Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Rooster in 2016
A hallmark of the Rooster is his determination. He sets about his activities with considerable resolve. And his efforts in the Goat year (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) will have resulted in some interesting times. Admittedly, there will have been parts of the year which will have frustrated the Rooster and brought uncertainty, but overall it will have been a satisfying time and the closing months will be full and varied.
At work, many Roosters will face an increased workload, and although the pressures will be a good thing. These can highlight the Rooster’s efficient approach and enhance his reputation. September and January could be significant months, with opportunities arising for some Roosters.
With a lot happening towards the end of the year, the Rooster will be necessary in order to keep a close watch on spending and, ideally, budget ahead. Outgoings could be greater than anticipated, especially as many Roosters will have additional travel opportunities at this time.
There will step up social activity, in August and December particularly busy months. The Goat year can inject some spontaneity into proceedings, with some surprise occasions taking place. The sociable Rooster will greatly enjoy himself.
In his home life, flexibility will be needed, as the Rooster and his loved ones contend with various commitments as well as innumerable arrangements. Someone close could have exciting news to share during the festive season.
The year of the Monkey starts on 8 February is capable of being a demanding one for the Rooster. Some situations could be volatile and the Rooster could be ill-at-ease with certain developments. He likes to make his own decisions, but at times he may find himself in an uncharacteristic quandary over what best to do. Monkey years tend not to be the easiest for the Rooster, but they can move away from a meaningful legacy. Next year is the Rooster’s own year and what he accomplishes now can prepare him for the considerable opportunities that lie ahead.
Being well-organized, Rooster requests permission to stay tabs on what is happening and work to a plan. There will, though, be situations during the year which concern him. However, he should not automatically think the worst. Instead, he should check the facts and wait for matters to be clear. Advances in this Monkey year may not continue to be straightforward, but can nevertheless bring opportunities for the Rooster.
This is especially true of his work situation. Many workplaces will be a function of swift-moving developments. Reorganization, changes in staff and management, and new policies or products can all result in considerable volatility. At such times, the Rooster should be focused on his role and adapt as required. By showing himself disposed to adopt change, he could benefit from the openings that arise. Also, if additional training is offered, transfer opportunities occur or the Rooster sees an opening elsewhere, he should follow it up. Extending his experience now can increase his options for later.
For Roosters who are unfulfilled in their present situation and those seeking a position, the Monkey year can also open up some interesting possibilities. By keeping alert for vacancies and not closing their mind to something different, many of these Roosters could secure a position in a new type of work. Considerable adjustment could be involved and the early weeks may be demanding, but this can be an important stepping-stone to future opportunities.
May, June, September and December could prove crucial months work-wise, but throughout the year the Rooster should make full use of any ways of furthering his experience and skills. He can also help his situation by networking and working in close collaboration with colleagues. With his talent for putting himself across, he can impress numerous this year, including some who have considerable influence.
Progress at work can bring a modest improvement in income, but financial vigilance is critical this year. Not only will many Roosters face additional expenses, including family requirements and equipment repairs, but the Rooster has to be careful when carrying out agreements. Terms should be verified, concerns addressed and, if appropriate, professional advice obtained. In matters of finance, this is a year for thoroughness and good control.
Another area which requires increased mindfulness is the Rooster’s home life. The Rooster needs to ensure that his numerous commitments do not start to impinge on family life. A good lifestyle balance is particularly meaningful this year.
Also, with changes occurring in his own work situation and other family members similarly busy, it is important there is openness and a willingness to assist one another. The better the communication, the more easily situations (and changes) can be dealt with.
It is also critical that the more pleasurable aspects of family life do not suffer due to general activity. Shared interests, special occasions and chances to travel can be much appreciated, with the summer seeing some often lively occasions.
Problems may arise, however, with equipment breaking down, maintenance issues requiring attention or practical activities being delayed. Here again, difficulties need to be talked through. Annoying though they may be, once repairs or replacements have been performed and solutions found, they will have some benefits. Some problems could be blessings in disguise, prompting action or purchases which would not, be reportedly taking place.
As well as giving some attention to his home, the Rooster should give some to himself this year. Being conscientious, he drives himself hard and needs in order to deliver to relax and enjoy himself. Here, interests and recreational pursuits can be akin to a tonic, and in some cases get the added benefit of additional exercise. Monkey years can also open up possibilities. Fitness programmes will often appear. By following up his ideas, the Rooster can enjoy and potentially benefit from what he does.
Another notable aspect of the Monkey year is how it brings the Rooster into contact with others. Many a Rooster will find his social circle widening this year and some new people will particularly warm to him. For the unattached, there can be romantic possibilities. April, May, August and September could see much collective activity.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will challenge the Rooster. Pressures and expectations will be put upon him, but by rising to the challenge and seizing any opportunities to further his experience, he can impress others and improve his prospects, particularly for next year. Work-wise, the year will be demanding but instructive. In pecuniary matters, the Rooster will need to remain disciplined, and he also has to guarantee his general busyness does not impinge on his home life or affect his lifestyle balance. Fortunately the Rooster is usually very aware of his responsibilities, and with his usual delicate skill, he can emerge from the year with much to his credit.
The Metal Rooster
There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us. ‘A long journey will not deter one with high aspirations, ’ and this is very applicable to the Metal Rooster. Determined, ambitious and full of self-belief, he works hard, building steadily on his experience. Over the year, he will be still move forward and. In the process, gain valuable new insights into his capabilities.
However, while this will be a constructive year, it will not need to cool. Resolute Metal Rooster likes to set about his activities in his peculiar style, but in the Monkey year, greater flexibility would be desirable. To be wedded to certain ways of doing things could deny the Metal Rooster opportunities. In 2016, he will have to be alert to developing situations and embrace change.
For many Metal Rooster who are established in a particular line of work, the Monkey year can mark an important juncture in their career. There will be the chance for many to assume extra duties, and if in a large organization, is transferred to another section. In either case, there will be a lot to be learned. However, duties many Metal Roosters take on now can highlight particular strengths which they will be invited to develop in following years. For many, what occurs now can be a contributory factor in later success.
This also applies to Metal Roosters who feel they have achieved all they can in their present situation and are ready for more substantial change, as well as those seeking a position. The job-finding process will take time, but will bestow these Metal Roosters the chance to consider their strengths and explore different employment possibilities. If eligible, some may be eligible for training or refresher courses. With persistence, many will find vital doors opening. As these Metal Roosters settle down in a progressive role, the pressures can be significant, but with the commitment, they can secure a platform they can build on. May to early July, September and December could see encouraging progresses, but this is a fast-moving year and once the Metal Rooster sees an opening, he should act before the chance slips away.
Also, this is an excellent year for personal development, and if the Metal Rooster feels it could be useful to acquire a skill or additional qualification, he should set time aside to fill out this. It could prove a worthwhile investment in his future.
Metal Rooster can also benefit from his subjective interests. Not only can these help him relax and be good for his general well-being, but he will also enjoy the chance to think ideas.
Some attention to well-being and lifestyle can also be functional this year. Whether improving the quality of their diet or getting advice on appropriate forms of exercise, many Metal Roosters can benefit from introducing positive lifestyle changes.
In pecuniary matters, the Metal Rooster will need to be vigilant. Over the year, commitments could increase and additional expenses and repair costs rise. As a consequence, Metal Rooster is under an obligation to keep track of spending and remain disciplined. He should also verify the terms of any new agreement he enters into and attend to paperwork promptly. This is no year for risk or making assumptions.
Another area where he has to be attentive is his home life. Sometimes work pressures and other commitments could preoccupy him and make increased incursions into his time. He is conscious of the fact of this and if he is feeling stressed or has a lot to do, he should tell others. That way, those around him will be better comprehend and assistance.
Striking a superior lifestyle balance can make an important difference this year and if possible the Metal Rooster should just want to take a holiday with his loved ones. Even if not travelling too far, he will find a change of scene very welcome. The summer and end of the year could see some attractive travel possibilities.
Despite the fact that Metal Rooster may be selective in his socializing this year, he will welcome contact with his friends and the chance to share views with some who are in similar positions to his own. Certain friends could prove of distinct value this year. April, May, August to early October could see for social opportunities.
For the unattached Metal Rooster, an existing or new friendship could blossom over the year. Romance will brighten the lives of quite a few Metal Roosters.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be an important one for the Metal Rooster, as it will give him the chance to add to his skills and experience. ‘A slow journey will not deter one with lofty aspirations’ and the Monkey year will, in many ways, equipment Metal Rooster for his journey and assist him along his ambitious path. In view of his hectic lifestyle, he does, though, need in order to assure quality time with his loved ones does not suffer. Their support can be useful in many ways in this constructive year.
Tip for the Year
Keep your lifestyle in balance. You can accomplish a lot this year but do preserve some time for yourself and those around you. Enjoy your interests and value your loved ones and you will be well rewarded.
The Water Rooster
Monkey years are active and fast-moving, and over the next 12 months the Water Rooster will experience a great deal. And what he completes now can determine the shape of the next few years. The importance of this Monkey year should not be underestimated.
Some Water Roosters will be in education and often reaching the final stages of their courses. For these Water Roosters, this can be an exacting time, with dissertations to accomplish, final exams to sit and much to learn. However, while the pressures will be considerable, by remaining disciplined, many Water Roosters will secure (and often better) the results they have been hoping for. Another motivating factor will be the possibilities certain qualifications can open up. As the Chinese proverb reminds us, ‘Follow proper procedures and enjoy success in whatever you do here.’ By studying hard, Water Rooster will find the rewards will follow.
For Water Roosters in work, this can also be a momentous year. Often, having proved themselves in one capacity. These Water Roosters will be looking forward to receiving furthering their skills and better their remuneration. Monkey years can open up significant opportunities, but it will be owned by the Water Rooster himself to make things happen.
Water Roosters in larger organizations will find their in-house knowledge can stand him in excellent stead as some staff move on. If they put themselves forward, even if they are not initially successful, their desire to move forward will be noted and in some cases lead to offers of training and additional duties. Assorted Water Roosters will be able to help their situation by participating more in their workplace and networking. As has often been found, the more people you know, the more opportunities are inclined to open up, and this can be confirmed for the Water Rooster this year.
The majority of Water Roosters will make significant headway in their present place of work, but for those who feel there are better prospects elsewhere or are currently seeking work, the Monkey year can hold significant progresses. Regardless of the fact that the job-seeking process may be difficult and competitive, by keeping alert for openings and stressing their skills and experience, many Water Roosters will secure an important opportunity. And once they have had the chance to establish themselves and show their capabilities, they will often be asked to go further. What Water Rooster does now can play a critical role in the exciting possibilities that lie ahead, especially in 2017.
In view of the hectic nature of the year, it is, however, important that the Water Rooster gives some consideration to his personal well-being. A balanced diet may help energy levels, as will regular and appropriate exercise.
Interests and recreational pursuits can also often help the Water Rooster unwind as well as be a suitable outlet for his talents and ideas. Some interests can also give birth to travel opportunities, and for the music and sports enthusiast. There could be events this year that they will particularly enjoy. Personal interests can add an essential and beneficial element to this often demanding year.
Water Rooster will also appreciate his shared life. There will be parties and other celebrations (including his own) to take advantage of, and for Water Roosters enjoying romance. There will be wonderful moments to share. The unattached, the Monkey year can bring about a meeting with someone inexperienced, often in circumstances which seem intended to be. By affairs of the heart, this can be a remarkable year. April, May and late July to September could see the most communal activity.
For Water Roosters who are settled with a partner, this can be just an exciting time. However, Water Rooster will need to be attentive and take care that other commitments make sure he does not get preoccupied or encroach too far into home life. Exceptional communication is also important this year. If the Water Rooster talks over his concerns and hopes, it will enable those dear to him to become increasingly conscious of his situation and better able to assist.
More senior relations, too, will be eager to offer support and this can be of particular help with definite decisions or plans under consideration this year.
In money matters, this will be just an expensive time and the Water Rooster will need to watch spending levels. Also, if taking on further agreements, he should check the obligations and take advice if necessary. This is a year for exercising effective control.
Overall, the Monkey year will be an exacting one. Water Rooster will be eager to do well and a lot will ride on his diverse activities. This can bring moments of pressure. Nevertheless, by remaining focused, many Water Roosters will be pleased with what they are able to achieve. The Monkey year can give much the skills and platform needed for further development. On a subjective level, many Water Roosters will enjoy the social and romantic opportunities this lively year can bring, as well as benefit from the encouragement of those around them. With a lot happening, the Water Rooster will, though, is needed in order to balance out all he does and set aside time for himself. This will be a detailed but potentially significant year.
Tip for the Year
Believe in yourself. This year will offer you the chance to design skills that can take you far. Put in the effort, for what you do now will often be a solid investment in your future.
The Wood Rooster
The practical Wood Rooster prides himself on being well-organized and efficient, and during the Monkey year he will be necessary in order to keep his wits about him. Some undertakings could be problematic and certain decisions cause anxiety. However, while the Monkey year will have its challenging moments, with support and his habitual moral judgement, the Wood Rooster can emerge from it satisfied with the results of his efforts.
Of fundamental importance, this year is required for consultation. Despite the fact that the Wood Rooster has very definite views, he does need support in his undertakings and should pay attention to the views of those around him. If not, some may feel aggrieved that they were not adequately consulted. Particularly in the Wood Rooster’s home life, the year favours a cooperative way.
Over the year, many Wood Roosters will be zealous to undertake improvements to their home, including replacing failing equipment as well as smartening up certain areas. Once the Wood Rooster has ideas, he will be keen to implement them, but costs and choices will need careful consideration. Original plans are apt to change in the Monkey year, and if options are compared, the eventual decisions can often be that much better. This particularly applies to purchases of equipment.
For Wood Roosters who decide to move or have major renovations performed on their home, again plans may not always proceed in the way or to the time scale intended. With help and good advice, however, substantial benefits can be gained.
In addition to drawing on the support of others, the Wood Rooster will have numerous chances to reciprocate. Younger relations could have critical decisions to make and be glad of the Wood Rooster’s opinions and assistance. Wood Roosters who are grandparents will again find the time they give will be evaluated as well as strengthen their bonds with their loved ones. The summer and closing weeks of the year could see some unusual family occasions taking place.
With his enquiring mind, the Wood Rooster will also enjoy following up his peculiar interests. If he is a member of a local group or decides to join one, certain skills he has could be encouraged and lead to him doing more. Creative activities are especially well expected and could improve in thrilling fashion.
In addition, the Wood Rooster should keep himself informed about events happening in his area as well as amenities and resources he could use. Regional activities can also be an excellent way to respond to others, especially for Wood Roosters who are feeling lonely. Late March to May, August and September could see the most communal activity, regardless of the fact that at most times of the year there will be a variety of activities to build on.
Travel, too, can be pleasing, regardless of the fact that while the Wood Rooster likes to plan ahead, some trips could be subjected to the vote at the last moment as special offers are taken up or invitations received. Nevertheless, many Wood Roosters will enjoy their travels, including some fairly late on in the year, and see some impressive sights.
With travel possibilities, however, plus expensive home purchases and other outgoings, the Wood Rooster will need in order to manage his resources well this year. With any major purchase or new agreement, he should check the terms carefully. Paperwork, too, needs care. A lapse could lead to protracted bureaucracy. Wood Roosters, takes note.
For Wood Rooster born in 2005, the Monkey year will be eventful, especially as the Wood Rooster may change school and start a new level of his education. This can be a daunting time, but by making the best use of his opportunities, the young Wood Rooster will not only gain valuable firsthand knowledge but also fresh insights into his strengths and abilities. This is a year to become open-minded and receptive to what is available.
With expectations high, however, and sometimes new environments and subjects to get employed to, the young Wood Rooster could at times be anxious or feel he is struggling. Rather than take place concerns to himself, it is worth he talks to those who are near him and gets support.
On a subjective level, the young Wood Rooster can make some momentous contemporary friendships this year, some of which will become long-standing. His buoyant nature can make him admired company.
Whether born in 1945 or 2005, the Wood Rooster can find the Monkey year demanding. There will be problems and challenging situations to address, and plans will sometimes take different courses from those envisaged. Nonetheless, by drawing on support, seeking advice and being flexible, the Wood Rooster may not only find solutions but also realize the problems were opportunities in disguise. Throughout the year, it is important that he consults others and is mindful of their views. Without sufficient communication, differences of opinion may arise and support not be so forthcoming. This provides an opportunity to liaise with others rather than take an independent stance. However, with care, the Wood Rooster can make this a rewarding and interesting year.
Tip for the Year
Be aware of what is happening around you and adjust accordingly. With support and flexibility, you can achieve more. Also, utilize the resources available to you and enjoy improving your skills and interests. Encouraging results can follow.
The Fire Rooster
The element of fire strengthens a sign’s resolve and the Fire Rooster certainly possesses a determined nature. Always desirous to assure that the most of himself, he is a doer, have good judgement and use his skills well. However, in 2016 he will be necessary in order to keep his wits about him. Uncharacteristic lapses, assumptions or lack of communication may cause difficulty.
Throughout the year, it is equally important that the Fire Rooster keeps his lifestyle in balance. Neglecting one area of his life could have an effect on others. Fire Rooster needs in order to manage his time well, including, during busy periods, preserving quality time for others as well as looking after his private well-being.
This need for attention is also germane to his domestic life. Despite the fact that he will often be juggling many commitments, he should make sure these do not have an influence on family life. If he gives time to others and shares matters on his mind, those around him can often ease certain pressures. Home and family life can be rewarding this year, but mindfulness is required. Particularly busy Fire Roosters, take note.
If possible, Fire Rooster should be designed to take a holiday over the year. A rest and change of scene can do him a lot of good. Some especially interesting travel possibilities could arise during the summer months.
Over the year the Fire Rooster will also be desirous to assist younger relations, and by spending time talking over the decisions and options they have, he can encourage them in expressive ways. Countless are under a high regard for his judgement is able to be grateful for his words.
It is also critical that the Fire Rooster does not permit his societal life to fall away during the year. Social occasions will not only give him the chance to share the news but also to relax and get a bit of fun. April, May and August to early October could see lovely social opportunities. Fire Roosters who are alone or find themselves in a new environment should make the most of chances to meet others. Their actions can be rewarding and for some this Monkey year can have romantic possibilities as well.
Fire Rooster should also give some consideration to his personal well-being. In view of his demanding lifestyle, he should attempt to ensure his diet is well-balanced and. If lacking regular exercise, seek medical advice on a fitness programme.
Time reserve for peculiar interests can also give him the chance to unwind. For the keen gardener and outdoor enthusiast, the Monkey year can be especially satisfying.
At work, this will be only an eventful year. Regardless of the fact that many Fire Roosters will have experienced change recently and would, prefer just to focus on their existing role, recent developments could impact on this. Senior colleagues could leave and the Fire Rooster be in a position to assume responsibility for, or new initiatives, products and ideas could be introduced and the Fire Rooster could be called upon to implement the changes. Some weeks could be very tiring and the Fire Rooster will need to ensure his work pressures do not start to impinge on other areas of his life. However, while this may be a demanding year, many Fire Roosters will move their career forward, often progressing to a more specialist role.
Fire Roosters seeking a position will be further noted that by acting quickly when they see an opportunity, they can often succeed in taking on a new and ultimately important position. Late April to the end of June. September and December could see key advances.
In money matters, the Fire Rooster will need to be attentive and thorough. Though he may have numerous matters on his mind, giving scant attention to vital paperwork or (uncharacteristically) mislaying some documents could work to his disadvantage. He has an obligation to keep tabs on his situation, watch his budget and follow up anything which is unclear. This ceases to be a year for risk.
Overall, the Monkey year will give the Fire Rooster the chance to use his talents to advantage. At work, many Fire Roosters will find their skills in demand. The pressure may be considerable, but these Fire Roosters will be given the opportunity to make progress. Throughout the year, despite the numerous demands on his time, it is important in order to theFire Rooster keeps his lifestyle in balance and sets time aside not only for himself but also for his loved ones. With care, this can be a gratifying year, but so much depends on managing his time well. Fortunately, being organized and adept. Assorted Fire Roosters will cope well with the rigours of the Monkey year and emerge from it with some significant achievements to their credit.
Tip for the Year
Have a good relations with others. Participation can make your year more rewarding. Value your loved ones and takes into account your personal well-being as well. Above all, keep your lifestyle in balance in this eventful year.
The Earth Rooster
A lot can happen in the Monkey year and for the Earth Rooster, who likes certainty and to follow carefully laid plans, there could be a few tricky moments. However, while the Monkey year will bring its challenges, it will result in some very good opportunities as well as prepare the Earth Rooster for the ample successes that will await in 2017.
Throughout the year the Earth Rooster needs in order to keep himself informed of developments being taken around him. To immerse himself so much in his own activities that he does not know a thing about events and opportunities can put him at a disadvantage. In addition, he should follow closely the views of others. As well individualistic an approach could lead to problems. In the Monkey year, awareness and good liaison are so weighty.
This is particularly true because the Earth Rooster will have the opportunity to further his knowledge and skills this year. This will often come through his work, but if there is an important skill or qualification he seems to be helpful to get, he should follow it up. One possibility may soon lead to another.
Personal interests can also be gratifying this year, and if the Earth Rooster joins others, he can be encouraged in his activities as well as enjoy himself. In addition, interests and recreational pursuits can be advantageous approaches for him to unwind and balance his lifestyle. In this eventful year, spending time with others and striving for a decent lifestyle balance is important.
Domestically, this will be a year of considerable decision-making. For Earth Rooster and his partner, there could be work-related choices as well as major purchases to reckon for the home. Younger relations, too, may be proceeding to take a decision on subjects, courses and places of further education. With a lot happening, effective communication will arise out of conspicuous value. The Earth Rooster’s reasoned judgement and talent for thinking ahead will be appreciated.
However, preoccupation, competing demands and busy work schedules could all impact on family life this year and lead to possible tension. Whenever possible, Earth Rooster should preserve time for community interests and other enjoyable pursuits. These can do everyone good.
In addition, he will welcome the travel opportunities that arise, and visits to places of interest may be expected to be very appealing. Again, Earth Rooster has an obligation to keep in mind that all-important lifestyle balance – and enjoy the rewards he works so hard for.
He should remain in regular contact with his friends. For quite a few Earth Roosters, there could be celebrations and distinct parties to attend. For unattached and those enjoying courtship, affairs of the heart are favourably affected and may add sparkle to this already crowded year. Late March to May, August and September could see the most societal opportunities.
At work, Earth Rooster prides himself on his efficiency and organizational skills, but despite his best endeavours, the Monkey year could bring its challenges. Worker shortages, changes in personnel, the slow workings of bureaucracy and annoying delays could all be exasperating. However, it is fitting on such times that the Earth Rooster’s skills are highlighted, and by doing his best and showing resourcefulness, he can impress many and do his prospects a lot of good. As a result of what he does in often challenging situations, he could be rewarded with greater responsibilities and better remuneration as the year progresses. The Monkey year will require effort, but it does encourage career development.
In addition, if training is obtainable, the Earth Rooster should make use of it. By adding to his skills and keeping himself informed of developments in his industry, he could be alerted to other possibilities to be taken into consideration in the near future.
For Earth Roosters who are seeking a position elsewhere, as well as those looking for work, the Monkey year can give rise to some interesting opportunities. By considering different ways in which they could practise their skills and keeping alert for openings, many of these Earth Roosters could secure a position offering a refreshing challenge. Sometimes the first few weeks will be daunting, but once settled. Various Earth Roosters will relish the chance to prove themselves in a separate capacity. Much more substantial progress is likely in 2017. This year, May, June, September and December could see encouraging developments.
In view of the advance made at work, the Earth Rooster’s income will often increase, but he will need to keep a vigilant watch on outgoings and make ample allowance for more sizable purchases. He should also be thoroughly when dealing with paperwork. Monkey years are not ones for risk or rush. Prudent fiscal management will be required.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be demanding and the Earth Rooster will have to deal with changes and numerous competing demands on his time. Being conscientious and thorough, he could be worried about the pace of developments. However, he is farsighted and can add to skills and prepares himself for opportunities in the future. Promoting his skills can have sizeable future benefit. Throughout the year, he should also liaise closely with others and set quality time aside to share with his loved ones as well as give himself the occasional respite from all the activity. With a virtuous lifestyle balance, this can be a full and potentially momentous year for him.
Tip for the Year
Seize any chances to be added to your skills and knowledge. Also, do not forget to give your loved ones your greatest attention. Share ideas and enjoys time together. Your thoughtfulness will be valued and need to make a real difference this year.
Famous Roosters
Tony Abbott, Fernando Alonso, Beyoncé, Cate Blanchett, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Gerard Butler, Sir Michael Caine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Enrico Caruso, Eric Clapton, Joan Collins, Rita Coolidge, Daniel Day-Lewis, Minnie Driver, the Duke of Edinburgh, Gloria Estefan, Paloma Faith, Roger Federer, Errol Flynn, Benjamin Franklin, Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Melanie Griffith, Josh Groban, Goldie Hawn, Katherine Hepburn, Paris Hilton, Jay-Z, Catherine Zeta Jones, Quincy Jones, Diane Keaton, Søreg Kierkegaard, D. H. Lawrence, David Livingstone, Matthew McConaughey, Jayne Mansfield, Steve Martin, Paul Merton, Bette Midler, Ed Miliband, Sienna Miller, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Kim Novak, Yoko Ono, Dolly Parton, Matthew Perry, Michelle Pfeiffer, Natalie Portman, Priscilla Presley, Eddie Redmayne, Kelly Rowland, Paul Ryan, Jenny Seagrove, Carly Simon, Britney Spears, Johann Strauss, Verdi, Richard Wagner, Serena Williams, Neil Young, Renée Zellweger.