Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2016

Goat Year (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) offers interesting prospects for the Tiger and the closing months will see a considerable amount happen.
One of the strengths of the Tiger is his ability to present ideas. He is resourceful, enterprising and is interested in participating in the action. Whether in his work or own interests, he will have ideas he is keen to explore. However, as the Goat year draws to a close he will need to be careful not to spread his attention too widely. Being distracted or attending, too many things at once could undermine him. Particularly in his work, it is putting in the effort that will get the best results. October could be an especially busy and interesting month work-wise.
The closing months of the year will also bring many temptations to spend. While the Tiger will be pleased with some of the useful items and gifts he buys at this time, he has to be cautious about making too many impulse buys.
His domestic and social life will see much activity and the Tiger will be necessary in order to manage his time well, remain organized and discuss arrangements with others. Failure to communicate adequately or plan ahead could lead to some awkward moments and add to the pressures. With care, though, the closing months of the year can be a full and fascinating time for the Tiger, and some good news is possible over the festive season.
The Monkey year, which starts on 8 February, has energy and verve, and while it suits the Tiger’s enterprising nature, it is also a time when he will be forced to exercise care rather than forge ahead regardless. In 2016, it will be much more a case of making the best use of the situations as they are. Tigers, take note and do be mindful. That way you can make this year much easier and ultimately more rewarding.
At work, this is a period of consolidation and steady progress. Tigers who are relatively new to their current position will find this an excellent time to search for and learn about different aspects of their industry. By being involved and seizing any chances to network, these tigers can do themselves – and their prospects – considerable good.
For Tigers who have been in their present position for some time and are hoping to be able to advance their career, the monkey year can also bring important developments. Although development may not be easy, or necessarily substantial, by drawing on their experience, many of these Tigers will be given the opportunity to take on a greater role or move elsewhere. However, it will be a case of focusing on current duties and building a platform for future growth rather than expecting rapid progress.
For Tigers looking for a position, the job-seeking process may be wearying, with disappointments in store. Consequences will require effort, but will be all the more deserved when they come. When taking a stand, again the Tiger would do well to show commitment, take advantage of any training and build for the future. April, July, September and November could see interesting developments, regardless of the fact that throughout the year opportunities need to be seized quickly before they slip away.
One area for particular care is the Tiger’s relations with others. With colleagues in particular, he is under an obligation to liaise well and take the views of others into consideration. To act as well independently or be on the periphery of advances could deny him support and good opportunities. Should a disagreement arise with a colleague, he should just try to let this distract him and do his best to defuse the problem? In awkward situations, he needs to tread carefully this year. Fortunately, due to his diligent nature, in most cases he be.
Tiger likes to keep himself busy and there will be much to interest him this year. He will enjoy immersing himself in what is going on around him as well as following through his own ideas. If he has been considering taking up a new activity, this would be a good year to get involved.
Travel, too, is favourably affected. Some trips could be arranged hastily, perhaps in response to a late offer or unexpected (but welcome) invitation.
The Tiger’s financial prospects are reasonably expected, and with thorough control of his budget, he will be pleased with the various plans and purchases he is in a position to go ahead with. Where household items are concerned, his eye for style and suitability will be on superb form, with some purchases a tad unusual but appealing.
Financial paperwork, however, has to be dealt with carefully and on time. While this may be irksome, delays or mistakes could be the Tiger’s disadvantage. Should any matter concern him, he should seek professional guidance? Without due attention, bureaucratic matters could become protracted this year. Tigers, take note.
Domestically, life will often be conducted at a brisk pace. Amid all the activity, however, there will be some personal achievements to celebrate and plans to move forward. Travel and other family events will also be welled received. Tiger’s suggestions can lead to some exceptional occasions. In this eventful year, quality time and good communication are key. Otherwise tensions and misunderstandings may arise. Tiger is conscious of the fact of this and allows time for everyone to relax and catch up. For family activities, May, August and December could be harried and nicely varied months.
Tiger has an extensive social circle, but as the year progresses, contact with certain friends may lessen as circumstances change. Also, a disagreement may arise. Friendships do not always run smoothly. Nevertheless, the tiger will often be shining in company and also have the chance to react to diverse people. Despite some vexations, the monkey year does have its brighter side and April. August, September and December will see the most communal activity.
Some years seem to be going well, while others are troublesome. For the Tiger, the Monkey year is in the middle. There will be a question and pressures, but also some superb opportunities, especially when it now comes to developing his ideas, skills and interests. Fortunately there is much that the Tiger can do to negate the more awkward aspects, and by remaining aware, being mindful of the views of others and making the most of situations as they are (rather than as he might wish), he can fare reasonably well, extend his experience and enjoy the many activities this lively year can bring.
The Metal Tiger
This will be only an interesting year for the Metal Tiger and while he will face some demanding situations, there will also be much to enjoy. Throughout the year, though, he will be aware of the fact of changing situations and the opinion of others. To be obtuse, go his own way or not fully consult those around him could cause problems. This is a chance to tread carefully and show flexibility.
During the year various metal Tigers will be involved in significant decision-making. This could involve retirement, relocation or moving ahead with some long-held aspirations. In all cases, the Metal Tiger should take the time to talk to those close to him, as well as to professionals, about his options. Actions need to be thought through rather than rushed. For the hasty and impetuous, snags could arise. Metal Tigers, take note. As with so much this year, mindfulness and dialogue can make an essential difference.
In the Metal Tiger’s work, this will be a year of change. Some Metal Tigers will decide to retire completely and will welcome having the time for interests and projects they may have just wanted to get underway for some time. Again, with support and advice, this transition can be made easier. Fresh Metal Tigers, however, will be desirous to stay at work, though they may consider reducing their hours, going part-time or doing some work on their own. For many, this monkey year can be a meaningful one. April, July, September and November could be decisive months.
Despite the fact that metal Tigers who retire will see a reduction in income, financially the aspects are generally positive. Some Metal Tigers could benefit from an extra payment or the fruition of a policy and, by managing their resources well, be in a position to move forward with major purchases and plans. Here the Metal Tiger’s keen eye for a good buy can serve him well and his sense of style may also result in the purchase of some splendid items which can be a source of pleasure to him and others.
Travel, too, is favourably aspects, and if possible, Metal Tiger should be designed to go away for a holiday at some time during the year. Some special events may also appear. For outdoor enthusiasts, including those who are located in the game, the monkey year can have particularly exciting moments in store.
With his eclectic interests, the Metal Tiger will also enjoy the recreational possibilities that open up over the year. Not only will he continue to adhere to existing interests, but could find his curiosity whetted by modern activities. Metal Tigers who are newly retired will particularly appreciate the chance to take their interests further.
The Monkey year can prove a varied and illuminating one, but in virtually all the Metal Tiger is designed to do, he needs to liaise with others and seek advice where necessary. His extensive network of friends and contacts can help. Some could be in a similar situation to his personal, and some decisions could be made easier by some mutual support.
Metal Tiger can also look forward to receiving receiving some stimulating social occasions over the year. These could include personal celebrations with friends as well as going to events and attractions. April, August, September and December could be crowded and lively months.
For Metal Tigers who are alone and would perhaps welcome more contact with others, the monkey year can open up significant possibilities. By making use of what is available and perhaps becoming involved in local activity groups or enrolling on a course, these metal Tigers can add some purpose to their lifestyle.
Domestically, both the Metal Tiger and his loved ones will have hefty decisions to take this year. These could concern retirement, work changes or, for some, downsizing and relocating. Given the importance of such decisions, time needs to be allowed to discuss them fully and carefully consider the implications. Metal Tigers, do be thorough and careful.
Liaising with others could also be crucial if a matter arises which gives birth to some anxiety. This could concern a relative or close friend. Rather than keep his concerns to himself, the Metal Tiger would do well to draw on the expertise of those (including professionals) who may be able to suggest solutions or rectify problems. As with all years, this one will bring a few difficulties. There could also be niggles (especially bureaucratic ones) which exasperate the tiger. However, with help and a sense of perspective, these can be dealt with effectively. In tricky or complex matters, the Metal Tiger should not feel alone.
Overall, the monkey year will be a demanding one for the Metal Tiger. Decisions will need taking and novel situations will require readjustment. Aspects may vary, but by being forthcoming and drawing on the support of those around him, the Metal Tiger can benefit. Whether pursuing interests, rediscovering talents or being fortunate in purchases, he can also enjoy himself this year. Tricky it may sometimes be, but is part of possibility.
Tip for the Year
Explore your ideas and seize your opportunities. Also, do involve others and value the support of those around you. With input and good advice, your year can become easier.
The Water Tiger
Water Tiger will have seen a lot go on in the last few years. This one will be a great time to discuss, give some thought to ongoing activities and move ahead steadily. While Monkey years have their awkward aspects, they do hold hidden benefits and can have momentous consequences. This may be the easiest of years for the Water Tiger, but it can be a beneficial one.
At work, many water tigers will have seen significant developments in recent times, both in their own role and in their workplace. As a consequence, rather than look to make a change, many will wish to draw attention to their current duties. Professionally, this can be a far more fulfilling year, with numerous water tigers playing a valued role where they are, including, for some, training and mentoring others.
There will, though, be some water tigers who are keen to develop in different ways and decide to look elsewhere. For these water tigers, as well as those seeking work, the monkey year can be challenging. Openings may be limited and competition fierce. However, Water Tiger is born under the sign of courage and is both resourceful and determined. While there may be disappointments along the way, persistence will pay off and quite a limited water tiger will secure a new position. This may go anywhere with a steep learning curve, but these water Tigers will welcome the opportunity. April, July, September and November could see encouraging developments.
A favorable aspect of the year will be the chances the Water Tiger will have to network and meet others. His personality and competence will impress many. In addition, if he is thinking specific work-related ideas, he would be well advised to seek the opinion of those with the necessary expertise. With aspects as they are, this is no longer a time for acting too independently.
In money matters, Water Tiger can fare reasonably well and may need to be able to supplement his income through an interest or skill. Some Water Tigers may benefit from the receipt of extra funds as well as be fortuitous in making purchases. However, with a variety of commitments and probably some costly ideas, the Water Tiger will need to budget well, including travel plans. With sound control, though, he will be pleased with what he is done.
Water Tiger’s respective interests can also develop in an inspiring manner. He will be keen to make more of his knowledge and skills, and creative activities can be especially satisfying. Some Water Tigers could be attracted by unusual pursuits. If so, they should endeavour to find out more. The Monkey year offers a full range of possibilities.
In view of his active lifestyle, the Water Tiger knows a great many people, and his social circle is placed at grow. Throughout the year, he should seize any chances he just has to run his ideas past his friends and seek their opinion over any concerns. Some will be in a position to assist and advise.
However, while the Water Tiger’s relations with countless will be useful, differences of opinion could arise or a minor issue cause concern. At such times, or should be the Water Tiger finds himself in a potentially awkward situation, he will need to be wary and remain his tactful self.
This warning apart. There will be a lot for him to enjoy. Some of the year’s more spontaneous social occasions will be particularly memorable. April, late July to the end of September and December could be charming months.
Domestically, a dot is placed to happen. Loved ones could be related to some sizable changes. Often work-related, which could affect existing routines and plans. Good discussion can help. Some of what occurs may be able envisage but will have momentous consequences for all. However, despite busy and possibly changing lifestyles, the monkey year will also have its special moments. Often these will involve celebrating the success of a younger relation and the Water Tiger will be both proud and supportive.
Travel is favourably accepted and where feasible the Water Tiger should take a holiday with his loved ones over the year. A change of scene can do everyone good.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will have its problem areas and the Water Tiger will have to be alert. Any differences of opinion should ideally be diffused before they have a chance to escalate or undermine the Water Tiger’s position, and he should aim to act with others and with support rather than independently. Care is needed, but the Monkey year is not without opportunity. In particular, respective interests can develop in an uplifting way, and at work this can often be a more fulfilling year as the Water Tiger will have a greater chance to prepare his strengths. Progress will require effort, but the Water Tiger can nevertheless prepare the way for more substantial opportunities in the future.
Tip for the Year
Be aware of what is going on around you and prepared to adjust accordingly. Also, has to be based on the support and advice of others. Allow time for recreational pursuits and share activities with those who are greater than you.
The Wood Tiger
Wood Tiger is perceptive and alert. He is adept at gauging situations, in particular whether the time is right to act or to hold back. And his judgement will serve him well this year. Monkey years can be tricky and by being perceptive and sometimes keeping a low profile. Wood Tiger can avoid some of the more obdurate elements while benefiting from the opportunities. His adroitness can be a real asset this year.
At work, this is a year of steady progress. Numerous Wood Tigers will have been involved in change in recent years and this pattern is set to continue. As new ways of working are to be submitted and additional objectives set. With the experience he has created, the Wood Tiger will often find himself central to what takes place. Some of this may be challenging and require flexibility. Nevertheless, in the process of the Wood Tiger can underline his strengths and help his reputation. Effort made now can bear fruit later, and this can be just an indispensable stage in the Wood Tiger’s career advancement.
In view of his role and the expectations likely to be put on him, he will, however, work closely with his colleagues. This is no year to be a member of the side-line or act too independently.
The majority of Wood Tigers will remain with their present employer over the year, but for those who feel their prospects can be improved by a move elsewhere or are currently seeking work, the monkey year can have unforeseen developments in store. In their quest, these wood monkeys could come across a position that is quite different from what they have done before but really appeals to them. In some cases, this could be in another industry or location. If the Wood Tiger takes action, he could benefit. April, July, September and November could see some particularly encouraging developments.
With a change in duties, quite a rare wood Tigers will see their income rise correspondingly. Many could also benefit from a gift or bonus. Wood Tiger’s fiscal situation is such as to improve over the year, but he will have many commitments and substantial outgoings, especially if he is looking to replace equipment and carry out definite plans. As a consequence, he will have to be disciplined. The Monkey year rewards strict control over budget.
Travel is favourably accepted and even if not travelling too far in the distance. Wood Tiger could find some places he visits especially memorable. Throughout the year, he should also avail himself of the facilities existing in his native area. The Monkey year can provide a nice mix of things to be done.
Personal interests, too, can improve in stimulating ways. Given his rational nature, the Wood Tiger will often have ideas he is keen to follow through and, whether making something for the home or tackling another project, will be delighted with the results.
With his hectic lifestyle, he knows a great many people and his social circle is seen in growth over the year. There will also be some spirited social occasions. April, late July to the end of September and December could see a lot of social activity.
However, while the Wood Tiger’s relations with others will generally be conclusive, Monkey years can bring problems, and should the Wood Tiger sense any difficulty arising or find himself in a dispute with another person, he should proceed with care. His diplomatic nature can help, but minor situations may escalate and the Wood Tiger needs to be on his guard. Without care, a friendship could be lost or issue causes upset. Wood Tigers, take note and do be circumspect in volatile situations.
Domestically, changing situations could impact on existing routines and there need to be effective co-operation between everyone in the household. Also, while certain home improvements will be carried out successfully, plans will have to be kept kept flexible and undertaken only when time permits. Rush could cause added pressure and possible oversights. This is a year which favours joint effort, spreading activities out and appreciating quality time. During the year, both younger and more senior relations could look at the Wood Tiger for advice over what may be far-reaching decisions and his assistant can be of considerable value. He will be at the heart of many a home this year, and his qualities much appreciated.
Overall, Wood Tiger can fare well in the Monkey year and what he does behind the scenes will often be of future value. Whether adapting to change, adding to skills, liaising with others or concentrating on objectives, he will find that if he puts in the effort, critical results can often follow on. For many Wood Tigers, this monkey year will be excellent preparation for the successes soon to come. Should any problems arise? Wood Tiger should try to deal with these effectively, lest they escalate. Fortunately, his astute nature will help and will permit him to make sure that the most of the opportunities of the year bring.
Tip for the Year
Proceed steadily. Do not rush. The more you devote yourself to your tasks and plans, the better the results will be. Also, value your relations with those around you. What you do for others, and they for you, can enrich your year.
The Fire Tiger
This will be a momentous year for the Fire Tiger. Not only does it mark the start of a new decade in his life, but what he does now can influence the next few years. However, while many will go well, the year will not be without its challenges and the Fire Tiger will need to be vigilant and springy as he sets about his diverse activities.
In his home life, the year can see significant advances. Accommodation will feature strongly, with quite a few fire tigers moving to a home which better suits their needs. Over the year, dreams will, for some, come true, with a place of their own. However, those who remain where they are will also dedicate a lot of time to make sure that their home as they want, and their flair for style and colour will help make certain areas distinctive and homely.
For Fire Tigers with a partner, there will be a lot to do and both partners will enjoy seeing their plans develop. Assorted Fire Tigers will have cause for celebration this year. Not only will they be marking their thirtieth birthday, but some could become parents. Those who already have a family will do a great deal to encourage their children, and their ideas, enthusiasm and care can strengthen family bonds and lead to some extraordinary times.
While there will be many demands on the home budget, if possible the Fire Tiger should just want to leave right away with his loved ones over the year. A break can be valued by everyone, as will be visits to local attractions, some of which, such as museums, parks and beauty spots, can be free to build on.
Assorted Fire Tigers will welcome the support of elder relations and, when confronted with major decisions, glad of their input. Over the year, their love and generosity will be meant by great deal.
In view of his numerous commitments, the Fire Tiger may choose to cut back on his social life this year. However, it is essential he does not content himself opportunities to spend time with others or attend interesting events. His social life can bring vital balance to his lifestyle. In addition, there is a risk that some friendships could, owing to change circumstances, fall away. Regardless of the fact that friendships do evolve over time, the Fire Tiger will have to be careful not to jeopardize some influential contacts. Fire Tigers, take note.
While the aspects advise care, the monkey year can also spring surprises. The unattached, including those who have had some fresh personal difficulty, a chance introduction could put them in contact with someone who could quickly become acute. Exciting romantic possibilities could be in store. April, August to early October and December could be pleasing and interesting months.
Fire Tiger is often blessed with inventive talent and by promoting his ideas and using his skills to make use. He will often derive great satisfaction from what he has to be done over the year. Interest-wise this can be an inspiring time.
Fire Tiger can also make perpetual progress in his work and may be given the opportunity to extend his role. In addition, new technologies and systems will be approved in numerous a workplace, and by familiarizing himself with these (and overcoming initial reservations), he could benefit from what arises. He does, however, work in close cooperation with others and be an enthusiastic team player. The greater his involvement, the more chance he will have to demonstrate his strengths. Similarly, when pressures rise, the Fire Tiger’s often innovative approach and willingness to adapt can impress others and me to his future benefit.
Fire Tigers who feel the time are suitable for change, as well as those seeking work, the monkey year can be tricky but potentially significant. Obtaining a new position will not be luxurious, especially in the face of ferocious competition. However, Fire Tiger is purposeful, and by showing prospective employers his resolve and desire to learn, he may well secure a position in a separate capacity from before. This could involve considerable adjustment, but once settled. Fire Tiger can gain the skills, experience and platform for more substantial progress in the future. April, July, September and November could see encouraging developments.
Fire Tiger’s efforts at work can bring an increase in income, and his improved situation will permit him to proceed with many of his plans. However, he will still need to budget wisely. Also, when carrying out major agreements, he wants to talk to the obligations and, where appropriate, obtain proper guidance. The more vigilant he is, the better.
Overall, this will be a full and potentially decisive year for the Fire Tiger and what he achieves now can help him as he looks to development over the next few years. The Monkey year will require effort and discipline, but the Fire Tiger’s ideas, skills and potential will be recorded. There will also be some sizable personal times, and amid the year’s pressures, there will be a lot to be done scared and enjoy.
Tip for the Year
Though there may still get a lot demands on your time, do be attentive to those around you and keep your lifestyle balanced. Also, have self-belief. What you do now can be a major factor in the success that lies ahead. Good luck.
The Earth Tiger
This will be a hectic year for the Earth Tiger. It can bring personal happiness, but challenges to. However, lessons can be learned from the more demanding times.
For many Earth Tigers in education, the pressures will be weighty. Not only will there be ample material to learn, but exams to be prepared for. In quite a few instances, a lot will be based on the results obtained.
To do a good job, these Earth Tigers will need to remain focused and organize their time. With discipline and consistent, application, not only will many be thrilled with the results they obtain but also inspired by specified subject areas or new skills. This can be an instructive and potentially rewarding time. In addition, what the Earth Tiger gains this year, whether in knowledge or qualifications, can often be taken further in following years.
However, while satisfactory progress can be made, the monkey year can also bring salutary warnings. Should Earth Tiger slack or make assumptions, there could be disappointments in store. For some Earth Tigers, mock examinations could be a wake-up call to go ahead with more effort. Consequences will have to be worked for this year.
In addition to his studying, the Earth Tiger should avail himself of the recreational facilities available to him. Involvement in sport, music or drama cannot only be fun but also allow the Earth Tiger to make more of definite strengths.
An Earth Tigers who move to a fresh place of schooling, should also aim to participate in what is happening around them. Joining clubs and meeting like-minded people will enable them to settle down quickly and will have a positive influence on their work. Monkey years are times of enormous possibility, but do require effort.
For Earth Tigers in work or seeking it, the monkey year can also bring significant advances. For those in a position, the demands and pressures are placed at increasing and the Earth Tiger may be concerned about the expectations placed upon him or going to have deal with matters he does not feel properly trained for. Some parts of the year will push him out of his comfort zone. However, by increasing the challenge and doing his best, he will not only acquire invaluable skills but also discover more about his own strengths. These can be instructive times and often indicate the type of work the Earth Tiger should think focussing on in the future.
Various Earth Tigers can look forward to receiving making steady progress this year and the experience they gain will help their prospects. There will, though, be some who feel their current position is not suitable for them and choose to look elsewhere. For these Earth Tigers, and those seeking work, the monkey year can bring surprises. Obtaining a position will be challenging. However, effort will be rewarded and by taking advice from employment professionals. These Earth Tigers could be alerted to companies looking forward to receiving recruiting and secure a position with long-term possibilities. April, July, September and November could see encouraging developments.
There will still get a lot demands, however, on the Earth Tiger’s often inadequate resources, and fiscal discipline will be required. Earth Tiger would do well to set limits on the amount he spends on specified activities. If he takes the time to think about more major purchases rather than rush, he could also find himself benefiting from favourable buying opportunities.
His diverse activities will bring him into contact with numerous people and socially these can be interesting times. For some Earth Tigers, there will be many good times with friends. However, the monkey year can also bring more awkward moments. Without care, exuberant high jinks of some Earth Tigers could cause problems. If at any time the Earth Tiger has reservations about situations in which he finds himself, he should be watchful. Similarly, if a disagreement arises with a friend, he should try to diffuse it before it escalates. Monkey years do have a personally challenging element. Earth Tigers, take note. April, late July to early October and December can be lively months for socializing and, for some, could bring meaningful romance.
During the year, the Earth Tiger should also aim to communicate well with family members. By sharing news and, when under pressure, asking for advice, he will make use of their support. In addition, if he is informative about his ideas, he could find interesting possibilities opening up.
There may be unforeseen travel opportunities, too, sometimes with little warning. By taking maximum advantage of what occurs, Earth Tiger can greatly enjoy himself.
Overall, the monkey year will be demanding and the Earth Tiger will be required to put in the effort to get results. However, by improving his skills and adding to his experience, he can build an influential platform for future growth. And many of the events of the year. Both the good and sometimes disappointing, can be instructive. This may be the smoothest of years, but during it the Earth Tiger will experience and gain a great deal.
Tip for the Year
Make the most of your opportunities. Whether studying or at work, place in the time and effort. What you do now can lay the foundation for the successes soon to come.
Famous Tigers

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