Virgo Horoscope 2016

When Jupiter entered your sign in August of last year, you entered a multi-year period of prosperity. This trend is even stronger in the year ahead. More on this later.

Jupiter is always in your sign in 2016. If you arise out of childbearing age, fertility is considerably higher than usual. In general, you’re leading the good life these days, so you have a duty to watch your weight!

When Saturn entered your 4th house of home and family late in 2014, you entered a period of psychological discipline. The cosmos be bringing the correct order to the emotional life, and the home and family. You’re in a critical period for making psychological progress, but you have to be done harder. Family relations are bitter-sweet these days. There’s more on this later.

The love and social life was active – and happy – in 2013 and 2014. 2015 became less energetic, presumably because love goals were more or less achieved. Many of you married or entered serious kinds of relationships. This year the love life is not so enthusiastic. Planetary transits at any given time will either make love easy or challenging. Neptune, your love planet, remains in your 7th house this year, and thus the entire love and social life is high and spiritualized. You always are generally idealistic in love, but these days more so than usual.

Uranus has been in your 8th house of transformation for some years now is able to be there for a few more years. This indicates sexual experimentation. As long as it isn’t destructive, this is a good way to acquire more knowledge. The rule books about sex are thrown out. You’re learning what works for you through trial, error and experimentation. For the spouse, partner or current love this transit shows significant financial change and instability. Learning how to cope with this has been his or her main life lesson for the past several years.

Pluto has been made available for your 5th house since 2008. Thus there is a detox taking place in your attitudes about children. Also in your creative life. Often, if you’re of an appropriate age, it shows complications in childbirth – perhaps the birth happens through surgery or some other complicated method.

Your major interests in the year ahead are: the body, image and personal pleasure (until September 9); finance (from September 10 onwards); home and family; children, fun and creativity; love and romance; sex, occult studies, personal transformation, debt and taxes.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are : the body, image and personal pleasure; finance (from September 10 onwards).

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