Gemini Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

The love life is very complicated this year – especially until September 9. Singles will still date and socialize but not as much as usual. The social life is considerably toned down.

Further, Jupiter, your love planet, is in stressful aspect with you until September 9. A current relationship is seriously tested. If it is essentially sound, it will survive – though it will take more work and effort. Nonetheless, the flawed ones are likely to dissolve.

Jupiter in the sign of Virgo is not especially good for love. Not in your case, anyway. Love, which is a matter of the heart, becomes too mental and analytical. If you’re not careful, you’ll over analyse yourself out of a relationship.

Analysis is useful later on, but not during romantic moments. Also, the love planet in Virgo can make a person to perfectionists in love matters. Any minor flaw can be magnified out of all proportion. The outstanding points can be lost. Criticism is another issue with the lovely planet in Virgo. There is nothing will destroy the feeling of romance faster than destructive criticism. You have to be done around this like the plague. (In many cases it’s not you who are like that, but your partner – you can be attracting these kinds of people these days.)
You can have sex life better by preventing these pitfalls. You deserve perfect love but it is seldom provided to us on a silver platter. It is what we work on and develop. It’s a long-term project. As long as the relationship is better today than it was yesterday, you’re on the road to perfect love. If you must criticize the beloved, choose an appropriate time – and try your best to phrase it in a constructive manner.

People get intellectual and analytical love to avoid pain. However, they often generate more pain with this approach.

With Jupiter in your 4th house, until September 9, love and love opportunities are found close to home – there’ll be no need to travel far and wide. Family and family connections are under a huge role in love. Family members are playing cupid this year.

You are drawn to people with strong family values, to people with whom you can share feelings. Emotional intimacy seems just as important as physical intimacy. You also seem was drawn to older, more settled kinds of people – corporate and managerial types.

When the love planet enters Libra on September 10, the attitude changes. Love is to become more about fun. You gravitate towards the person who can show you a good time. Someone you can laugh with. Love opportunities happen at the customary places – parties, the theatre, resorts and places of entertainment.

Marriage is doubtful this year – nor is it advisable. There’s no need to rush into anything.

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