Snake Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Snake in 2016
The Year of the Goat (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) will have been an interesting one for the Snake, and while it will have contained some frustrating times, he will still have been able to attain a great deal. His fortunes will continue fair for the remaining months.
One characteristic of the Goat year is just no respecter of plans. Changes can suddenly occur, activities get interrupted or new possibilities come into the equation. And so it will be for the Snake. While there will be activities he would wish to get on with, actually doing them could be more difficult. In the remaining months of the year, he will need to be flexible and adapt as required.
At work, extra pressures could arise and there could be an increased workload. Some reprioritizing may be needed, but busy through the Snake may be, he can still achieve some notable results. September and November could be two particularly busy months.
Goat years encourage creative activity and Snakes who work in a creative environment or enjoy creative pursuits should make the most of their talents at this time. Many could receive an encouraging response. The Snake could also be fortunate in some purchases. He makes towards the end of the year.
Domestically and socially, a dot is placed to happen. There will be a component of spontaneity, too, and the Snake needs to be adaptable over arrangements. Again, it provides an example of making the most of what occurs. However, this can be a full and interesting time. September and the end of the year could be particularly lively.
The Year of the Monkey begins on 8 February is capable of being a reasonable one for the Snake. Pleasing progress will be possible, but it is equally a year for care. Risks and oversights could cause difficulty and the Snake should keep alert for problematic areas.
At work, the Monkey year will bring change. Although the thorough and careful Snake may be interested in the speed of some developments, he also recognizes that change can mean opportunity. As a result, when openings arise which he feels could benefit him, he should not delay in putting himself forward. Time derives from the essence in Monkey years.
The majority of Snakes will stay with their current employer over the year, though often with substantially different duties. Despite the fact that this may be challenging, Monkey years can offer an incentive that can benefit many Snakes.
For those who feel their situation could be supported by a move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the year can often have fortuitous developments in store. By keeping alert, many Snakes could secure a position which offers the change they want as well as prospects for growth. Sometimes success could come on the back of a series of disappointments. Work-wise, the Monkey year is encouraging and will bring the chance for many Snakes to move their career forward. March, April, September and October could be significant months.
When taking on a different role, the Snake could also benefit from the training, offered and the way his new duties allow him to extend his skills. To help his prospects, he should also consider other ways of furthering his knowledge. If there is a question that appeals to him or a qualification he feels may be useful, he should set time aside to follow it up. What he does now can be invested in his future.
Where personal interests are concerned, this can also be an inspiring time, with the Snake often being trying to to try something different.
However, while the year has its rewarding elements, it also has its more cautionary aspects. When setting to more demanding activities, the Snake needs to follow guidelines and not compromise personal safety. It is better to be safe than sorry. Ambitious travel plans could also be problematic, and if planning long journeys, the Snake needs to check the times and connections and go prepared.
More positively, Snake’s financial prospects indicate improvement. Progress made at work will increase the income of many Snakes and some will supplement their means through an enterprising idea or benefit from a gift. By managing his resources carefully, the Snake will be satisfied with what he does this year.
Snake likes to be his circle of friends relatively small and it takes him some time before he lowers his reserve in company. This year he will again appreciate the support offered by his good friends, but a disagreement or awkward situation could arise which could test a certain friendship. Care and diplomacy will be needed.
Tricky though some moments may be, the Monkey year will bring countless pleasures. The Snake could particularly enjoy the variety of activities for the year offers, and many who are unattached will also enjoy its romantic prospects. April, May, August and September will be busy and lively months.
Home life, too, will be harried, and the Snake and those close to him often involved in a myriad of activities. It is important there is effective communication. Preoccupation, pressure or tiredness could cause awkward moments. If the Snake has concerns at any time, these have to be recognised and talked through. Extra care and attention can make a considerable difference this year.
Snake’s domestic life will, however, also holds many rewards. Personal and family successes will be especially appreciated, as will share interests and some of the year’s more spontaneous occasions and treats. Projects on the home can go well, though these should not be rushed and should be undertaken as time allows.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will see a bewildering amount happen in the Snake’s life. This is a critical year for career and personal development, and skills acquired or developed now can help future prospects. Personal interests will also be satisfying, and finances are likely to improve, but extra care is advised in potentially hazardous activities. Where relations with others are concerned, this is a year for mindfulness, but fortunately the Snake is usually alert and will often be able to guide his way around the year’s more cumbersome aspects. This will be a constructive time, but the Snake needs to be watchful and disposed to act promptly and as situations demand.
The Metal Snake
This will be a satisfying year for the Metal Snake, regardless of the fact that to get the best from it he will need to be compliant. This is no time for intransigence or being wedded to just one approach.
For Metal Snake born in 1941, the Monkey year can see interesting developments, but he needs to be forthcoming and draw on the advice and assistance of others. Their input cannot only set his plans in motion but often give a fillip to them as well.
Assorted Metal Snakes will be particularly grateful for assistance when making purchasing decisions, especially those of a more technical nature. By talking over requirements and getting advice, Metal Snake will be more appropriate choices. He could also derive great pleasure from more aesthetic items bought for his home. Over the year he could make some particularly delightful acquisitions, and Metal Snakes who collect specific items could find something that has eluded them for some time. Metal Snake could be very fortunate in his purchases this year.
With his eclectic interests, he will also enjoy going out as well as appreciate what is available more locally, including amenities, places of interest or special events. Some Metal Snakes may also enjoy participating in their community, but whatever they decide to do, by keeping informing about what is happening, they can look forward to some agreeable times.
Travel, too, will be tempting, and while actual travelling may be tricky (delays could be a problemMetal Snake will enjoy his times away.
In his home life, reliable communication will again be critical. If Metal Snake talks over ideas he may be considering, projects he may like to get underway or concerns he may have, he can receive some expert advice. Also, should he have a potentially hazardous or demanding task to perform, he needs to exercise care, and ideally call on the services of a professional. This is no year to risk personal safety. Metal Snakes, take note.
Once again this year the Metal Snake will value approaches he can reciprocate the kindness shown him by his loved ones. Whether giving time and support to family members or sharing in some of the year’s exceptional occasions (of which there can be several), he will find family bonds both important and meaningful. And the affection others have for him can often be underlined as he celebrates his seventy-fifth birthday.
Metal Snake will also appreciate the year’s social opportunities, but the Monkey year does have its trickier aspects and some Metal Snakes may be troubled by a difference of opinion or an awkward situation. Ideally, this should be addressed before it has a chance to escalate. Monkey years can spring traps for the unwary. Metal Snakes, again take note.
For Metal Snakes born in 2001, this will be a year of enormous possibility. With his eager nature, the young Metal Snake will be keen to try out a great many things. New and existing interests can develop well and the skills (and sometimes additional equipment) gained can enable the Metal Snake to be done. He can also serve as inspired by the instruction available to him or the encouragement of family and friends. Personal interests can provide much pleasure this year and also perhaps some confidence-building.
However, while there is much fun can be taken into account, where physical or potentially hazardous activities are involved, the Metal Snake needs to follow the recommended procedures. This is no year to be foolhardy or compromise his safety.
Also, throughout the year, he should take note of the fact the views and advice of others. To be too self-willed could lead to problems. Should a friendship issue be concerned about him at any time, he should keep it in perspective and try to defuse any ill-feeling, lest it spoils an otherwise good year? Again, he should be prepared to consult others if necessary. Help and trustworthy advice is available.
In his education, the Metal Snake’s commitment will be reflected in his progress. Particular strengths will be encouraged and some Metal Snakes will become particularly stimulated by definite topics. Monkey years are encouraging, but to obtain the best results. Metal Snake will need to apply himself.
Whether born in 1941 and 2001, the Metal Snake can make this a constructive year. However, it ceases to be a time to act alone. Throughout, Metal Snake should consult others and if any problems concern him, he should try to address these rather than ignore them and hope they get out. He should also take particular care when engaging in potentially hazardous activities. However, he will welcome the opportunities this Monkey year will bring.
Tip for the Year
Look forward to promote your interests, ideas and skills. This can be just an inspiring time. However, do be aware of the views of others and participate in what is happening around you rather than remain neutral.
The Water Snake
Water Snake is creative in his thinking but he is also suspicious. He wants to proceed in his own way (and time), but the Monkey year he could find himself buffeted by events and out of his comfort zone. Challenging though some parts of the year may be, he should take heart, for the winds of change will ultimately blow in his favour.
Almost all areas of the Water Snake’s life will feel the effects of change this year, but his work position will be part of the most weighty. Some Water Snakes will feel they have reached the stage where they want to do something unusual, either altering (or possibly reducing) their work commitments or taking a fresh challenge. Water Snake is not likely to feel staid or restricted and will find that events can often work to his advantage this year. As personnel change and new initiatives are presented, these fluid situations can provide the opening he wants. For some Water Snakes there could be option to retire or reduce their hours, while others will have opportunity to move to a more specialist role. What occurs, and the speed with which some decisions have to be done, may not sit comfortably with the Water Snake, but Monkey years are fast-moving and he will have to respond accordingly. Such is the nature of Monkey years that decisions could be foisted on the Water Snake at virtually any time, but March to early May. September and October could be particularly critical months.
For Water Snakes who decide to leave their present employer, perhaps hoping for a position with more convenient hours or an easier commute, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year may again bring surprises. Securing another position will not be very easy, but by chance many could learn of a suitable opening, often in a separate capacity.
With the decisions of the Water Snake are likely to face, he will find it helpful to draw on the views of those around him. Not only will be his loved ones encourage him and provide good advice, but some friends and colleagues (both present and former) could offer useful opinions as well as help him to clarify his own preferences.
Decisions taken now can have fiscal implications, particularly for Water Snakes who retire or reduce their hours. However, many Water Snakes are adept in financial matters, and by managing their situation with care, they will often be satisfied with the way they are. For some, the Monkey year can bring unexpected extra funds, perhaps in the form of a gift, a profitable idea or, for a lucky few, a competition to earn.
Another area which can see encouraging advances this year is the Water Snake’s interests. Monkey years are full of possibility and some Water Snakes will become enthused by a new project or idea. They can take this further by looking at others who share their interest and if there is a course, class or group in their area, it would be worth getting in contact. Many Water Snakes enjoy having an element of research in what they do (so satisfying their curiosity) and some may decide to delve into family or local history or visit places of interest this year. The Monkey year can open up an array of possibilities.
Travel will often be on the agenda as well. Not only will be the Water Snake keen to arrange a holiday but, when time permits, will also enjoy shorter trips. The unexpectedness of some of these will increase their appeal. However, while the Water Snake will enjoy his time away, some of his journeys may be knotty. Water Snakes, take note and be prepared.
Water Snake may know all of people, but he generally prefers to keep his social circle small. This year, while he will yet again value his intimate friends, a delicate situation could arise which concerns him. At such times, he will need to be cautious and think through the most appropriate response. The diplomacy of quite a few Water Snakes will be tested this year, and their sincerity and way with words will be valued.
Despite the fact that the Monkey year may have its awkward moments, it will also contain many chances for the Water Snake to get out and enjoy himself. April, May and August to early October could be interesting times socially.
For Water Snakes who are enjoying newfound love or who would welcome the chance to reply to someone special, the Monkey year could see exciting developments. The unattached, affairs of the heart can play a big part in the year.
Water Snake’s home life will also see considerable activity. Again, while he likes to plan, situations can alter, requirements change and new possibilities arise, often at short notice, and he will be obliged to adjust accordingly. Also, if a particular matter is worrying him, rather than keep his concerns to himself (and perhaps have not yet been fully aware of the facts), he should consult others. The more open he is, the more easily the best outcomes can be adopted.
While there will be some business and perhaps tricky times, there will also serve as a lot for the Water Snake to delight in. Shared interests will be particularly valued, as will some surprise occasions. Celebrations could be in favour of, with a distinct family birthday or anniversary to mark. The Monkey year will certainly have to highlight that will make numerous Water Snakes proud.
Careful, thorough and thoughtful, the Water Snake may not always feel comfortable with the pace of the Monkey year. Nevertheless, by proceeding in the way he feels is right for him (the Water Snake relies a lot on instinct). He will often benefit from the changes it brings. Personal interests can be especially satisfying. There may also serve as matters of concern, and diplomacy, good advice and extra information may be required. Nonetheless, while the Monkey year will bring its challenges, many of the Water Snake’s plans and activities will work out well. Overall, a year to be alert, adaptable and open to possibility.
Tip for the Year
Do not act alone. Be forthcoming about your plans and seek support. With assistance, you will be better able to capitalize on the changes taking place. Also, allow time to develop your personal interests. These can be at the same time satisfying and beneficial in other ways.
The Wood Snake
This will be a constructive year for Wood Snake and will bring some moments of good fortune. However, it will not be without its difficulties. This year it is a case in proceeding steadily but carefully.
At work, many Wood Snakes will have experienced considerable change in recent years, and those who are fairly new to their present position should concentrate on familiarizing themselves with the unique aspects of their work and getting themselves known. Effort and commitment can reap significant benefits in the Monkey year. Some Wood Snakes, including those who will change their duties early on in 2016, could have the chance to take on further responsibilities later on, such are the reassuring aspects.
Wood Snakes who are well established where they are will also often have the opportunity to take on a greater role. Admittedly, some of these Wood Snakes may not like the speed of the developments, but Monkey years are not ones for delay.
For Wood Snakes who are unfulfilled in their current position, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can also open up fascinating possibilities. To benefit, these Wood Snakes should widen the scope of their search and look at different ways in which they could use their skills. If eligible, some may find refresher courses of value. By being active in their quest and swift in following up openings, many will secure the chance they have been hoping for. March to early May, September and October could be crucial months.
Progress at work may also assist financially, but to benefit fully. Wood Snake should control spending and, where possible, set sums aside for his plans and projects. Appropriate management can make a noticeable difference this year. Also, the Monkey year can have salutary reminders for the risk-taker and the careless. Official forms, in particular, require close attention. Otherwise Wood Snake may find himself involved in protracted correspondence. Vigilance is advised.
Wood Snake has an inquisitive mind and this being a period of new ideas and exciting product launches. He may well become fascinated by innovations taking place or products becoming available. More inventive Wood Snake could also be stimulated by his own ideas in this stimulating year.
There will also serve as excellent opportunities for the Wood Snake to travel this year, and sometimes his work and key interests can also lead to additional trips. However, while he can look forward to seeing some impressive sights, some journeys may be knotty. To help, Wood Snake should go well-prepared and thoroughly check his connections, travel times and itinerary.
Another thorny aspect of the year could concern relations with a friend. Sometimes a comment may be misconstrued or an uncomfortable matter surfaces. At such times the Wood Snake should try to deal with the situation before it has a chance to escalate. Often a willingness to talk will help, regardless of the fact that should he feel in need of more information or advice, he should ask someone who is empowered to advise. There could be challenging moments this year, but with good judgement and support, most difficulties can be satisfactorily settled.
While aspects do call for mindfulness and care, the Monkey year can also lead to many interesting social occasions. Extraordinary events, parties and other get-togethers can all bring buoyant times for the Wood Snake. Late March to the end of May and August to early October could be busy months and, for the unattached, a current or new romance (sometimes started in bizarre circumstances) could add a special joy to this already crowded year.
Wood Snake’s conjugal life will also see much activity. Some weeks will be pressured, particularly when news is awaited concerning certain decisions and applications, and amid the activity, it is important that quality time is not neglected. Here Wood Snake’s ability to suggest cooperative activities can add pleasure and variety to family life. July and September could see considerable domestic activity, with good news or a celebration possible.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a satisfying one for the Wood Snake, regardless of the fact that he will need to be enthusiastic, flexible and involved. If he responds swiftly to changes. He cannot only gain a lot from what opens up but also improve his knowledge and skills. Current and new interests can also bring pleasure. Throughout, Wood Snake will have to be mindful of others and an uncharacteristic indiscretion or niggling concern may cause difficulty. With awareness and his usual moral judgement, however, he may steer his way round the year’s trickier aspects and find greater fulfilment in what he does.
Tip for the Year
Be very put in the effort. With commitment, you can make worthwhile development. Also, embrace the spirit of the time and the changes it brings. Benefits can often follow on.
The Fire Snake
As the Monkey year begins, if not shortly before, the Fire Snake will sense this is a period of action. And in almost all areas of his life, he will enjoy positive progresses. Throughout the year, however, he must not push his luck too far. To overreach himself or become too preoccupied with one area of his life at the expense of another could lead to difficulty. Superior balance will be key.
At work, in particular, this is no year to stand still. Despite the fact that many Fire Snakes will be established in a unique role, they should consider how they would like their career to develop. To help this process, they should make good use of any training available to them. Similarly, if there is the chance to cover for an absent colleague, take an attachment in another section or contribute to a unique initiative, by expressing interest, they cannot only add to their experience but also increase their options for later. If they move quickly to act, many can make notable headway and take their work to new levels. Some Fire Snakes will also radically change the nature of what they suppose to do the year. The Monkey year will, for many, provide the opportunities they have been employed towards for some time.
For Fire Snakes who are feeling unfulfilled where they are, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can be a period for reappraisal. These Fire Snakes should consider the direction they would now like their career to take. By keeping alert for openings, many will obtain a position which offers the chance (and incentive) they need. Positions taken on this year can often be a springboard to greater responsibilities later on, and March to early May, September and October could see encouraging developments, but whenever the Fire Snake sees an opportunity he should act swiftly.
The advance many Fire Snakes make at work will help financially and some could also benefit from a moneymaking idea or interest. Anything extra can help with current commitments as well as enable some principal plans to move forward. In some instances, Fire Snake could obtain items on very favourable terms, and by keeping alert for offers and investigating options, he will fare well. With important paperwork, though, he will need to be thorough and organized. If he is lax or careless, problems may ensue. Monkey years do require vigilance.
They promote the development of both work skills and personal interests. Despite the fact that the Fire Snake will have countless commitments, over the year he should set time aside for interests he enjoys. Various Fire Snakes could be attracted by novel recreational pursuits, some with a keep-fit element, while for the creative-minded, some ideas could develop in exciting fashion.
The Fire Snake also enjoys travel and during the year his spirit of adventure could be satisfied by visiting places new. However, there may be a problem along the way and he should go prepared.
This need for care is also applicable to social situations. While the Fire Snake enjoys a variety of pursuits and gets on well with many people, he could find a friendship coming under strain this year. It may be that commitments prevent regular contact or interests clash. Something that may seem unimportant could escalate and be folly to neglect. Fire Snakes, take note, and do not steal friendships for granted.
However, while care is needed, the Fire Snake will enjoy numerous social occasions. His interests can often have a good social element and work changes to can lead to him making significant new friends and connections. April, May and August to early October could be favourable months socially and for some Fire Snakes who start the year unattached, romance is capable of transforming their situation, with some marrying or settling down over the year.
Fire Snake’s marital life will see considerable activity and again his ambitious nature can come to the fore. Whether installing modern equipment, redecorating and refurbishing certain rooms or, for a few, moving to more suitable accommodation, the Fire Snake will be anxious to get his plans underway. Circumstances and the support of others will often help, but with ambitious undertakings the Fire Snake does need to be meticulous, consult others and avoid rushing.
In addition, he should ensure there is a respite from all the activity now and again. Quality time with his loved ones can be of distinct value. Also, as confident hopes are realized, there will be some well-deserved achievements to celebrate. Domestically, April and October could be scarce months.
Overall, the Monkey year offers unlimited scope for the Fire Snake. By being determined to make things happen and putting in the effort, he will find results quickly following on. This is another superb time for furthering his skills. As he recognizes, a lot of his success depends on him, and this year he can invest in himself and his future.
Tip for the Year
Be very use your time well. Avoid over-committing yourself or taking unnecessary risks. With care, this can be a productive and rewarding year. Also, give time to others. With encouragement and support, you can accomplish much more.
The Earth Snake
Monkey years are times of intense activity. They are also times of innovation and opportunity. Earth Snake can profit greatly from much that happens in this one. As he will find, once plans are developed in motion, circumstances will often assist. However, as with all Snakes, the Earth Snake must be careful not to make assumptions or push his luck too far. This can be a crucial year, but it is also one for care.
At work, Earth Snake is such as to see much change. Personnel may suddenly move forward and new ways of working be introduced. There may be uncertainty and increased pressure, but by concentrating on his duties, the Earth Snake will be able to make progress. By liaising well with others and showing initiative, he could find himself being encouraged by influential colleagues and trained for a greater role. With commitment and support, significant headway can be done now, and as one door opens, it will often lead on to others.
For Earth Snakes who consider their prospects could be bettered by moving elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can bring some interesting opportunities. In their quest, these Earth Snakes should talk to employment advisers and may also find it helpful to gather information from professional bodies. Initiative and support can be essential factors this year. Once in a supplementary position, these Earth Snakes will often revel in the chance to put their skills to more effective use. March to early May, September and October could see encouraging developments.
The headway made at work can lead to an increase in income and some Earth Snakes will also benefit from a bonus, extra payment or gift. However, while this may be an improved year financially, with many commitments and some major purchases lined up, the Earth Snake will need to keep effective control over his budget. That way, he will find many of his plans and purchases can go ahead and special times can be enjoyed.
The Monkey year is an admirable one for enjoying personal interests and for the creative Earth Snake. This can be an inspiring time. An Earth Snakes who has aspirations to make more of a particular talent or interest could find that by experimenting and doing more, different possibilities could open up for them.
Affairs of the heart are also encouragingly aspects. For some Earth Snakes, engagement, marriage and settling down will beckon, while for the unattached, a different person may fortuitously enter their life. For personal relationships, this can be a unique and potentially exciting year.
On Earth Snakes with a partner, a lot is placed at happen. Some ambitious accommodation ideas can – with effort – be realized, and mutual support and encouragement can be noteworthy. This is a year for being receptive to what others may suggest or propose doing, including more senior relations.
Earth Snake will also welcome the social opportunities of the year and will have the chance to get to know different people. Many will respond well to his sincere and genial manner and some can, in time, become good friends. Late March to the end of April and August to early October could see a lot of social activity. However, while many will go well, should the Earth Snake find a difference of opinion or awkward matter arising, he is necessary to check the facts and thinks his responses through. The personal skills of quite a few Earth Snakes will be tested this year and some situations (though often short-lived) will be troubling.
Another area which could be problematic is travelling. Some journeys could be issued as part of delays and other disruptions. However, despite these possible irritations, many Earth Snakes will enjoy their trips and holidays and benefit from the change of scene.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a busy and interesting one for the Earth Snake. There will be ideas to build upon and chances to pursue. The year will require effort and some situations will be demanding, but with skillful use of skills and the willingness to act, progress can be made and success enjoyed, and a personal level, the Monkey year can be special. Though it requires commitment and initiative. This is a year of possibility.
Tip for the Year
Be mindful. Much is achievable this year, but takes note of the views of others. With care and your usual good sense, however, you can take your work, skills and interests to contemporary levels. Also, value your relations with those who are placed on the brink of you. Their support and believe can be done more of your potential.