Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Rabbit in 2016
The Year of the Goat (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) will have been a generally encouraging one for the Rabbit and the closing months will be busy ones.
At work, new situations will often arise, giving the Rabbit the chance of increased responsibility. September could be particularly active, and for Rabbits keen to advance their career or seeking a position. Some attractive opportunities may arise.
Many Rabbits can also look forward to receiving receiving an extra payment or bonus towards the year’s end. However, the closing months will see a lot of spending and the Rabbit would be well advised to watch his outgoings and make early provision for larger outlays.
The Rabbit’s personal life is also adjust by become busier, with an increasing number of social opportunities, and for some who are unattached, good romantic possibilities. September and December will often be lively months.
Domestically, too, there will be much to arrange and use liaison with others will be necessary, especially if certain plans are to be carried out and last-minute rushes avoided. Amid all the activity, there could also be travel opportunities, some arising with little warning.
The year of the Monkey starts on 8 February and will be a reasonable one for the Rabbit. During it, he will be in a position to take advantage of recent developments and make steady progress, but there will also be some matters which could cause concern.
One of the Rabbit’s strengths is his ability to do well with people. This will assist him in this year. Whenever he is facing problems or uncertainty or is in a dilemma, it is important he talks to others, preferably those who have first-hand knowledge of the relevant area. ‘A worry shared is a worry halved’ will be the case for many Rabbits this year.
Domestically, several key advances will occur which will need addressing. Rabbit or a close relative could be associated with a considerable change of routine or a commute which impacts on others. Also, there could be specific plans to see through, perhaps concerning improvements to the home, a special family event or a personal aspiration. With good co-operation and is designed to work towards, a lot can take place this year.
The Monkey year can also give rise to a pleasing mix of shared occasions, and time spent together can be an important part of family life. In addition, a holiday and a change of scene can be welcome.
As always, there will, though, be problems along the way, and for a few there may be a health issue, either affecting the Rabbit himself or a relative. If a particular concern presents itself, professional advice should be made. Also, to help fitness levels, the Rabbit should think about the quality of his diet and, if sedentary for much of the day, take advice on appropriate forms of exercise. Extra attention to his own well-being would be good, along with perhaps a bid to improve the family diet.
Rabbits enjoying romance, perhaps started in the previous Goat year, will find this likely to become increasingly significant as the Monkey year progresses. Engagement or marriage is a possibility that some, while for those currently unattached, a chance meeting or introduction made through friends could transform their situation. Affairs of the heart can bring great joy this year and even Rabbits who experience heartbreak could meet someone who is very different, potentially significant and very supportive. March, June, July and October could be lively months with appropriate opportunities to respond to others.
However, while there will still get a lot happening, the Rabbit cando not have the capacity to be lax. In the Monkey year, situations can suddenly arise which need careful handling. Whether these involve a difference of opinion, the attitude of another person or a plan that runs into difficulty, they need to be kept in perspective. Here the Rabbit’s judgement can be a reliable indicator of the best way to make progress.
Another area which will require care this year is financial. Although the Rabbit is generally adept in money matters, this is no time for risk or complacency. If carrying out fresh agreement, he needs to check the terms and implications. Forms and official correspondence need to be dealt with promptly and with care. Uncharacteristic lapses or mistakes could be the Rabbit’s disadvantage. If he has uncertainties, he should seek advice from experts or contact an advice line. This is no year for risk.
At work, the Rabbit will also find his skills tested in many ways. Further schemes and initiatives may affect his workload, and as roles change, he could be given additional training or find his duties changing substantially. Some weeks will be pressured and, being conscientious. The Rabbit will be responsive to master what is required. However, demanding though parts of the year will be, the changing situations will give the Rabbit the chance to impress and gain the skills necessary for future development. It is by being tested that strengths become apparent, and no matter whether the Rabbit remains with his present employer or takes a position elsewhere. What he learns and demonstrates can lead (often quite quickly) to greater opportunity. February, May, September and October could see encouraging developments.
For Rabbits seeking work, persistence can again pay off. While these Rabbits may not necessarily get a position with the precise duties they were seeking, their original role can give them experience in a separate area and develop their skills further. By taking full advantage of what arises, Rabbit can widen his options for later.
The Monkey year will also encourage the Rabbit to make more of his own interests. By building on his knowledge and setting himself personal challenges, he can take complete satisfaction from what he does. The Monkey year is a vibrant and encouraging one, and by keeping informing of the latest advances in his areas of interest, the Rabbit will often be inspired to do more.
Overall, the Monkey year will require effort and some situations will be challenging. There could be change to contend with and matters which may concern the Rabbit. However, by seeking support and approaching difficult situations in his usual competent approach, he can derive considerable value from the year. There will be very good opportunities to extend skills and enhance future prospects. In money matters, the Rabbit will have to be cautious and he should also pay some attention to his well-being and lifestyle. However, his home life will be hectic and his social life and interests will add richness to the year.
The Metal Rabbit
Metal Rabbit wants to plan and be well-prepared. This way he cannot only make the best of situations but also use his time more effectively. However, while he may have a few ideas for the year ahead, he must not regard these as set in stone. Monkey years can bring surprises and while a lot can be accomplished this year. It requires flexibility.
One area which will be crucial to many Metal Rabbits’ thinking will be their work situation. Quite a few will retire or elect to reduce their hours this year. However, when they set about their plans, it could be they are asked to reconsider their leaving date, or find that, despite a reduction in hours, unexpected developments cause them to work longer than intended. Plans will be punished by alteration this year.
There will also be some Metal Rabbits who, while leaving their present position, will be keen to use their experience in another capacity. Friends could be particularly beneficial in making suggestions and introductions. For Metal Rabbits who do decide on another position, this could again be distinct from originally envisaged but could present an interesting new challenge.
Work matters may not always proceed as envisaged, but February, May, September and October are likely to be decisive months.
With many Metal Rabbits retiring or altering their working commitments, some adjustments will be needed financially. Here Metal Rabbit’s careful nature will be an asset, and by looking at his budget and making modifications. He will be able to continue to proceed with many of his plans. Where more major outlay is concerned, development provision will allow more to go ahead as well as help reduce fiscal pressures later. The more thorough and disciplined the Metal Rabbit is, the better he will fare. However, Monkey years do have their awkward elements and should the Metal Rabbit be tempted to take risks or make assumptions (without checking the facts). He may find himself at a disadvantage. Money matters require care and scrutiny this year.
The Monkey year will, though, offer up some excellent opportunities for recreation. For Metal Rabbits who follow the sport, drama or music, there could be definite events to follow and the Metal Rabbit would also do well to keep alert to what is happening in his area. In addition, many Metal Rabbits will decide to travel this year. By making preliminary enquiries, not only could they sometimes benefit from a special offer but also find their trips broadening out to include other attractions. Monkey years can bring valuable if unanticipated opportunities.
Metal Rabbit could also have interest-related ideas he wishes to pursue. By setting them in motion, not only will he be satisfied with what he does but he could find definite activities giving rise to fresh possibilities. Actions taken this year seem to have a knock-on effect.
During the year, Metal Rabbit should also give some thought to his well-being, including the quality of his diet and level of exercise. If he feels either could be improved, or he has any specific concerns, he should seek advice. Extra attention to his personal well-being can mean the difference this year.
Metal Rabbit can look forward to a variety of stimulating social occasions and will often find his network of acquaintances growing. However, while he will enjoy excellent relations with most people, he will have to be vigilant. An uncharacteristic faux pas, lapse or difference of opinion may cause upset. Metal Rabbits, do take note; the Monkey year can spring traps for the unwary and indiscreet.
For Metal Rabbits keen to become involved in a new activity this year, there may be the chance to help in their community or join a local organization. March, June to early August and October could see the most communal activity.
Domestically, this will be a year of noteworthy advances. Not only will many Metal Rabbits experience changes in their working routine, but for those who retire, there will be adjustments to be implemented. To help in this time of transition, it is important that the Metal Rabbit is open and shares matters that are on that mind. This can result in greater understanding and plans being more easily advanced.
Travel and shared interests are favourably aspects and some travel opportunities or spur of the moment activities can add surprise and delight to the year. This is an opportunity to adapt and make the most of the chances that arises. Metal Rabbit will also often play an important role in arranging some key family occasions, especially in the spring and early summer.
However, while there will be much to enjoy, as with all years, problems can sometimes raise their head, and if the Metal Rabbit becomes concerned about a particular matter, or a decision he or another person is about to take, it is important he checks the facts and implications and, if necessary, seeks additional advice.
By the end of the year, many Metal Rabbits will look back and be surprised at all the changes that have occurred. The year will have bought some unforeseen opportunities and by seizing Metal Rabbit will have benefited in several ways. The Monkey year is a period of enormous possibility.
Tip for the Year
Give time to your personal interests. These cannot only bring you pleasure but also lead on to other possibilities. Also consider implementing some positive lifestyle changes. This can be an active and beneficial year for you.
The Water Rabbit
Water Rabbit has a talent for reading situations well and during a year when situations may be unclear or the way ahead uncertain. He will benefit from holding back and waiting for clarity. The Monkey year will contain some awkward moments. Nonetheless, with patience and his customary skill, Water Rabbit will successfully steer his way round these and emerge with some important gains to his credit.
Rather than regard this as a year for a major advance, he would do well to focus on what is possible now. This especially applies to his peculiar interests. By setting time aside for these, he can derive considerable satisfaction from what he undertakes over the year. For Water Rabbits who enjoy creative pursuits in particular, this can be an inspiring time. Water Rabbits who have let their interests to lapse or would welcome something unique to do should consider starting something new. This can add a fresh ingredient to their lifestyle and unanticipated benefits will often follow on. In addition, some may decide to exercise more or follow a keep-fit programme. Whatever he does, the Water Rabbit should aim to give some time to himself this year.
Travel will also bring pleasure and if possible the Water Rabbit should try to take a holiday over the year. With advanced planning, some exciting possibilities can open up. In addition, some short breaks or weekends away can be very enjoyable.
Water Rabbit is very family-oriented and over the year there will be quite a few domestic matters requiring his attention. Both he and his loved ones could face critical choices, and some could be complex, but if time is spent considering the options, unforeseen benefits can be acquired.
Throughout the year, openness and discussion will often help. With accommodation matters, including home maintenance issues, the more involved everyone is, the better. Recreational activities favourably aspects, shared interests and family trips can also bring some agreeable times.
Many Water Rabbits will be part of a tight social circle and this can be of great value to them during the year. Trusted friends can provide a listening ear as the Water Rabbit mulls over possibilities. He will also serve as glad to reciprocate and assist friends when needed. His personal interests will often have a beneficial social element, and for the unattached. The year has exciting romantic possibilities in store. March, June to early August and October could be enthusiastic and lively months socially.
At work, Water Rabbit’s ability to gauge situations will be especially informative. In some organizations, office politics will be in play and there will be moments which will concern the Water Rabbit, particularly as his objectives may be affected. Regardless of the fact that his work situation may at times be challenging, this year it is quite of a case of focusing on his role and, when appropriate, keeping a low profile. Situations will settle and suitable opportunities arise after what can be indecisive moments. In the meantime, Water Rabbit needs to keep alert, be patient and do his best.
Some Water Rabbits could find themselves attracted by positions elsewhere and welcoming the latest possibilities a change will bring.
For Water Rabbits seeking work, finding a position will require time, but if they remain persistent, interesting doors can open for various. In quite a few instances, what is offered will require considerable readjustment but bestow these Water Rabbits an essential base to build upon. February, May and September to early November could see significant developments.
Fiscal matters, however, will require care. Regardless of the fact that Water Rabbit usually manages his budget well, the Monkey year can bring some unexpected household or family expenses and there could also be activities that he is keen to spend money on. Throughout the year, he should keep tabs on his situation, making advance provision for forthcoming expenses and checking the terms of any further obligations. The more scrupulous he is, the better.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a pleasant one for the Water Rabbit. In his work, situations outside his control could impact on his role, but interesting opportunities can eventually emerge and the experience he gains can be of present and future value. In money matters, care is advised. Water Rabbit will, though, particularly enjoys the way his personal interests promote, and socially and domestically there will be good times to be had. With significant decisions, good dialogue and co-operation are, however, essential. This may be the easiest of years for the Water Rabbit, but benefits can follow on from it.
Tip for the Year
Keep your lifestyle in balance and situations in perspective. Concentrate on the present and be persistent. Your qualities and strengths will serve you well and lead on to reward. Time given to respective interests can be of especial benefit.
The Wood Rabbit
The past few years will have been eventful for the Wood Rabbit. There will have been some peculiar achievements and hard-won successes, but there will have been disappointments as well. As the Monkey year begins, many Wood Rabbits will have a strong desire to make progress and make more of their strengths. They can make headway this year, but it may not prove as straightforward as they would like. Monkey years can throw up their challenges, but by adapting and making the best use of the situations, Wood Rabbit can often turn events to his advantage.
At work, this can be a hectic and significant year. During it many Wood Rabbits will experience change, possibly with the introduction of additional directives and systems as well as additional personnel. For the Wood Rabbit, who likes stability and just to get on, certain developments can be unsettling. However, he has skills which can serve him well, and by keeping up to date with developments and adapting accordingly, he may well find that the changes taking place bring opportunities to advance his career. In addition, the new responsibilities that many Wood Rabbits take on will not only give them experience in a fresh capacity but also increase their options for later.
The majority of Wood Rabbits will remain with their present employer over the year, but there will be some who feel their longer-term prospects may be helped by a move elsewhere. For these Wood Rabbits, and those seeking work, the Monkey year can open up fascinating possibilities. By keeping alert for vacancies and talking to people they know, many could discover an opening which represents a significant change from previous positions but offers the potential for progress. Monkey years can bring surprises and this one may well bring the opportunities and incentive that have been lacking in the Wood Rabbit’s work in contemporary times. February, May, September and October could see curious advances.
The Wood Rabbit’s income may well increase during the year, but with home repairs and new equipment likely to be needed, together with other plans, his outgoings will be considerable and he should keep tabs on spending, as this could easily become greater than anticipated. Financial matters require extra care this year. Also, he has to be meticulous with paperwork. A delay, oversight or risk could be to his disadvantage.
Despite the fact that Wood Rabbit will be kept busy this year, he should set time aside for personal interests and make sure this important part of his lifestyle is not neglected due to other demands. If sedentary for much of the day, he may consider pursuits that involve additional exercise. By putting some of his free time to good use, he will often feel energized by what he does.
In addition, should he feel below par or have concerns about his well-being at any time, he should seek advice.
Travel will once again feature on the agenda of numerous Wood Rabbits this year. Opportunities may arise quickly and should be seized quickly as well.
Wood Rabbit will also appreciate the social opportunities of the year. Shared interests can give rise to some sprightly occasions and his social circle is placed at widen. For the unattached, the year is not without romantic possibility, with some Wood Rabbits meeting someone in a curious way which seems as if it was meant to be. March, June to early August and October could see the most societal opportunities.
In Wood Rabbit’s home life, some crucial decisions will be called for, possibly concerning changes in work routine and home maintenance issues. Here full and frank discussion will be the benefit of all. Should any disagreement arise during the year, often as a result of tiredness, pressure or uncertainty, again talking matters through, showing understanding and reaching consensus will help? All year have their trickier moments and this will be not any exception.
Amid the considerable domestic activity, there be, however, be family highlights to enjoy, especially as personal milestones or special birthdays or anniversaries are marked. Time spent together will also be of benefit, rather than everyone being continually busy with individual concerns. Here Wood Rabbit’s inclusive ideas can benefit all. April and July could be interesting months in numerous a Wood Rabbit household.
In general, the Year of the Monkey will be harried, with the Wood Rabbit needing to be flexible as situations change. There will be times of pressure, but the Wood Rabbit’s measured approach and ability to relate well to others will often allow him to turn situations to his advantage. Setting time aside for personal interests and attending to his individual well-being will help. He will also value shared times in the company of family and friends in this interesting and frequently surprising year.
Tip for the Year
Seize any chances to add to your skills and to reply to other people. With involvement, support and a willingness to adjust, you can do your situation and prospects considerably good.
The Fire Rabbit
Fire Rabbit is ambitious and is also aware that in order to achieve definite aims he needs to build on his experience. And this is what many Fire Rabbits will do this year. The Monkey year is one for steady progress.
Throughout the year of the Fire Rabbit will be assisted by the support of those around him. By being prepared to talk over his situation and aims, he can benefit greatly from the assistance offered. As he strives to move forward, he can also be reassured by the knowledge that he is not alone and that many believe in him.
At work, many Fire Rabbits will have established themselves in a definite role and over the year will have the opportunity to continue their experience. Internal vacancies may arise or, as the workload increases, these Fire Rabbits may be offered extra responsibilities. Over the year, there will be good chances for them to prove themselves in different ways as well as extend their knowledge of their workplace and industry.
For those who feel opportunities are lacking where they are and would welcome a change, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can hold vital advances. The job-seeking process will be challenging, but by keeping alert and informed (contacts and connections may again be worthwhile), many of these Fire Rabbits can secure a further position which uses their skills in a different way and has prospects for the future. To benefit, Fire Rabbit should be not too restrictive in his search. February, May, September and October could see encouraging developments.
Fire Rabbit’s income may increase during the year, but money matters will require careful management. With countless demands on his resources, and deposits sometimes required, the Fire Rabbit will need to be disciplined and control spending. Saving for what he wants will not only make him appreciate his purchases all the more but often give him the chance to obtain better value too.
The Monkey year can bring helpful travel possibilities and some Fire Rabbits will take advantage of special offers as well as travel to a destination they have long wanted to find out. In addition, shorter trips, including special events held locally, can be a cause of considerable fun, and the Fire Rabbit should keep himself informed of what is happening.
Various Fire Rabbits have distinctive interests and have built up considerable expertise in these. During the year, Fire Rabbit should enjoy his knowledge and consider ways of extending what he does. No matter whether he prefers practical, physical or creative pursuits, time set aside for activities he enjoys can be a source of considerable pleasure as well as open up fresh possibilities. Fire Rabbits who have let their interests lapse would do well to consider taking up an activity again. This can often restore some balance to their hectic lifestyle.
Fire Rabbit would also do well to give some consideration to his well-being, including his diet and usual level of exercise. Should he feel modifications are needed or have any concerns, he should seek guidance?
Fire Rabbit attaches considerable importance to his relations with others and over the year can look forward to the chance to extend his social circle. Some of the people he meets could be helpful in providing knowledge and encouragement, whether with his work or personal interests. For the unattached, including those who have experienced recent heartache, someone new could offer the support and love they very much need. March, June, July and October could see fine social opportunities and some particularly enjoyable occasions.
Fire Rabbit’s conjugal life will also see considerable activity. Celebrations could be in order as some Fire Rabbits get engaged or married or become parents. These can be busy and exciting months and good dialogue and flexibility over arrangements are advised. The summer and the closing weeks of the year will be especially lively.
However, while many plans and hopes will come to fruition, there will also be pressures, especially as routines change or uncertainties loom. Here patience and support can be of considerable value. In addition, more senior relations (or professionals the Fire Rabbit may know) may be in a position to provide advice. All year have their tricky moments and often concerns can be successfully addressed and not detract from the matrimonial achievements and happiness of the year.
Overall, the Monkey year will be an interesting and constructive one for the Fire Rabbit. Various Fire Rabbits will make steady and potentially important development in their work, gaining the skills and experience needed for the fulfilment of some ambitions. Personal interests can also promote well, and socially and domestically, there will be good times to enjoy, with the Fire Rabbit benefiting from the support of others and sharing special times with loved ones. A satisfying year.
Tip for the Year
Build on your position and skills. Experience gained now can be an important factor in your subsequent advance. Also, set time aside for the interests and for those who are on the brink of you. With a decent lifestyle balance, you will be able to adopt real pleasure in what this year offers.
The Earth Rabbit
This will be a demanding year for the Earth Rabbit. Much will be expected of him and while numerous activities will go well. The year calls for effort.
For Earth Rabbits born in 1999, this year can mark an important stage in their education. Many will not only find themselves having to study a wide range of topics but will also have the additional pressure of exams to prepare for. Some weeks could be particularly frenetic and it will be a case of remaining organized and using study time well. With the advanced nature of some subjects, some Earth Rabbits may find themselves struggling and having doubts. However, with persistence, and asking for help when necessary, meaningful progress can be made and many complexities mastered. In addition, Earth Rabbit would do well to keep in mind the benefits unique qualifications can bring.
Despite the pressure and uncertainty he may feel this year, deep down the Earth Rabbit knows he has the talent to accomplish a great deal and what he learns this year (including himself) can be an important stage in his progress.
There will also be some Earth Rabbits who are in work or who seek work this year. The positions these Earth Rabbits hold, or are offered, may not always inspire them, and their duties may sometimes be routine. However, such positions can still provide useful experience and be a platform from which to progress. And once in work, if the Earth Rabbit shows commitment, additional responsibilities can soon be offered. Earth Rabbit is at the start of his working life and this is the first rang on what can be a lot of and promising career ladder. February, May and September to mid-November could see curious work progresses.
While parts of the year can be demanding, it will also have many pleasing aspects. Hobbies and personal interests can enhance well and, particularly with activities that can be enjoyed with friends, a great deal of fun can be taken into account. For some activities, extra support and instruction will be available, and by making use of this, the Earth Rabbit will often be pleased with how he is in a position to improve his skills. The Monkey year is an encouraging one and will offer him the chance to progress.
There will be opportunities for the Earth Rabbit to travel this year. These could include changes to visit places that are of interest to his studying or interests. Many Earth Rabbits can also look forward to enjoying a holiday as well as visiting some fun attractions. The Monkey year has vitality and can enthuse the young Earth Rabbit.
Another aspect he will enjoy will be the social opportunities of the year brings. He will find his social circle increasing and, with his vivacious and alert manner, will find himself popular company. Over the year, there will certainly be parties and other special events to see forward to, with March, June to mid-August and the closing weeks of the year particularly busy.
However, while there will be a lot to take advantage of, the Earth Rabbit does need to pay attention to his well-being. To overindulge, be reckless or ignore guidelines could leave him regretting his folly. In 2016, some self-care will be notified.
For some Earth Rabbits, the Monkey year can have romantic possibilities and this will be added to the enjoyment. However, it should be noted that Monkey years have their more cumbersome elements and sometimes romance or a unique friendship may cause anguish and need to be kept in perspective. As the Earth Rabbit will find, the path of true love to – and friendship – can sometimes be rocky.
Also, if the Earth Rabbit feels under pressure at any time, whether as a consequence of his studies or another worry he may have, it is imperative he does not bear this alone. His family and those close to him are desirous to support, and if he is obliging, they can do much to allay his concerns as well as assist in other ways.
With various activities Earth Rabbit will be keen to pursue and the items he will doubtless be wanting to buy, he will need to be disciplined in money matters. While there may be sundry temptations, this is a year to keep control over the purse-strings and avoid risk. And if he has doubts or problems over any money issue, he should seek advice.
On Earth Rabbit born in 1939, the Monkey year can contain some very special occasions, including some notable personal or family milestones. In addition, more senior Earth Rabbit will value the affection and support of family members and the assistance and advice they may offer.
He will be pleased with the way certain hopes are realized. Whether obtaining equipment for his home or visiting particular places, when he decides upon something, interesting results can often ensue.
The Earth Rabbit will, though, needs to be attentive in pecuniary matters and deal promptly with correspondence. This is no year for risk and if he gets any doubts, he should seek advice. Similarly, if he has any other financial concerns during the year, he should be borne in mind that there are professionals who will often be able to assist.
Earth Rabbit is blessed with a creative mind and can derive much pleasure from his interests. Those encouraging an element of self-expression can be especially rewarding this year.
Whether born in 1939 or 1999, the Earth Rabbit will find that the Monkey year will have its pleasures but the consequences will have to be worked for and some challenges overcome. However, Earth Rabbit has great strength of character and if he keeps in mind the results he wants and makes the effort. He can reap some fine and deserved rewards. For Earth Rabbit born in 1999, skills and qualifications gained now can prove very significant in the long term.
Tip for the Year
Use your time well. Focus on your objectives and be determined. Your efforts can yield some outstanding results. Also, enjoy your agreeable relations with those around you and do seek support at times of uncertainty.
Famous Rabbits
Margaret Atwood, Drew Barrymore, David Beckham, Harry Belafonte, Ingrid Bergman, St Bernadette, Jeff Bezos, Kathryn Bigelow, Michael Bublé, Nicolas Cage, Lewis Carroll, Fidel Castro, John Cleese, Confucius, Marie Curie, Johnny Depp, Novak Djokovic, Albert Einstein, George Eliot, W. C. Fields, James Fox, Cary Grant, Ashley Greene, Edvard Grieg, Oliver Hardy, Seamus Heaney, Tommy Hilfiger, Bob Hope, Whitney Houston, Helen Hunt, John Hurt, Anjelica Huston, Enrique Inglesias, E. L. James, Henry James, Sir David Jason, Angelina Jolie, Michael B. Jordan, Michael Keaton, John Keats, Enda Kenny, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Lollobrigida, George Michael, Sir Roger Moore, Andy Murray, F. Murray Abraham, Mike Myers, Brigitte Nielsen, Graham Norton, Michelle Obama, Jamie Oliver, George Orwell, Edith Piaf, Brad Pitt, Emeli Sandé, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Neil Sedaka, Jane Seymour, Maria Sharapova, Neil Simon, Frank Sinatra, Sting, Quentin Tarantino, Charlize Theron, J. R. R. Tolkien, KT Tunstall, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Sebastian Vettel, Queen Victoria, Muddy Waters, Orson Welles, Hayley Westenra, Walt Whitman, Will-i-Am, Kate Winslet, Tiger Woods.