Libra Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

The explosive ups and downs – stunning surprises – in the love life have been taxing even your social genius. Libras are generally not risk-takers – except when it falls on in love with. In love, they go where angels fear to move forward. And this year more so than usual.

Many a relationship has been split in recent years. Many a friendship has been bridging the tubes. There’s been many a divorce as well. Uranus in the 7th house is just not that conducive to commit kinds of relationships. It is good for serial love affairs, but not for marriage or relationships that are ‘like’ marriage. Uranus likes change and variety. He likes free. A durable kind of relationship seems ‘boring’ and hum drum.

Also, Uranus in the 7th house indicates a penchant for unconventional types of people. Plain vanilla types are not particularly interesting. The attraction consists of geniuses and rebels against societal norms – programmers, inventors, mathematicians, astrologers and astronomers. Media types are also stimulating. People you gravitate to are generally not serious people.

With Uranus in the 7th house, it is sometimes difficult to make sure that long-term shared plans. You don’t know if you’re needing to go to hang with that person a few months down the road. This is so for friendships too.

Mars, your love planet, behaves rather erratically this year, adding more instability to the love life. He thinks of his rare retrogrades from April 17 to June 29. This will be a time for taking stock of things and achieving some kind of clarity about where things stand in your relationship. From August 9 to October 30 (a long time) Mars will be ‘out of bounds’. This wants’re going way outside your social sphere in your search for love. Family members don’t appear to have been approved.

You can mitigate problems in two ways. First, lead by partner or current love as much space as possible, so long as this isn’t destructive. Second, help to change and experimentation (as much as feasible) within your relationship. Do unconventional things as a couple (the more unconventional the better). Just try to satisfy the partner’s need for change within the relationship. You improve odds that way.

Marriage is not advisable this year – especially for those of attempting to arrive at your first marriage. Those of you seeking the second marriage have more stability, but it looks like a statue qua kind of year. The same is applicable to those of you working on their third marriages. Those of you seeking to their fourth marriage have romance, but again it’s the stability of it that is questionable.

One thing is just for sure. Love will not be boring. There will be should be in no way be a dull moment. You can’t take anything for granted. Love can come instantly and leave just as instantly. If you’re contented with these frequent but brief lightning flashes across the sky, the love life will be happy.

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