Libra Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Pluto has been in your 4th house of home and family since 2008 and he will be here for many more years. This is a dynamic transit. As we mentioned it brings a purge of family life and the family circle. Anything impure, or anything that obstructs your idea of family, gets removed – exorcised. In many cases, there have been definite literal deaths in the family. In many cases, there have been near-death kinds of experiences in the lives of family members. In other cases, families have split up and disintegrated. Only to become reintegrated on a better level. The symbolism of the Horoscope is ‘the death and rebirth of the family’.

 These things are seldom pleasant, but the end result is to be welcomed that.
Pluto in your 4th house also shows numerous physical renovations of the home.

These are commander renovations rather than cosmetic ones. They can influence the tearing down of walls, rewiring and the ripping out of old pipes and plumbing. Serious stuff!

Pluto is all your financial planet. His position in your 4th house gives us additional messages. You’re investing in the home. Spending on it. Spending on the family. Family support should be fine (especially this year). You can also learn from the home too. With this aspect for so many years, most of you already have home offices, but these could be extended this year. Family and family connections are important on a fiscal level.

Saturn, your family planet, has been in Sagittarius, your 3rd house, since late 2014. This is reflected in a need for better communication with the family. Lack of communication is likely to be a major source of conflict here. It also displays in the installation of high-end communication equipment in the home.

A parent or parent figure in your life has had surgery of late and this trend continues into the year ahead. He or she would benefit from detox regimes and these should be studied.

A sibling or sibling figure becomes very devoted to you later in the year. A move is little likely this year, though. He or she is under the age of the age of a stable, static kind of year.

Children and children figures in your life also have a durable year. Grandchildren (if you have them) are likely to move in the year ahead through. (A move could have happened last year too.)

Major repairs or renovations are apt all year, but September 27 to November 9 is an especially pleasant time. If you’re painting, redecorating or otherwise beautifying the home, January 1 to February 17 is a delightful period.

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