Virgo Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

Love is a little more complicated than usual this year. However, planetary strength in your 7th house shows that you’re focused here. It is therefore important to you and thus you’re willing to deal with the complications and challenges. This focus is often successful.

The first complication is why you’re more self-centred this year – especially until September 9. You have a tendency to want things your own way. You’re concentrated on personal fulfilment. Your spouse, partner or current love is pretty much the same. Neither is correct or wrong. Sometimes one is, sometimes the other. There is a requirement to bridge your competing interests. Sometimes you lean one way, sometimes the other.

The second complication is your idealism in love. You have always had high ideals in love, but with Neptune, your love planet, now in your 7th house of love, these ideals have grown exponentially. It is respectable to have lofty ideals in love. It is nice to want the highest and the best. You deserve it – everyone deserves it. However, one needs to know where to find this. If we are looking outside ourselves, there is always a feeling of disappointment – disillusion. For, though some people have a greater capacity for love than others, no mortal can measure up to such high ideals. So a subtle sense of disappointment is considered even in the best of relationships. There is a cosmic agenda here. You’re being sent to spiritual love – the Divine Love – Agape as the Greeks designated as. Many will think that it is in the coming years. It is the sole power that can love you perfectly and can fulfil every need in love.

The third complication is getting the family – and especially a parent or parent figure – to be discovered in harmony with the ongoing love and accept him or her. The reverse is equally true. The ongoing love might not be accepting of the family. This is i to be a challenge. Nonetheless, you will take care of.

Two eclipses will occur in your 7th house of love this year. The first is a solar eclipse on March 9 (in America it is on March 8) and the second a lunar eclipses on September 16. These will prove your current relationships. Dirty laundry will be revealed so that it can be cleansed. Valuable relationships will survive and get even better, but flawed ones could dissolve.

If you’re single and working towards, your first, marriage, this is not advisable this year. Even a satisfactory relationship will require more time. Those working towards their second or third marriage have a static kind of year. However, those working towards their fourth marriage have excellent prospects. Romance is happening.

Your best love and social periods will be generally February 18 to March 20. June 21 to July 23, and October 23 to November 21.

The most stressed-out love periods will be generally from May 21 to June 20 and November 22 to December 21. This is the spot where more patience is needed with the beloved.

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