Rat Chinese Horoscope 2016

Whether introducing changes to his lifestyle, making alterations to his work or pursuing his interests, the rat will have made the year of the Goat (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) an active one. In its closing stages, he will still be engaged in a great many activities and will need to remain well-organized and decide on priorities. Otherwise some weeks may seem a whirl and he may not always use his time in the most effective way.
This is especially true for his work. New demands, busy schedules and interruptions could frequently occur and the Rat will need to focus and beware of distractions or wasting time on unimportant matters. However, amid the activity, there will still be the chance to contribute and have a bearing. For rats seeking work or hoping for promotion, August and October could be significant.
The Rat will also have numerous outgoings at the end of the Goat year and should watch his spending levels and plan out his more substantial purchases.
Domestically and socially, he will be in demand, with abundant chances to enjoy parties and other occasions and spend some time with family and friends. In his home life, if there are certain tasks he would like to get done, he will find that by taking these over with those around him, he may not be able to get them started but also finished by the year’s end.
Goat years favour new friendships and romance, and over the course of this one, unattached rats could meet someone who could become important over the next 12 months. August, September and early 2016 could be expressive and lively times.
Overall, the Goat year will have been a hectic one for the Rat, but while it will have brought its pressures, there will also have been many achievements that the Rat can now build on. His prospects are placed on the up!
One of the strengths of the Rat is his resourceful nature. When he spots an opportunity (which he does often), he invariably makes the best use of it. And the Monkey year will contain opportunities aplenty. This is a favourable year for the Rat and will offer him the chance to make sure that more of his potential and enjoy some deserved success.
The year of the Monkey starts on 8 February and almost at once the rat could be blessed with some surprising good fortune. Whether acquiring something he has been wanting a drink or do not some time, receiving an encouraging response to an enquiry or application, or being enthused by an idea, he can find the monkey year getting off to a promising start. And in true rat style, he should aim to make the most of it. Events can happen quickly in the Monkey year and changes have to be seized before the moment is cancelled.
This will particularly occur in the Rat’s work. Countless organizations will be implementing changes as well as adapting to new markets and conditions, and by being involved and aware, the rat will often be well-placed to take advantage. When openings occur in his place of work, or his industry as a whole, his experience can stand him in excellent stead. There will be exceptional chances to assume greater and more remunerative responsibilities this year. Especially for rats who have been in the same position for some time, this is a year to move forward, and as soon as the Rat learns of an opening, he should be quick to follow it up. Speed and initiative count for a lot this year.
Late February, March, June, October and November could see encouraging developments and such is the nature of the year that new responsibilities taken on in the early months (even if initially offered on a temporary basis) could pave the way to something more substantial later on.
For rats who are unfulfilled in their present position and those seeking work, the prospects are also encouraging. However, to benefit, these rats should be not too restrictive in the type of work they consider. By widening their options they may discover a position which not only suits them but also offers potential for the future.
In addition, there could be increased opportunities for the Rat to travel in connection with his work this year, or possibly relocate. Also, with this being a year favouring self-development, if there are chances for him to continue training courses or set time aside for study, his efforts could reward him handsomely. For rats currently on educational courses, this is a time when commitment and hard work can lead to satisfactory results which can be based on in the future.
Although the Rat will be involved in a great many activities this year, it is also imperative he makes time to enjoy recreational pursuits. If there are interests, he is keen to develop, he should allow himself chance to do so. Regular ‘me time’ can enrich his lifestyle.
Travel is also favourably aspects, and if he is able, the rat should be intended to take a holiday this year. To enjoy his time away even more, he will believe that it is helpful to read about his destination prior to leaving. Travel, including short breaks and weekends away, can give rise to some particular, delights, notably in the summer.
The Rat’s development at work may help financially and many rats will now have the opportunity to move forward with some plans and acquisitions for the home. However, the rat would be well advised to think about his purchases carefully rather than rush. Also, any provision he can make for the future could be something he wishes to receive at a later date. This generally favourable year rewards good management and control.
On a personal level, the rat will be kept busy. For the unattached Rat, the monkey year will contain numerous social opportunities, with excellent chances to meet others, make friends and, for quite a few, find romance. Rats are already enjoying romance could find this becoming more weighty, and some will marry or settle down together. Monkey years favour relationships and the sociable Rat will enjoy the good times this one offers. March, May, August and November could be busy months for meeting others.
Rat’s home life will also be functional. His home is important to him and he is always seeking ways to improve it. However, while he may be a driving force in making changes, he needs to discuss his ideas and be mindful of the suggestions of others, especially where choices and potentially disruptive projects are concerned.
Similarly, with the changes in working patterns that the rat and other family members may experience this year, there needs to be some flexibility from all concerned. The Monkey year is a time for dialogue as well as for enjoying quality time with others. Nevertheless, the Rat’s thoughtfulness will contribute to many a home this year.
In general, the monkey year holds cheering prospects for the Rat. In his work, this is a year favouring growth, while his collective life can bring him considerable pleasure and his home life can be gratifying, especially when he joins with others to see through projects and enjoy personal and family successes. To make things happen, however, he needs to set his ideas in motion. To drift or hold back could lead to him missing some outstanding opportunities. By being active and involved, however, the rat can reap some valuable rewards this year.
The Metal Rat
Metal Rat is a redoubtable figure. Not only is he determined and conscientious, but also resourceful. When he senses an opportunity, he is willing to follow it up and see what transpires. His strengths and qualities can serve him well this year.
In virtually all areas of his life he can look forward to positive developments, and if there are particular plays he would want to carry out. Now is the time. Throughout the year, he will find those around him help, and the backing, and in some instances combined effort, a lot can happen to him.
At work, the aspects are especially encouraging. Despite the fact that many metal rats will have made progress in recent years, in the Monkey year they will have the opportunity to build on what they do. Some could find themselves offered a more specialist role or project, while others will be favourably placed for promotion. This is a year favouring advance and there will be opportunities for the Metal Rat to build on his expertise.
The majority of metal rats will remain with their current employer over the year, but some may be tempted elsewhere, perhaps drawn by a new challenge as well as better remuneration. By remaining alert for openings and talking to contacts in their industry, quite a few will make the change they want. In some instances, this could involve a considerable change of duties, and even relocation. However, these metal rats will feel more motivated than they have for some while.
The aspects are also encouraging for metal Rats seeking work. As well as keeping alert for vacancies, they could find it helpful to talk with employment advisers, friends and contacts. They could be advised of a suitable position or given an idea worth pursuing.
Events can happen quickly in the Monkey year and in some instances an application could swiftly be monitored. Or an opening found and offer made within a matter of days. Opportunities could arise at almost any time, but late February, March, June, October and November could be key months.
Advance at work can also help financially. Various metal rats will increase their income over the year and some will also receive funds from another source or put an enterprising idea to profitable use. As a result, Metal Rat may decide it is time to make additions to his home, update equipment and treat himself and his loved ones on special occasions or trips. However, he should be careful of rushing. If he considers his options carefully, he will not only make better decisions but also be more likely to identify favourable purchasing opportunities.
Metal Rat has an enquiring mind and will again take pleasure in furthering his interests. Sometimes new equipment and knowledge and shared pursuits will make his activities even more fulfilling. To travel favourably aspects, he could also find his interests taking him out more, perhaps to extraordinary events.
Metal Rat can also look forward to receiving a rewarding social life and his circle of acquaintances and contacts is placed at grow. For Metal rats who are unattached and would welcome further friendships, joining groups and pursuing interests can be excellent ways of meeting others. For some, significant romance can beckon. March, May, August and mid-October to November could see the most societal opportunities.
The hectic nature of the year will also extend to the Metal Rat’s domestic life and it is important that there is effective co-operation between all of his household. That way, a lot can be carried out and some ambitious projects carried through.
Over the year there could also be a major family occasion taking place, most likely involving a younger family member. Metal Rat will be keen to be involved and will once again provide helpful input. The summer could be a particularly busy and rewarding time and extra good news could come near the year’s end.
The Year of the Monkey is a part of opportunity for the Metal Rat, and with a sense of purpose and his engaging personal qualities, he can fare well. This is a time for looking forward to receiving moving forward. For the determined and enterprising, much can be accomplished and enjoyed.
Tip for the Year
Act with determination. You have a great deal in your favour this year, but the initiative rests with you. Believe in yourself and go forward.
The Water Rat
One of the hallmarks of the Water Rat’s personality is his ardent and enterprising nature. This year some significant opportunities will open up to him and if there are particular ambitions he is zealous to realize our plans he wants to set in motion, this is very much a time for action. By making a start – ideally early on in the year – not only can he see certain activities and hopes gather momentum but also lead to further and sometimes unanticipated opportunities. Luck will favour the bold and enterprising.
In the Water Rat’s work, this will be a year of decisive developments. In view of the expertise he has built up. His current employer could look to him to assume additional responsibilities. Particularly if he is in a creative and/or sales environment, he could find his ideas encouraged and his input potentially significant. Another factor to his benefit will be the safe working relations he enjoys with many of those around him. The respect he has earned and his ability to communicate effectively can lead to him taking a greater role. This is a year when he can make his strengths count and in the process move his career forward.
While many water rats will make (often substantial) advance with their current employer, some will be tempted by better prospects elsewhere. Again, once enquiries and applications are made, interesting advances could quickly follow in this uplifting year.
The favourable aspects also apply to Water Rats currently seeking work. These Water Rats should be called to order at considering different types of work and gaining new skills. Much can be achieved this year and many will be given the opportunity to prove themselves in an often unfamiliar and greater capacity.
From the beginning of the Monkey year to early April and June, October and November could be strategic times for work matters.
Progress made at work will improve the income of various Water rats this year and quite a few will benefit from an additional payment or gift. Financially, the aspects are encouraging, despite the fact that money matters do require discipline, otherwise any extra earnings could quickly be spent, and not always the best approach. Ideally, if there are major purchases the Water Rat would like to make, he should make immediate provision for these as well as take the time to compare options. With advice and good management, he could be happy with some of his acquisitions, especially new equipment.
For this a year for action, a few Water Rats will be decided to move house. Again, once they begin to make enquiries, they could quickly get the process underway. At all times the Water Rat will have to be mindful of costs and other implications, and seek advice as necessary, but this is a year when a lot can be made.
Travel, too, could feature on the agenda of any Water Rats. In addition to any holiday taken with loved ones, there could be travel opportunities involving work or key interests. During the year numerous Water Rats will travel more than usual and enjoy visiting some impressive places.
Another encouraging aspect of the year concerns the Water Rat’s own interests. Something he hears or sees could whet his curiosity and reawaken a prior interest or tempt him to try something innovative. A fundamental aspect of the Monkey year is opportunity, and by being aware and game, the Water Rat can derive much pleasure from the activities he pursues. In addition, those who enjoy writing and other creative pursuits should consider putting their talents to greater use and promote anything they produce. There could be surprises in store in this inspiring year.
With his interest in others and appropriate conversational skills, the Water Rat enjoys excellent relations with many people and can look forward to receiving a variety of pleasing social occasions over the year. Whether going to parties, meeting friends or attending other gatherings, he will find additional contacts can be made and friendships forged. For the unattached, a chance meeting can quickly blossom into romance. In numerous respects, the Monkey year is the one that will surprise and delight with the Water Rat. Also, if at any time he is in a dilemma or just wants to run his thoughts past another person, there will be many who are willing to assist. March, May, August and November could see the most shared opportunity.
The progressive nature of the Monkey year will also filter through to the Water Rat’s home life. In addition to assisting family members, he will have several plans he will be desirous to obtain underway. Again, once these are started, a lot will happen quickly, and initially modest undertakings may become more extensive. The more that can be carried out jointly, the more gratifying the outcome will be. Domestically, this can be a busy and rewarding year. Change could also serve on the cards for several family members, especially involving their education or work. The summer and end of the year could be especially lively.
By the time the monkey year draws to a close, many Water Rats will be taken aback by all that has taken place. There will have been a lot of changes and some important ambitions will have been realized. Certain plans will have taken different courses than expected, but in true Water Rat fashion, the Water Rat will have made the most of what has opened up. This will be a hectic year, but it is one for building, for moving forward and making the best use of the ideas and strengths. And as well as surprises, it can bring the Water Rat some well-deserved success.
Tip for the Year
Be punctual: events can happen quickly this year. To benefit, you will need in order to seize the moment. Look to move forward. You have a lot to offer.
The Wood Rat
This will be just one eventful year for the Wood Rat, with a lot going in his favour. However, while he may have precise ambitions he would like to realize, he will need to be flexible. Circumstances can change and he will be obliged to modify his thinking and actions accordingly. Also, he would be well advised to draw on the assistance of others. With their backing, advice and support, he can make this a full and potentially rewarding 12 months.
For Wood Rats with a partner, this is a year for taking decisions and moving forward. Some may see an addition to their family. Some may move and some will have ambitious plans for their contemporary home. Whatever they decide to do, this is a year when many will see their hopes realized and share wonderful moments.
As many Wood rats will find, once plans are drawn up in motion, encouraging advances can quickly follow on. This is a year when serendipity can often take place. Where more practical plans are concerned, however, the Wood Rat (and others) should be aware of other possibilities and obtain expert advice when necessary. Whether purchasing equipment, carrying out modifications or moving house, the Wood Rat could find some guidance of noteworthy value. More senior relations will be eager to assist and some could have considerable experience behind them. If the Wood Rat is willing to talk over his ideas and plans, he could receive help in sometimes unexpected ways. March, July, August and December could be domestically busy and often special months.
With the Wood Rat’s wide social circle, together with his current activities, he will also have some beneficial social opportunities this year. In addition to regularly meeting up with his friends, he could be asked to numerous parties and celebrations as well as events pertained to his or his interests. The Monkey year promises some fun and lively times and, particularly for those who are unattached or have had recent personal difficulty, can see a considerable transformation taking place. Sometimes different interests could lead to these wood Rats building an influential new network of friends, and for quite a few, affairs of the heart will make the year all the more special. Some Wood Rats will meet their future partner, often in a curious way. Chance will play a big part this year. March, May, August and mid-October to the end of November are sentenced to see the most communal activity.
Regardless of the fact that Wood Rat will have numerous demands on his resources, particularly with possible deposits to put down and expensive purchases to make, if possible he should try to take a holiday this year. A change of scene can do him a lot of good as well as give him the opportunity to explore different areas. Last-minute offers could be tempting and the unexpectedness will add to the fun.
The Monkey year can also bring important advances work-wise. In recent years, many Wood rats will have built up experience in a particular area of work and this year will give them the chance to take their knowledge further. Many of those employed in large organizations will benefit from internal openings, securing promotion and the chance to test themselves in a separate capacity. Should opportunities be limited in his present place of work, the Wood Rat should explore possibilities elsewhere? This is a year of progress. Late February, March, June, October and November could be momentous months, despite the fact that whenever the Wood Rat sees a position of possible interest, he should be prompt to follow it up. Speed results from the essence this year.
Similarly, for Wood Rats seeking work, the monkey year can have expressive developments in store. Regardless of the fact that the job-seeking process can be wearying, these Wood rats should have faith in themselves and actively explore the possibilities. If they find out more about actual vacancies and the companies offering them, their thoroughness can impress and often lead to success.
Wood Rat will have many demands on his time this year and it is imperative he does not permit his recreational pursuits to suffer. This may be a fruitful year, but his lifestyle needs to balance the preservation of some ‘me time’. Also, as the aspects are favourable for self-development, if there is a skill he would want to become more proficient in or a particular subject that appeals to him, he should set time aside for research, practice and, if applicable, a course. This can be both satisfying and advantageous in other ways.
Numerous Wood rats will enjoy a noticeable increase in income over the year. However, to make full use, the Wood Rat will need to keep careful control over spending. With personal plans, expensive purchases, commitments and possible deposits to consider, provision needs to be done for present and forthcoming requirements. Also, when considering major commitments, the Wood Rat would be well advised to seek advice and not rush decisions. This can be an improved year financially, but it is one for vigilance and good management.
By nature the Wood Rat is both zealous and ambitious, and by putting himself forward and making the best use of his opportunities, he can enjoy some nice successes this year. Much of what he achieves now will shape the next few years, especially work-wise. His personal interests, too, can be meaningful, and whether with a partner or enjoying the company of friends, he will enjoy sharing his time with others. This can be a convenient and often fortuitous year for him.
Tip for the Year
Follow your ambitions. You have a great deal in your favour this year and with purpose, belief and the support of others, you can accomplish a great deal. This is a year for action – make things happen!
The Fire Rat
The fire element adds to the drive and determination of a sign, and this, combined with the favourable aspects of the Monkey year, will make this an important and fruitful time for the Fire Rat. With resolve and initiative, he can fare well and enjoy himself in the process.
One notable aspect of the Monkey year is how it encourages the Fire Rat to broaden his skills and interests. No matter what his present situation may be, during the year he will be in place to something different. By being prepared to explore and learn, rather than close his mind, he will find that what the consequences can often be to his long-term benefit.
For many fire rats in schooling, there will be much to learn. However, by remaining focused and working consistently, many of these fire rats will make significant headway and security skills and qualifications they can build on in the future. Over the year, their studies can develop in an interesting manner and perhaps open up subject areas they will be keen to take further or alert them to other possibilities, including particular vocations. The Monkey year is a time of learning and discovery.
This also applies to more personal interests and if there is a unique skill or hobby the Fire Rat is keen to make more of, he should look forward to strengthen this. If applicable, additional guidance could help take his skills to new levels. Whether he prefers practical, creative or sporting pursuits, his recreational activities can be both satisfying and stimulating this year.
Numerous of the Fire Rat’s activities will have a beneficial social element as well, and he will often be helped by sharing his thoughts and talking over his ideas. New friendships can be made over the year and these can become invaluable during this and following years.
Aspects also favour romance, and Fire rats already in love, or who find love, the year will contain exciting times. The vibrant character and verve of various Fire Rats will make them attractive company.
Admittedly, amid all the activity there could be some fraught moments – perhaps a disagreement may arise or a hope not materialize – but these are part of life’s learning experiences. Whenever problems do emerge. It is important for the Fire Rat, does not feel alone but talks matters over with dear friends and family. A worry shared can often be one considerably eased.
At most times of the year of the Fire Rat will have chances to go out, but March, May, August and mid-October to the end of November could be particularly pleasing and eventful months socially. Also, with this being their twentieth year, many fire rats will celebrate the start of a new decade in style, with family members and close friends demonstrating their affection and support. Some Fire Rats may receive generous gifts, including equipment to advance an interest.
The Monkey year can also be meaningful work-wise. For Fire rats already in a position, additional opportunities can present themselves. If in a larger organization, Fire Rat could be offered training or be tempted by a vacancy in another sector. If opportunities are limited where he is, he should investigate openings elsewhere. By keeping alert, many fire rats will not only take on a greater role over the year but also acquire new skills and strengthen their prospects for the future.
The aspects are also encouraging for those seeking work. By considering a variety of possibilities, many could obtain a position which builds on their unique strengths. With commitment, this can prove a momentous time, in late February, March, June, October and November particularly prone to see encouraging developments.
With his diverse interests and spirited social life, the Fire Rat will, however, need to be disciplined in spending. With care, he can do a lot, but if he proceeds in an ad hock approach, some plans may have to be scaled back. Travel may be especially appealing, but here again the Fire Rat would do well to budget in advance. The year requires effective management of resources.
This monkey year marks the start of a new decade in the Fire Rat’s life and he will be determined to make the most of it. And it can be at the same time exciting and significant. This is a period for discovering more about himself and his capabilities. He knows he has a lot to offer, and by making the most of his opportunities and resources, he will find his efforts by rewarding him with a solid base he can build on in the future.
Tip for the Year
Concentrate on what you want. Development made now will prepare the way for future opportunities. Also, enjoy your unique talents and look forward to improve them. You have a great deal in your favour this year. Use it well, for its legacy can be far-reaching.
The Earth Rat
The Monkey year offers considerable scope for the Earth Rat, regardless of the fact that to ensure that the most of the favourable aspects, he needs to seize his opportunities and act on his ideas. With purpose, however, he can accomplish a great deal.
Earth Rat’s conjugal life can be especially meaningful. Family celebrations and happy times wait for many. Whether seeing their family grow in numbers and/or a wedding, graduation or the success of someone close. These earth rats will have numerous occasions to feel proud. Throughout the year, the Earth Rat will also be glad to help others in their various activities and plans. His thoughtfulness and ability to sense the best way forward will be particularly valued, with younger relations especially grateful. July, August and December could be hectic times in sundry an Earth Rat household.
In addition to assisting others, Earth Rat will be desirous to go ahead with some of his personal plans. Often these will pertain to his or his home. Some Earth rats will have a purge on clutter and decide to smarten certain rooms and one project may soon lead to another and practical activities mushroom. However, while some undertakings will become more extensive than initially envisaged, Earth Rat (and others) will often delight in the results.
Earth Rat may also be fortunate in some acquisitions made over the year. If considering new equipment or wanting something specific for the home, he will find that taking a moment to consider his options could result in some shrewd purchases. His thoroughness and care can serve him well this year.
Travel, too, is favourably aspects, and if possible, the Earth Rat should just want to go away for a holiday over the year. Local attractions could also appear. Nevertheless, the monkey year encourages venturing out and discovering places new.
Earth Rat’s respective interests can also promote well. Some Earth Rats will set themselves a challenge that will permit them to use their knowledge in a new and purposeful way. For any who may feel unfulfilled or perhaps jaded, it could be to their benefit to know what is offered in their area and consider enrolling on a course or joining a group. With aspects as they are, constructive action can prove surprisingly rewarding.
Earth Rat will also enjoy looking at his friends. Having an interest in numerous subjects and a talented communicator, he will revel in some of the spirited times (and debates) of the year. There will be chances to meet quite a few new people as well, and for the unattached, romance could beckon. On a subjective level, this can be an interesting year, and the Earth Rat should make the most of his social opportunities. March, May, August and mid-October to the end of November could be particularly inspiring months.
With home projects and purchases, family expenses, travel and personal interests, the Earth Rat’s spending will be considerable. However, with care, he will be in a position to proceed with most of his plans. Some Earth Rats may also enjoy some financial luck, possibly through selling items they no longer require and receiving more than anticipated. Certain skills or a competition win may also bring them something extra. Monkey years have an element of good fortune to them.
In most respects, this will be an inspiring year for the Earth Rat, but, as is always the case, problems will sometimes arise. When they do, it is animated Earth Rat talks to others and, if necessary, seeks an expert opinion. To keep concerns to himself may compound problems and cause him to worry more than obligatory. Earth Rats, remember, advice is available.
For the most part, however, this will be a viable and satisfying year for the Earth Rat. It is a time to act upon his ideas. Once he has got under way, a lot can follow on, with luck often helping along the way. For many Earth rats there will be family successes to enjoy and the Earth Rat will also make the most of his social life, and enjoy the interests he is in a position to share. Overall, active and personally rewarding year.
Tip for the Year
Once plans are underway, further possibilities can often arise in this stimulating year. Be watchful for these, as they may be better than what you originally had in mind. Also, enjoy your pleasant relations with those around you.
Famous Rats

Ben Affleck, Ursula Andress, Louis Armstrong, Lauren Bacall, Dame Shirley Bassey, Kathy Bates, Irving Berlin, Kenneth Branagh, Marlon Brando, Charlotte Brontë, Jackson Browne, George H. W. Bush, Glen Campbell, Jimmy Carter, Jeremy Clarkson, Aaron Copland, Cameron Diaz, David Duchovny, Duffy, T. S. Eliot, Eminem, Colin Firth, Pope Francis I, Clark Gable, Neil Gaiman, Al Gore, Hugh Grant, Lewis Hamilton, Thomas Hardy, Prince Harry, Charlton Heston, Buddy Holly, Mick Hucknall, Henrik Ibsen, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson, LeBron James, Jean-Michel Jarre, Scarlett Johansson, Gene Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Jude Law, Gary Lineker, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ian McEwan, Katie Melua, Claude Monet, Olly Murs, Richard Nixon, Ozzy Osbourne, Brad Paisley, Sean Penn, Katy Perry, Philippe I, King of the Belgians, Sir Terry Pratchett, Ian Rankin, Burt Reynolds, Rossini, William Shakespeare, James Taylor, Leo Tolstoy, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Spencer Tracy, the Prince of Wales, George Washington, the Duke of York, Emile Zola.