New or existing interests can have a decent social element and once again the Fire Dog will value his bosom friends. Pleasingly, for some who may have felt lonely of late, the Monkey year can bring the gift of an important new friend. Monkey years can see many encouraging developments, including personal ones. February, March, June to early July and December could see the most societal activity.
Fire Dog’s home life will also be unusual this year. Loved ones will often be keen to mark his seventieth birthday and may have some thoughtful surprises lined up. In many cases, the love and kindness shown the Fire Dog this year will touch him deeply.
His peculiar love and care for younger relations will also be evident, and whenever he feels someone is under pressure or agonizing over a predicament, his kindly but level-headed approach will be of considerable value. Home life this year can be special and the Fire Dog will be at the heart of so much that goes on.
He will also enjoy the way some plans and hopes can now be advanced, and if he has projects or purchases in mind, this can be a nice year to proceed. Involving others will also help his plans come to fruition in this operational year.
With travel, personal projects and interests and family activities, however, the Fire Dog will be required to keep a tight watch on spending levels and ideally make immediate allowance for more substantial plans. This is a year for appropriate budgeting.
For the Fire Dog born in 2006, the Monkey year offers considerable scope. Countless young Fire Dogs will have fun pursuing interests and exploring ideas and capabilities. In their schooling, new subjects or equipment they get to use can become more aware of their skills. In this respect, the Monkey year can be both illuminating and enriching.
Young Fire Dog will also enjoy the camaraderie of those around him and a particular interest of his is likely to bring him in contact with someone who is required to become a long-standing friend.
Whether born in 1946 or 2006, the Fire Dog will find the Monkey year an uplifting one and it will be the property of him to make the most of it. Ideas and thoughts should be monitored, as once activities are started, they can quickly gain momentum. On a subjective level, the Fire Dog can look forward to receiving some excellent travel possibilities as well as to some special times with his loved ones. There may be some surprises as well. An interesting and personally rewarding year.
Tip for the Year
Follow up your ideas. Don’t be left wondering in years to come, ‘What if?’ This has a particular year for you the chance to do the extraordinary things you want. Enjoy it.
The Earth Dog
There is a Chinese proverb which recommends. ‘Hoist your sail when the wind is just. Seize the opportunity.’ This advice is very apt for the Earth Dog this year. This is a favourable time for him and by taking this opportunity he can accomplish a great deal.
At work, many Earth Dogs will have seen considerable change in recent years. This year will give them more chance to focus on their area of expertise. Some Earth Dogs may be given definite objectives or take advantage of opportunities to get to positions they find more fulfilling. In the Monkey year, many will feel more in control of what they do, and in the process be able to make more of the unique strengths and enjoy some well-deserved successes.
Earth Dogs who feel ready for more substantial change or are seeking work will find that by seeking out positions that interest them and giving preference to their skills to prospective employers, their determination will ultimately deliver. It may take time, but the positions they take on this year will often give them more chance to use distinctive strengths. As the Earth Dog has so often shown, it is when he is stimulated and content in his role that he produces his best work. March, April, September and November could see encouraging advances.
Whatever his work situation, the Earth Dog will also be helped by colleagues (both present and former) and if he needs some reliable information or would welcome advice, it is essential he asks for it. Earth Dogs seeking a change or a position could find someone they know alerting them to a possible opening or making the introduction they need. In this Monkey year, the respect and goodwill many Earth Dogs enjoy can make an essential difference.
The Monkey year also encourages exploring ideas and talents and the Earth Dog should aim to spend some time enjoying his peculiar interests. Creative pursuits are particularly highlighted this year and some Earth Dogs could become enthused by a project they set themselves or an activity they take up. Those who lead busy lives or have let their respective interests fall away should be designed to set aside some time for themselves this year. They can benefit in many ways.
Earth Dog should also give some consideration to his well-being, and should he get any concerns, get these checked out.
Giving himself a break from his hectic lifestyle will also help, and with travel well expected, he should just try to take a holiday. Some Earth Dogs may also take up a chance to visit a place they have long wanted to know or attend a specific event. The Monkey year can give rise to some fascinating travel opportunities.
In view of all his plans and commitments, the Earth Dog will, however, is under an obligation to keep track of his outgoings and budget carefully. This is a year which rewards sound fiscal management. Fortunately, the Earth Dog’s disciplined way will enable him to proceed with many of his hopes and ideas.
Despite the fact that the Earth Dog is discriminating in his socializing, the Monkey year can give rise to some sprightly occasions and offer a pleasing mix of things to do. Earth Dog could find definite interests introducing him to new people and useful contacts can be achieved. The unattached, the Monkey year can see an increase in social activity. Shared interests and activities can be particularly satisfying. February to early April, June and December could be pleasing months.
Earth Dog’s home life is also is scheduled to hectic this year. There will be achievements to mark, and whether celebrating his own development or that of another family member, the Earth Dog will enjoy some exceptional moments, often made all the more meaningful by the effort involved.
He will also often initiate some ambitious home projects. However, regardless of the fact that keen, he needs to allow ample time to finalize them. Some could be more wide-ranging and disruptive than anticipated. May and September could see considerable domestic activity.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey is a constructive one for the Earth Dog and will give him the chance to make sure that more of his strengths. Whether in his work or personal interests, he should concentrate on areas he enjoys, as his knowledge and skills need to be able to rewarding him well this year. Innovative ideas can also emerge and curious results follow on. Earth Dog will be encouraged by the support of those around him and delight in sharing his success. By ‘hoisting his sail when the wind is fair’, he can look forward to making sound and well-deserved to advance.
Tip for the Year
With so much doing things year, do give some time to yourself. Enjoy your interests, enjoy sharing your time with others and enjoy the rewards you work so hard to attain.
Famous Dogs
Bridget Bardot, Gary Barlow, Candice Bergen, Justin Bieber, Andrea Bocelli, David Bowie, Jimmy Buffett, George W. Bush, Kate Bush, the Duke of Cambridge, Naomi Campbell, Peter Capaldi, Mariah Carey, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, José Carreras, Paul Cézanne, Cher, Sir Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Leonard Cohen, Abbie Cornish, Matt Damon, Charles Dance, Claude Debussy, Dame Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Kirsten Dunst, Dakota Fanning, Joseph Fiennes, Robert Frost, Judy Garland, George Gershwin, Anne Hathaway, Barry Humphries, Holly Hunter, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Loren, Andie MacDowell, Shirley MacLaine, Melissa McCarthy, Madonna, Norman Mailer, Barry Manilow, Freddie Mercury, Nicki Minaj, Liza Minnelli, Simon Pegg, Elvis Presley, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Claudia Schiffer, Dr Albert Schweitzer, Sylvester Stallone, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sharon Stone, Nicola Sturgeon, Donald Sutherland, Mother Teresa, Uma Thurman, Donald Trump, Voltaire, Lil Wayne, Shelley Winters.