Horse Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Horse in 2016
The Horse has a talent for using his time well and in the Goat year (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) he will have had the opportunity to see a considerable amount. This will have been a constructive year for many Horses and what remains of it will also be busy.
At work, pressures could increase and there will be scope for many Horses to do (and earn) more and to use their skills to say to the effect. Ideas they have could also be developed, and by helping with workplace, they can do their prospects a lot of good. September and the end of the year could see encouraging developments, including for some of the Horses who are seeking a position.
Financially, many Horses could benefit from a bonus or receive a generous gift at this time. Many will also be keen to buy specific items, and by comparing outlets and ranges. They could make some shrewd purchases.
Socially and domestically, the Horse will find himself in demand. If he can spread out his various commitments this can ease pressures later on as well as allow him to enjoy himself more. Many Horses will relish the chance to spend time with family and friends, including some they do not often see.
Overall, the Goat year will have been an active one for the Horse and while its pressures can be considerable, with focus and good use of his time, he will have done an impressive amount and enjoyed himself in the process.
Monkey years have pace and possibility and suit the Horse well. Never one for idling, he will look forward to receiving receiving the opportunities that await in this one. The Monkey year starts on 8 February and can be a full and interesting one for the Horse.
However, while the aspects are encouraging, the Horse will need to be disciplined. Horses can be restless, continually thinking of things to do and possibilities to explore. In the Monkey year, the Horse should take care not to spread his energies too widely and so undermine his effectiveness. It would be better to concentrate on priorities and subjects that have particular appeal rather than jump from one activity to another. Horses, take note and try to curb the more edgy side of your nature.
One area which can see considerable activity is the Horse’s work. Assorted Horses will actively look for a greater role this year. And this is a year which encourages progress. In some workplaces, as more senior personnel move on, the Horse could find his in-house knowledge makes him an ideal candidate for promotion, and if he is employed in a large organization, there could be the opportunity to transfer (and sometimes relocate) elsewhere. Whatever his situation, by keeping alert and indicating his desire to be undertaken, he can move his career forward.
For Horses who feel their prospects can be improved by changing employer, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year has scope and possibility. Enquiries made may alert the Horse to other ways in which he could develop his skills, and not being too restrictive in what he considers, he may well succeed in taking on a different role, and often one with excellent potential for the future. March, May, June and October could see encouraging advances, but whenever the Horse sees – or thinks – of a possibility, he should pursue it.
With his outgoing nature, he will also be helped by the excellent working relations he enjoys with his colleagues. If in a new working environment, his early efforts to get to know others and immerse himself in what is happening will be noticed and impress. This is a huge time to network, as the Monkey year rewards initiative.
Progress made at work can also help financially. However, to benefit fully, the Horse will need to remain disciplined, otherwise anything extra could quickly be expended, and not always in the best way. Also, should he enter into any fresh agreement, he needs to check check the details and, if necessary, take professional advice. This is not a year to give scant attention to matters which can have a major impact. Horses, take note, be thorough and do manage your finances well.
The Horse will welcome the possibilities the Monkey year offers, especially with recreational activities. Additional activities could appeal and the year could see many Horses enjoying the opportunity to try something different, including, for fitness enthusiasts, a new discipline. Horses who start the year feeling lacklustre or dissatisfied will find that taking action can transform their outlook.
The Horse will be on sheltered personal form this year, with his charm and eloquence to the fore. For the unattached and those newly in love, affairs of the heart are well accepted and quite a few Horses will settle down or carry over the year. For Horses who have had a disappointment in recent times, the Monkey year can mark a turning point. Quite a few will see someone significant entering their life. March, May, July and October could be the busiest months for social activity.
Horse’s domestic life will also see a great deal to happen this year. Some Horses will decide to tackle major improvement projects, including altering living areas and installing new equipment, and, despite the disruption, will be pleased to have benefits. There will also be some Horses who choose to move to somewhere more suitable. No matter what his plans and hopes, in all cases the Horse will need to focus on his goals and resist the temptation to get involved in too many activities at the same time. If he does, a great deal can be made this year.
The Horse will enjoy sharing his activities with his loved ones, including any spare recreational interests. However, while this is a promising year for conjugal life, worry or upset could concern the Horse. Should he feel another person needs some support, his care and thoughtfulness will be greatly valued? Similarly, if he himself becomes anxious over a certain matter, he should seek advice. He may be clever, but this is no year for bottling emotions inside. Monkey years favour openness and joint activities.
The Horse can fare well this year and, with his enquiring nature, will often delight in the innovative ideas and opportunities it brings. This is time for going ahead with his plans (some quite ambitious), as well as looking forward to moving his situation forward. In both his work and personal interests, there will be new possibilities to consider. The Horse will need to be disciplined in money matters and be cautious about spreading his energies too widely. Nonetheless, overall, this is an inspiring year with exciting possibilities.
The Metal Horse
Metal Horse is very perceptive and skillful at reading situations. This year his talents can be subjected to appropriate use. It will be an eventful 12 months and the Metal Horse can realize some special personal hopes.
Affairs of the heart can make this a sizable time. For Metal Horses enjoying romance, engagement, marriage or settling down together can beckon, while for those who are alone and have perhaps been nursing some disappointment, the Monkey year can herald a transformation in their situation, with many meeting someone who is destined to become significant. Often such meetings will be come about by chance and seem as if they were intended to be.
For Metal Horses who have a partner, this can be a busy and exciting year, with ambitious ideas and hopes to be able to share. Some will be linked to accommodation, with some Metal Horses moving to somewhere unfamiliar (quite a few will relocate this year) and others continuing to stamp their existing home with their personality. However, while Metal Horse may set about his plans with great enthusiasm, he has to be realistic about what is achievable and avoid starting too many projects at the same time. This is a year which rewards planning, prioritizing and solid effort.
In addition to the sizeable activity, there will be exceptional occasions and news to celebrate. Some Metal Horses may start a family. Monkey years can be personally exciting.
They also favour a dual approach and throughout the year the Metal Horse should not hold back from asking for the opinions of others. Some, including more senior relations, will have the knowledge, skills and sometimes equipment to help. In addition, the suggestions of others may advance his plans in some way. Synergy, joint effort and an element of luck can all play a role in this year. In turn, the time and help, Metal Horse gives to others will often be more welcome than he may realize. Once again his responsiveness and empathy will be much appreciated this year.
With a lot to occupy his time, he may not go out as regularly as in previous years, but will still enjoy his socializing. Shared interests, in particular, can give birth to both inspiration and fun. March, May, July and October could see some particularly pleasurable occasions.
Although Metal Horse usually keeps himself active, he should also think about his well-being, including his diet and level of exercise. To be on fine form, superfluous attention to his well-being would not go amiss.
As far as his work is worried, the Monkey year is encouraging. In view of the experience they have built up, many Metal Horses will now be keen to build on their position. Again the Metal Horse’s ability to sense opportunity will be on excellent form, and should he have an inkling of an impending vacancy (perhaps caused by a senior colleague moving on) or of an employer about to recruit, he should be quick to express interest. Ambitious and keen, many Metal Horses will make what can be meaningful developments this year.
Another important factor will be the opportunities the Metal Horse has to develop his knowledge and skills, and whether familiarizing himself with different aspects of his work or concentrating on objectives, by making the most of his situation he can not only prove his worth but also help his future prospects.
For Metal Horses currently seeking work or deciding to take their career in a different direction, again the Monkey year can be one of interesting opportunities. By keeping alert for openings and considering other ways in which they could utilize their strengths, many will gain the chance they have been looking for. March, May, June and October could see encouraging developments, but throughout the year the Metal Horse should be prepared to move forward.
Success at work can also increase his income, but with many plans and outgoings and possible deposits, he will be obliged to keep strict control over the purse-strings. This is a year for effective financial management. Also, when reaching an agreement, Metal Horse should check the details and seek advice if necessary. However, while care is needed, he will enjoy some moments of good fortune and benefit from some last-minute offers, sometimes related to travel or purchases for his home. Here, as with so much this year, his alert nature can serve him well.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be an eventful one for the Metal Horse, especially on a personal level. Love, romance and peculiar successes can make this a special time. It is also a year for moving forward with plans. At work, there can be excellent opportunities to pursue, while personal interests can benefit from innovative ideas. Metal Horse will be on inspired form and his enthusiasm, abilities and drive will allow him to reap some well-deserved rewards.
Tip for the Year
You have a lot in your favour this year: make the most of it. Put in the effort and look to progress. Also, value your relations with those around you. The support you both give and receive will be weighty.
The Water Horse
One of the strengths of the Water Horse is his enquiring nature. He has wide interests and will enjoy the numerous possibilities that can open up in this Monkey year.
For Water Horses born in 1942, this can be a particularly satisfying year. As always, more senior Water Horse will take a keen interest in what is happening around him and involve himself in numerous undertakings.
In his home life, he will have ambitious plans, including in some cases moving to more suitable accommodation. Water Horses who do move will have considerable sorting out to do and many decisions to be done. It will not be very easy, but support and good advice, these Water Horses will feel satisfied they are making the right decision and enjoy the benefits that will ultimately be gained.
For those who remain where they are, again there will be ideas to implement outcomes. Whether installing new equipment, having a purge on accumulated items or carrying out further improvements, they will be involved in any practical activity. However, while the Water Horse may set about some tasks with considerable zeal, he does need to be realistic about what is feasible. To be over-ambitious or commit to too many undertakings at the same time could be expected to result in confusion as well as be exhausting. He may be sharpened, but throughout the year he needs to prioritize and tackle specific tasks rather than spread his energies too widely. Also, with complex or physical tasks, he would do well to draw on the help of professionals.
In addition to all the practical undertakings seen over the year, the Water Horse will take a keen interest in the activities of family members. Not only will he be proud of some achievements but also dispenses some timely advice. Here his eloquence and thoughtfulness will be appreciated and often influential.
Water Horse will also enjoy sharing activities with those around him and the Monkey year will provide a good mix of things to be done. Again the Water Horse’s wide interests and a desire to participate can be a driving factor.
He will also welcome the travel opportunities that arise and may well visit attractions related to his interests. By planning his trips carefully, he can look forward to receiving doing a lot, especially during late summer.
However, while a lot will go well this year, as always, problems can occur. If the Water Horse has a worry, he may find it helpful to look for specialized advice. In addition, he may give support to another person. Here his understanding can make a real difference. The Monkey year may bring its darker moments, but these will pass, and the year is predominantly active and encouraging one.
Whether moving, buying items for his home or travelling, the Water Horse will find the year an expensive one. With care, however, and drawing on advice as necessary, he will be satisfied with what he is done. He does, though, need to check the terms of any additional agreements he enters into and be through when dealing with paperwork. To make assumptions or hurry unnecessarily could be to his disadvantage. This is a year for sound fiscal management.
During the year, the Water Horse will welcome the contact he has with his friends, and if alone. Joining a community or interest group could be helpful. Personal interests can also lead to mild social opportunities and the Water Horse will be encouraged by the helpfulness of others. March, May, late June to the end of July and October could be operational months both domestically and socially.
For the Water Horse born in 2002, the Monkey year is full of possibility. The young Water Horse’s enquiring nature will lead to him being stimulated by certain aspects of his education, and this is a year to be actively involved and engaged. It is, however, also a year for the effort. Important examinations may be looming and the Water Horse will need to organize his time well. His commitment may not only be reflected in his results but also help as he proceeds to study particular subjects in greater depth.
With this a good year for self-development, he should also make the most of chances to further his skills and strengths. Whether his interests are sporting, musical, dramatic or in another area, there will be opportunities which can inspire him. A lot of his activities can have a decent social element as well, and this can add to the fun. Some new friendships can be made this year.
Regardless of the fact that much can go well there will, though, be times of pressure and matters which may concern the fresh Water Horse. Rather than keeping these hidden, he will find it helpful to speak to others, whether family members, tutors or someone who have information to help. Openness can lead to worries being addressed and solutions often found.
Also, while the Water Horse will be busy with his studies and other pursuits, contributing to home life will not only help his relationships with family members but also enable more to happen, including visits to fascinating attractions. Late summer could be particularly enthusiastic.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey is an encouraging one for both the senior and younger Water Horse. However, to make the most of it, he will get to go to his time well. The more disciplined and focused he is, the better he will fare. He will be driven by the support of those around him and frequently stimulated by ideas and opportunities. A fulfilling year.
Tip for the Year
Consult others. By sharing your thoughts, you can open up possibilities. Enjoy what the year offers and sets your plans and hopes in motion.
The Wood Horse
There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us. ‘Well began is half done, ’ and this very much fits in with the Wood Horse’s character. He is fastidious, practical and likes to think, things through. And giving careful thought to his next objectives will not only give him something to work towards but also make him more aware of the actions he needs to take. With concentrate, ideas and good backing, he can make this a successful year.
One area which will occupy the thoughts of numerous Wood Horses will be their work situation. Quite a few will have been affected by a change in recent years, and while progress will have been made. Wood Horse will often feel he could be doing more. In the Monkey year, unexpected opportunities can arise. A more senior colleague may suddenly leave, creating an opening, or a suggestion may give the Wood Horse an idea to follow through. Whatever occurs, by responding swiftly, he can often profit.
Some Wood Horses, perhaps wanting to alter their working commitments, reduce their commute or take on a fresh challenge, will feel the time is right for more radical change. For these Wood Horses, as well as those currently looking for a position, the Monkey year can have interesting possibilities in store. In their quest, they may think it is helpful to speak to contacts and employment advisers. In many cases, their reputation will also help. And chance, too, can play a part. It may be that enquiries or an application made on the off-chance lead to the offer of a position. Such is the nature of the year that openings can occur at almost any time, but March, April, June and October could see significant developments.
Personal growth is also favourably aspects and in both his work and his personal interests the Wood Horse will have the opportunity to extend his capabilities. With interests and recreational pursuits, this is a great year to follow up ideas and also to try something novel. Some Wood Horses may even give more attention to their lifestyle and start a suitable fitness discipline.
Travel will also feature on the agenda of numerous Wood Horses, with some opportunities arising by chance. The spontaneous feel of these trips will result in their being appreciated all the more.
Wood Horse likes to be thorough and this will be an advantage when dealing with money matters this year. With commitments, purchases and possible family expenses, his outgoings will be considerable, and throughout the year he has an obligation to keep track of spending and check the terms of any agreements he may enter into. If in doubt, he should seek clarification. This is no year to take risks or make assumptions.
Throughout the year, Wood Horse will be appreciative of the support of others. Some close friends will not only be interested in certain activities he is engaged in but may have first-hand knowledge that could help. By talking over his ideas, the Wood Horse can also benefit from the synergy and ideas created. Through different activities and possible work changes, he will also have the chance to meet different people and his approachable manner will impress many.
The unattached, the Monkey year can have romantic possibilities too. March, May, late June to the end of July and October can be both lively and socially interesting times.
Wood Horse’s home life will also see considerable activity. There will be expected to get underway, including purchasing more efficient equipment. By talking over his thoughts and considering possibilities, the Wood Horse will be pleased with the improvements made and the time (and money) often saved. Again the Wood Horse’s rational nature will be very evident, despite the fact that sometimes he should keep his enthusiasm in check and avoid having too many potentially disruptive projects happening at the same time.
The Monkey year will also bring some family successes, with the achievements of younger relations likely to be a source of considerable pride to the Wood Horse. However, there could also be a few darker moments when another person may need support. Here Wood Horse’s thoughts and kindness can be of especial value.
The Monkey year is a fast-moving one with vital possibilities. At work, many Wood Horses will be given the opportunity to take on different and often more satisfying duties. Opportunities have to be seized quickly, however. Wood Horse’s respective interests can also develop well. Throughout the year he will be supported by the encouragement of others and, by sharing thoughts and activities, will find a great deal can happen. This is a year of planning, action and seizing the valuable opportunities for the year will bring.
Tip for the Year
Decide on your objectives and concentrate on them. With resolve and good support, you can view the results this year. Also, look forward to boost your skills and interests. This is a progressive year filled with possibility.
The Fire Horse
This year marks the beginning of a new decade in the Fire Horse’s life and it will be a momentous one for him. Monkey years are fast-moving and bring change and opportunity. This will suit the action-orientated Fire Horse. For any Fire Horses who have felt held back in recent years or are nursing personal hurt, their fiftieth year can mark the beginning of a fresh chapter. This is quite a time to seize the initiative and move ahead.
However, while the aspects are encouraging, the Fire Horse will need to use his time well and focus on priorities. To try to see too much too soon or spread his attention as well widely could limit his effectiveness. He may be aflame, but the more concentrated he is, the better. In addition, he should seek support. With the help of others, more will be completed. His fiftieth year can be eminent, but it does require focus, effort and good co-operation.
In his home life, a dot is placed to happen. Both he and his loved ones will be affected by change, and with a probable further commute and/or working schedules, routines may need to change. However, what occurs can have unanticipated benefits, including more time to be spent together.
Fire Horse will also have plans he is anxious to carry out his home. With this an already eventful year, these could take longer and be more disruptive than envisaged, and the Fire Horse needs to be realistic in what is doable at anyone time. This is very much a year to tackle everyday activities jointly and if a problem arises at any time. This has to be talked through and further advice sought if necessary.
Domestically, this will certainly be a busy year, but amid all the activity, the Fire Horse’s loved ones could be particularly astute to celebrate his birthday in style and line up some surprises for him.
Travel, too, will feature strongly over the year, with many Fire Horses deciding to mark their fiftieth birthday with a special holiday. By planning ahead, they could find their trip surpassing expectations. In addition, there could be the chance to visit friends and relations living some distance away or to benefit from a special offer. The Fire Horse’s adventurous spirit can be well satisfied this year.
Fire Horse will also enjoy sharing many of his activities with his intimate circle of friends. His interests, too, both old and new, will often have a beneficial social element to them. Some Fire Horses may join a class, society or gym, or involve themselves more in the community, but whatever they decide to do, by being energetic and following up their ideas, they can get much personal value from the year. Fire Horses who are feeling lonely and/or have had some peculiar difficulty will benefit from going out more, including local facilities. For some, a chance meeting could become especially meaningful. Monkey years are capable of surprises. March, May, July and October to early November could see the most communal activity, but at most times of the year there will be things to do. Places to get ideas to follow through.
With his aspiring nature, the Fire Horse will often be keen to make progress at work, feeling that this is a year to make more of his potential. Many Fire Horses will be well placed to apply for openings in their present place of work and can look forward to making significant developments.
Others will feel the time is right for a more major move and look to change employer. For these Fire Horses, and those looking for a position, the Monkey year can open up fascinating possibilities. By keeping themselves informed of vacancies and companies recruiting in their area, many could secure a new position with potential for the future. Determined and adaptable, many Fire Horses will welcome the chance to prove themselves in another capacity. March, May to early July and October could see encouraging progresses, but this is very much a year to keep alert and act swiftly when opportunities arise.
Development at work may also help financially, but considerable expenses likely, including exciting personal plans and travel possibilities, the Fire Horse will need to control his budget. He needs to be meticulous with paperwork. This is a year for sound fiscal management and planning ahead.
Overall, the Monkey year is rich in possibility and the Fire Horse’s drive and enthusiasm will allow him to benefit from it. However, he needs to focus on focus on his priorities and draw on the support of others. Throughout the year, he will be thankful that support as well as look forward to special times with family and close friends. There will also be the opportunity for various Fire Horses to make critical advances in their work and find greater fulfilment in what they do. In this year of opportunity, the ambitious and determined Fire Horse can set this recent decade in his life off to a rewarding and potentially significant start.
Tip for the Year
Decide on your objectives and then act. With purpose, drive and the support of others, you can achieve a great deal this year. Also, value those around you. They can assist in decisive ways.
The Earth Horse
Earth Horse is a thinker. He wants to get ahead and plan. And the Monkey year will offer him a variety of opportunities. As the saying reminds us, ‘There are various routes to the top, ’ and by being flexible and determined, the Earth Horse can move forward on that journey this year.
This is particularly true in his work. In view of the projects and activities, many Earth Horses have been engaged in recently, there will often be the chance to assume greater responsibilities. Considerable adjustment may be required, especially with the introduction of new procedures and objectives, but, many Earth Horses will welcome the opportunity to build on what they do and progress their career. This can mark an important stage in their ongoing development.
Throughout the year the Earth Horse should work closely with his colleagues and. If applicable, meet others connected with his industry. By actively participating in what is happening around him, he cannot only help his present situation but also make potentially useful connections. The benefits of what he can do this year should not be underestimated.
The majority of Earth Horses will remain with their present employer, although in a considerably greater role, but for those who feel their prospects could be improved by a move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work and those who are keen to take their career in a completely different direction, the Monkey year can hold interesting possibilities. Developments can sometimes take a surprising course, but by keeping alert and following up ideas, many of these Earth Horses will secure the opportunity they have been wanting. Sometimes contacts and friends will be in a position to advise of companies recruiting and chances worth reckoning. March, May to early July and October could see significant work progresses.
Progress made at work may also lead to an increase in income. However, with many demands on his resources, the Earth Horse will need to keep a vigilant watch on spending and ideally set amounts aside for requirements and plans. Also, if carrying out additional agreements, he should check the obligations and question anything that is unclear. This is no year to be lax or take risks. Earth Horses, take note and manage your resources well.
One of the strengths of the Earth Horse is that he has an enquiring mind and during the Monkey year he could be enthused by a new idea, interest or activity. By setting time aside to follow this up (and it is worthy he allows himself some ‘me time’ in this business year). He can delight in the possibilities opening up before him. If he would welcome additional company, it would be well worth considering joining a group connected with his interests or attending special events. Developing his subjective interests can do the Earth Horse a lot of good this year. In addition, he should take good note of the fact the recreational facilities available locally. The Monkey year can offer a variety of things to do.
Countless of the Earth Horse’s activities can have a pleasing social element and he will enjoy the chance to meet others and extend his social network. Some of the people he meets this year could have expertise that is relevant to some of the plans he may be thinking and he will be thankful for the advice offered. March, May, July and October could see the most societal opportunities.
Earth Horse’s home life will also see considerable activity and there will need to be adaptable over some arrangements. With so much happening, it is important that there are moments of respite in the domestic whirl. Shared interests and trips out can be especially gratifying.
Both Earth Horse and his loved ones will also have realistic ideas to implement and purchases to make. Joint action will bring the best results, and while the Earth Horse may be eager to get definite undertakings completed and decisions finalized, ample time does need to be allowed, fewer mistakes are made.
There could also be a matter which causes the Earth Horse some anxiety over the year. Time and patience will be a need, but the Earth Horse’s thoughtfulness and assistance can be of considerable value.
For Earth Horses who are parents, the support they can give to children can also be prominent. Whether helping with studying or interests or assisting with decision-making, the Earth Horse’s ability to advise and enthuse can make an appreciable difference.
In general, the Year of the Monkey will be a hectic and often pleasurable one for the Earth Horse. In his work, there will be opportunities to move ahead and develop his skills, often in novel ways. Personal interests can also be satisfying, with new ideas and activities opening up rewarding possibilities. Earth Horse will also be helped by the constructive relations he has with those around him. The Monkey year is one of possibility and the Earth Horse’s efforts during it will have both present and future value. A favourable and interesting year.
Tip for the Year
Be alert for opportunities to enhance your skills. What arises this year can benefit you, sometimes in unforeseen ways. Also, value your good relations with others, for their encouragement and assistance can be weighty.
Famous Horses
Roman Abramovich, Neil Armstrong, Rowan Atkinson, Samuel Beckett, Ingmar Bergman, Leonard Bernstein, Joe Biden, Helena Bonham Carter, David Cameron, James Cameron, Jackie Chan, Chopin, Nick Clegg, Sir Sean Connery, Billy Connolly, Catherine Cookson, Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Thomas Alva Edison, Harrison Ford, Aretha Franklin, Bob Geldof, Samuel Goldwyn, Rita Hayworth, Jimi Hendrix, Françoils Hollande, Janet Jackson, Jean-Claude Juncker, R. Kelly, Calvin Klein, Ashton Kutcher, Petra Kvitová, Jennifer Lawrence, Lenin, Annie Lennox, Pixie Lott, Sir Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela, Angela Merkel, Ben Murphy, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Jodi Picoult, Gordon Ramsay, Rembrandt, Ruth Rendell, Jean Renoir, Theodore Roosevelt, Helena Rubenstein, Adam Sandler, David Schwimmer, Martin Scorsese, Kristen Stewart, Barbra Streisand, Kiefer Sutherland, Patrick Swayze, John Travolta, Usher, Vivaldi, Emma Watson, Billy Wilder, Brian Wilson, the Duke of Windsor, Caroline Wozniacki, Jacob Zuma.