Virgo Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Jupiter in your sign for the first half of the year, and then moving into your money house, brings prosperity as we mentioned. But more important than the tangible material prosperity is the revelation that he brings. Too often we think of wealth as material, tangible things – the cars, homes, money, jewellery – and the tendency are to worship these objects of wealth. This is ‘Mammon Worship’ – a form of idolatry. It’s good to be healthy and to get all the material things we want. But we must worship the power that produces these things and not the things themselves. Jupiter’s real gift is the insight he gives into the spiritual laws of prosperity. It is ready to be open to this. If you receive revelation, you will be under a more enduring kind of wealth. You will learn to operate the transcendent law at any time – even when Jupiter moves away from you next year. You can produce what the world calls by ‘good luck’ whenever you want.

Uranus in your 8th house shows sexual experimentation, as we have mentioned. Of itself, this is to be welcomed that. Through this experimentation, we learn about our own fleshly nature and what works for us. However, sexual experimentation can take destructive forms if we are not careful. And this can result in all kinds of negative experiences. So long as you keep things positive and non-destructive, you’re OK.

Astrologers understand Neptune in the 7th house as the ‘search for spiritual love’. This is the agenda for this year and for many years to come. While this brings both highs and lows in love – and often disappointments – the end result is to be welcomed that. Through the disappointments, we arrive at the Divine Love – Agape. When this is encountered – and it is an amazing discovery – you will never lack for love or companionship. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ll always feel like you’re on your honeymoon. Every love need – whatever it is – will be met at the right time and in right order. As with money, the trend goes to worship the object of love, rather than the power that produces it. Neptune, in coming years, will blow head out.

Saturn’s presence in your 4th house since last year shows a need to go to the emotional life in proper order. Disordered emotions created a disordered life. There is nothing will sabotage a life more than negative emotions. Saturn in the 4th house tends (if you’re not prudent) to repression of feeling. One doesn’t feel safe in expressing genuine feelings and so they get repressed. Repression can’t go on for too long, however – it is like trying to repress the urge to get to the bathroom. Eventually feelings get expressed and generally in a much more destructive way than they should be. What is obligatory is a safe way to express negative emotion and then to transform these things into positives. Work with a therapist would be appreciated. However, there are various psychic techniques that can be utilized to deal with this. Some of you might be interested to know A Technique for Meditation, by yours truly, for methods to proceed.

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