Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Monkey in 2016
The Year of the Goat (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) will have been a variable one for the Monkey and in its remaining months he will have an obligation to perform care.
With increased spending likely, he will need in order to watch his outgoings and be wary of risk or succumbing to too many impulse buys. Spending could easily become greater than allowed for and result in possible economies later. Monkeys, take note.
At work, unforeseen developments are feasible and some Monkeys will have the opportunity to move to new duties or benefit from training or other initiatives. With excellent opportunities awaiting in the Monkey’s own year, the progress he makes now could be significant later on. November could see encouraging advances.
Both socially and domestically, there will still get a lot happening. Again there could be surprises in store, including opportunities to spend time with people of the Monkey has not seen for a long time. However, while he will enjoy himself, he needs to be diplomatic. A remark could be misconstrued, a difference of opinion arise or a person let the Monkey down in some way. The Monkey is generally adept in handling personal relationships, but there could be occasions in the closing months of the Goat year which test his patience.
With this being a busy time, the Monkey should also give some consideration to his personal well-being. To push himself too hard without adequate rest may leave him susceptible to colds and minor ailments. With travel well expected, if he is able to adopt a break in the concluding months of the year, this could do him considerable good.
As millions around the world celebrate the start of the Monkey year on 8 February, many a Monkey will glory in the spectacle as well as look forward to his own year. And it is a year of considerable promise. For many Monkeys, particularly those who have been disappointed with a recent development or are feeling unfulfilled, it will represent a turning point.
To get the best from his year the Monkey does, though, need to decide on what he wishes to see happen. With plans to push for, he will not only be better able to direct his energies but also more alert to possibilities.
He will be helped by the support he receives. However, to benefit fully, he needs to be open and receptive. Co-operation is an important consideration this year and Monkeys should not act in isolation.
At work, this is a year of considerable possibility. Long-awaited promotion opportunities could arise and for some Monkeys there could be the chance to move. Some Monkeys will detect progresses which they feel have exciting potential. By keeping themselves informed, many can spot an opportunity or gain skills which they can be based on. Monkey years are dynamic and, for the keen and enterprising, rich in possibility.
For Monkeys who is unhappy in their current role, as well as those looking for a position, this is a year for reappraisal. By considering different ways of using their skills and keeping alert for vacancies, many of these Monkeys will obtain the opportunity they have waited long. In some instances, there will be sizeable adjustment involved, but the doors that open for many Monkeys this year can prove suggestive. Also, by showing commitment in their original role, these Monkeys could find fresh opportunities soon becoming available. Monkey years are encouraging, and February, April, May and September will see some particularly sensational developments.
There will also be some Monkeys who, in view of their knowledge and experience, will be keen to start their own business. These Monkeys should take professional advice as well as find out about government schemes that may be of help. With good support, many will be located in a position to set their ideas in motion.
Progress made at work will help financially, and some Monkeys will find a way to supplement their income through an enterprising idea. This upturn will persuade many to move forward with plans and purchases they have thought about for a while. Here Monkey’s canny nature can be to his advantage and he may be able to identify several attractive offers. Also, if he is proficient, he should consider the possibility of providing for the longer term, perhaps adding to a pension policy or starting a savings scheme. In years to come here, he could be grateful for action taken now.
In so many respects, the Monkey will welcome the wealth of opportunity in his own year offers, including the variety of recreational pursuits. For the sporting and outdoor enthusiast, there can be thrilling times. Some Monkeys will also regard this as a year for personal improvement and start exercise programmes, introduce dietary changes or set time aside for personal study. By following through their ideas, these Monkeys will not only be satisfied with what they do but may be able to reap considerable benefits.
There will also be travel opportunities, and if there is a great destination the Monkey is desirous to visit or a special event that appeals to him, he should make enquiries. By planning ahead, he will find his hopes have a good chance of being achieved.
He will also find himself in demand socially. Not only will many seek out his company, but some close friends could share certain confidences. Here Monkey’s empathy and ability to consider situations from different perspectives can help. However, support has to be reciprocal, and the Monkey should be willing to discuss his own ideas and seek advice where necessary.
At most times of the year, there will be people to see and places to go, but May, June, September and December could see the most social activity.
For the unattached, a chance meeting could quickly blossom into significant romance, and for Monkeys who has had recent personal upset, new activities and inexperienced people can put meaning back into their lives.
The Monkey’s home life can also see considerable activity. The Monkey may have ambitious home improvements in mind and discussion and co-operation will be a need. This is a year favouring collective effort.
The Monkey may also suggest activities for everyone to enjoy and his input can make a unique difference this year. With this being his peculiar year, he could have a distinct milestone or occasion to celebrate as well. April, August and October can be particularly active months domestically.
The Year of the Monkey is a part of great possibilities for the Monkey himself. It is time to act on ideas, build on strengths and make the most of the chances. The Monkey has much in his favour this year and his commitment and resourcefulness can be well rewarded. His one year is a chance to make things happen. And many Monkeys will succeed admirably.
The Metal Monkey
There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us. ‘He who comprehends the times are critical, ’ and the perceptive Metal Monkey will sense that this Monkey year have the potential for being suggestive. Not only is his instinctive sign ruling the year, but he will feel ready himself to go ahead.
However, to obtain most of the year the Metal Monkey does need to liaise well with others, talk over his ideas and build support. To take place thoughts to himself (as some Metal Monkeys tend to do) or do too much single-handed could reduce his effectiveness. This year there is strength in numbers, and with others helping and rooting for him, he can be a lot more successful.
Crucial developments can take place in his work. Various Metal Monkeys will be keen to make more of their strengths and chance can offer a helping hand. Almost as soon as the Monkey year starts, if not shortly before, there could be opportunities for the Metal Monkey to move his career forward. Senior staff may move on, creating new openings. Or he may identify an attractive vacancy elsewhere. By signifying interest, he could set important wheels in motion. Also, as others are informed of his desire to advance, influential colleagues could offer support. The input of others can aid the Metal Monkey considerably throughout the year.
Assorted Metal Monkeys will take on a more extensive role with their current employer, but for those who feel they can better themselves by moving elsewhere or who are seeking work. The Monkey year can hold significant possibilities. By keeping alert for vacancies and considering other ways in which they could use their skills, these Metal Monkeys could obtain a foothold in a different and often thriving sector. In their quest, they should also seek advice from experts. They could be assisted in meaningful ways. February, April to early June and September could see significant advances.
Progress made at work will lead to many Metal Monkeys increasing their income over the year and some will also benefit from a special bonus or gift. However, while improvement is indicated, the Metal Monkey will have to be disciplined, otherwise anything extra could quickly be spent, and not always in the most advantageous way. Ideally, Metal Monkey should plan his major purchases carefully and compare terms and options. Also, if he is adroit, he should set sums aside for specific requirements or for his future. In this favourable year, he needs to utilize his resources well.
The Metal Monkey has wide interests and will delight in the wealth of ideas and activities the Monkey year offers. For creative Metal Monkeys in particular, this can be an inspiring time. By developing their talents, they could enjoy unexpected results. Some Metal Monkeys may also become intrigued by a modern fitness programme. Monkey years encourage personal development of all kinds.
The sociable Metal Monkey will also find himself with numerous events to attend. May, June, September and December could be especially lively. Any Metal Monkeys who has had some recent personal difficulty will find that by going out and taking advantage of what is available locally, they can put a sparkle back into their lives. For some, life-changing romance can beckon.
Metal Monkey’s home life will also be diligent. There will be achievements to mark and a celebratory feel to parts of the year. By sharing hopes and talking over decisions, the Metal Monkey and his loved ones will find that mutual support can make home life very special this year.
However, while a lot can go well, at times the Metal Monkey will need to temper his zealous nature and resist the temptation of starting too many undertakings at the same time. He may look forward to launching ideas and carry out improvements, but if he is to avoid putting himself under pressure, he has to prioritize. Quality time could also be jeopardized by too much activity. Maintaining a satisfactory lifestyle balance will help.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey is a time of enormous possibility for the Metal Monkey. He needs to seize his opportunities, but with the drive, determination and the support of others, he can make vital (and deserved) headway. Personal interests can bring him considerable pleasure and he will also take the chance to design his skills and strengths. The one proviso is because he should not spread his energies too widely. If he watches this tendency, he can make this a pleasing and successful year.
Tip for the Year
Seek support. You have the resolve and abilities to succeed this year, but cannot do everything single-handed. Also, enjoy your pleasant relations with those around you.
The Water Monkey
As the Year of the Monkey starts, the Water Monkey is such as to dispose of high expectations for – and some very definite plans. He will often be keen to build on recent advances and make more of his potential. And his personality and drive will lead to a great deal happening in this size and often special year.
Water Monkey’s relations with others are particularly well expected, and for those enjoying romance, there will be a lot to prepare and share. Some Water Monkeys will settle down or carry over the year. For these Water Monkeys, this can be just an exciting year. Not only will there be individual successes to enjoy but also cooperative plans to think. The Water Monkey will often take great pleasure in seeing these take shape and in some instances luck can play a part as well.
For Water Monkeys who start the year alone, changes in their situation can lead to opportunities to respond to different people and in some cases build a different social circle. Exciting developments may lie in store. For any Water Monkey who has had a recent personal upset, perhaps a relationship failing, the Monkey year is an opportunity to draw a line under the past and focus on the present. Diverse interests, new possibilities and new people can beckon, and by immersing themselves in the many activities and events for the year, these Water Monkeys can enjoy a considerable improvement in their situation.
May to early July, September and December could be momentous months both for meeting others and enjoying some lively times. However, such is the aspects that Cupid’s arrow could strike at almost any time. Monkey years are renowned for their surprises.
In addition, some of the Water Monkey’s intimate friends could have good reason to celebrate and the Water Monkey will help with arrangements and enjoy what takes place. On a subjective level, he may find himself in demand.
He may also serve as inspired. Innovative ideas, equipment and opportunities can encourage him to promote his personal interests, and interesting consequences can follow on.
Certain interests can also lead to travelling, and whether the Water Monkey is attending events, seeing sites or visiting places of interest, he will frequently be surprised and delighted by what he is able to carry out. August and September could be particularly enthusiastic months.
At work, this is a year of noteworthy advances. Water Monkeys who are established in a position will often feel prepared to assume greater responsibilities and senior personnel could encourage them, arrange training or give them the chance to widen their experience in another way. Chances will arise, either in the Water Monkey’s existing place of work or elsewhere, and by the end of the year numerous Water Monkeys will have made notable advances as well as significantly extended their experience.
For Water Monkeys who are discontented in their present line of work, as well as those looking for a position, the Monkey year can open up possibilities. Again, some who know the Water Monkey and recognize his potential could be of assistance, either in alerting him to openings, suggesting possibilities or putting in recommendations on his behalf. Employment advisers may also provide useful information, and by being active and alert, many of these Water Monkeys will secure an opening which offers potential for progress. February, April to early June and September could see encouraging possibilities.
Development at work will help financially, but this will be an expensive year for the Water Monkey. With an energetic lifestyle, plus purchases he will be desirous to make and items he will want to save towards, he will need in order to control his spending. If entering into fresh agreements, he should also check the terms and conditions carefully. This is a year to be thorough and to manage his resources well.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey will be a full and interesting one for the Water Monkey. In his work, there will be excellent opportunities to explore and progress and this can also be an inspiring time for personal interests. The Water Monkey’s keenness and inventiveness can spur him on and there will be successes to enjoy. On a subjective level, he will take advantage of the support of those around him and affairs of the heart can make this a special time. The Water Monkey will have much in his favour and it rests with him to use his strengths and special talents to benefit.
Tip for the Year
Believe in yourself. Much is possible, but you have to take charge and follow through on your ideas. With resolve, you can take this a successful and enjoyable year, and its rewards can be far-reaching.
The Wood Monkey
The Wood Monkey has an enquiring nature and this Monkey year will offer him ideas, activities and opportunities to delight in.
As the Monkey year starts, the Wood Monkey born in 1944 should give some thought to the plans he would want to carry out over the year. Whether these involve some modifications, personal interests or visits to somewhere unusual, by having aims to pursue efforts to, these Wood Monkeys will find that not only can more be accomplished but strokes of luck can move their plans along as well.
Wood Monkey’s alert nature can also help. Sometimes when thinking possibilities, he may chance upon the very information he needs or identify a superior offer. He will also benefit from being exposed to inscription and receptive. If he talks over his ideas, others may make constructive suggestions or offer assistance in some way.
In his home, he could have definite ideas about what he would be willing to see happen. It may be that certain household items need replacing, and by investigating options. The Wood Monkey will be thrilled with the purchases made and benefits gained. Numerous Wood Monkeys will also derive satisfaction from the projects they carry out, perhaps declutching certain areas, reorganizing some rooms or altering d├ęcor. Here the Wood Monkey’s sense of style will be tantamount to the fore. A few Wood Monkeys may even decide to move. Despite the considerable upheaval, they will welcome the advantages their contemporary home offers. As many Wood Monkeys will find, this is quite a year for following through ideas and making improvements.
Throughout the year the Wood Monkey will be well assisted by those around him and their input can give significant impetus to ideas he is kept in mind. He often infectious enthusiasm will also help get many a plan underway.
As well as the considerable practical activity of the year, the Wood Monkey will enjoy spending time with those who are placed on the brink of him. Shared interests could be particularly delightful, as will be visits to local events and places of interest. The Monkey year offers a full range of things to do and the Wood Monkey will often enjoy participating.
As always, he will also follow the activities of family members with fond interest and. In view of the decisions and ambitious plans, some younger relations will have in mind, will be eager to offer support. Here his ability to empathize could be appreciated and his words carry considerable weight.
The Wood Monkey will also enjoy the opportunities of the Monkey year will bring. Travel could be particularly tempting. He will also have diverse interests he will be desirous to continue. In some instances, one idea or project will lead to another and the Wood Monkey be kept pleasingly occupied. Some Wood Monkeys may be tempted by local courses or interest groups. By making the best use of what is available, the Wood Monkey can make this a richly rewarding time.
In view of his larger purchases and plans and, for a few, moving expenses, however, he will be obliged to keep careful track of spending and be aware of any obligations he takes on. Should he have questions or doubts, he needs to get these addressed before proceeding? While this is a favourable year, it is not one to make assumptions or proceed on an ad hoe basis. Also, if the Wood Monkey becomes concerned by any matter, he should seek advice. This is no time for keeping anxieties to himself.
For the Wood Monkey born in 2004, this Monkey year can be a full and interesting one. As they move forward in their education, these Wood Monkeys will welcome the chance to improve their knowledge and skills. Contemporary attitudes can also be highlighted and the young Wood Monkey’s efforts may allow him to make impressive headway.
The year so rich in possibility,. Wood Monkeys do, though, have to be forthcoming. Whenever they have ideas or concerns, they should let these be known. Family members and tutors will be happy to be able to be able to give support and advice. Also, while immature Wood Monkey may sometimes feel out of his comfort zone and bewildered by the expectations placed on him, it is by being stretched that he will learn more and discover personal strengths. Wood Monkeys, take note.
Whether born in 1944 or 2004, the Wood Monkey will find the Year of the Monkey is part of acting on ideas and taking opportunities. Once plans are started, support – and luck – can add functional impetus and lead to a lot of being completed. Community activities and interests can also develop well and, with many a Wood Monkey feeling on inspired form, there will be ideas aplenty. If anxieties do arise at any time, Wood Monkey should be obliging and seek advice, but generally this is a favourable year and the Wood Monkey will participate in a wide range of activities and enjoy the rewards that will so often follow.
Tip for the Year
Set your plans in motion. This can be a fulfilling year for you. Be available to opportunity and utilize your exceptional talents well.
The Fire Monkey
This is the Fire Monkey’s one year and it will be a momentous one for him. Not only does it mark his sixtieth year but it will contain many significant developments. There will be keynote decisions to make, plans to carry through and some very abnormal times to enjoy.
Virtually all aspects of the Fire Monkey’s life will see decisive developments and throughout the year he will need to involve others in what is happening. Although as a typical Monkey he likes to keep his own counsel, if he shares his thoughts, he can take advantage of the assistance and support of those around him. The process of dialogue can also spark further ideas. Fire Monkey’s mind will sometimes be working overtime this year as new ideas emerge or he discovers additional possibilities to explore. The Year of the Fire Monkey offers immense opportunities to the Fire Monkey himself, but to benefit he needs to be vigorous, aware and involved.
One area which will be at the centre of considerable attention will be working. A few Fire Monkeys will now decide to retire or reduce their working commitments. This may be something they have been thinking for some time and they will welcome the additional free time they now have and the easing of ongoing pressures.
For those who remain in their present position, the year can again be meaningful. In view of the expertise may now have. There will often be the opportunity to concentrate on specific assignments and focus their efforts in particular ways. With Monkey years being innovative ones, there could also be additional projects to oversee. Fire Monkey’s skills will be appreciated in many a workplace this year.
There are also Fire Monkeys who have an entrepreneurial streak and some may choose to offer their skills on a more freelance basis or proceed with an enterprising idea. With sound advice and careful thought, they could see their plans promoting in an inspiring manner.
For Fire Monkeys seeking work, there can also be curious chances to pursue. Contacts and employment experts could prove helpful, and support and resolve, these Fire Monkeys can secure new positions which will often suit their skills and requirements perfectly. The start of the Monkey year, April, May and September could see significant opportunities and decisions being made.
Finances are also favourably aspects and some Fire Monkeys will benefit from the fruition of a policy, an additional payment or a gift. This will tempt many to move forward with a variety of plans, including travel, that they may have been contemplating for some time. However, while this is a favourable year financially, the Fire Monkey does need to think through more costly transactions and be chary of rushed decisions. Otherwise anything extra could quickly be expanded, and not always in the best way. Fire Monkeys who do retire should also spend time carefully considering their budget, their requirements and any modifications they may have to take. This is a period for operational planning and control. In addition, while irksome, forms and paperwork warrant careful attention.
With Monkey years being fruitful in possibility, some Fire Monkeys could become intrigued by recent activities or set themselves a peculiar challenge. Especially for those who retire or have neglected recreational activities of late, this is quite a year for ‘me time’ and pursuing personal interests. Not only can this add valuable balance to the Fire Monkey’s lifestyle but additional benefits could follow on as well, perhaps additional exercise or the Fire Monkey’s natural talents being recognized and rewarded.
Travel, too, is well expected and many. Fire Monkeys will take a unique holiday to mark their sixtieth year. By giving quick thought to possible destinations, they can see some exciting plans taking shape. In addition, many Fire Monkeys will enjoy some short breaks, including some occurring late in the year.
Despite the fact that the Fire Monkey knows many people, he usually has a very tight circle of friends, many of whom he has been a long time. Over the year, he will once again enjoy meeting up with them and exchanging news, as well as value of their support. If he has concerns at any time, he could particularly value the listening ear of a friend.
Also, any Fire Monkey who is feeling lonely, perhaps as a result of a recent change in circumstances, should be designed to go out more over the year. Joining a local group, being more involved in their community or giving. Time to a cause can be all help.
Positive action can have momentous personal value as well as introduce the Fire Monkey to like-minded people. Some Fire Monkeys could make decisive new friends this year, and for the unattached, their one year can be made even more exciting by the romantic possibilities. May, June, September and December could see ample social opportunities.
Fire Monkey’s home life is well expected and his loved ones will often be keen to celebrate his sixtieth birthday in style. The Fire Monkey may be amazed by some of the arrangements and touched by the tokens of affection he is given. In addition to his own birthday, he could be thrilled by the advance of some younger relations and their news over the year will often give rise to further celebrations. Fire Monkey’s specific year will contain some very special family times.
With his interest in ongoing technology, he could also decide to update some of his equipment at home, buying more efficient and economical appliances or carrying out some maintenance. Regardless of the fact that keen, he should avoid rushing and take some time to investigate options and costs. With care, some diagnostic decisions can be done and changes implemented.
Overall, the Year of the Fire Monkey can be a distinct one for the Fire Monkey himself. He will feel more stimulated than of late and be better able to determine what he wants to do. Significant opportunities will arise and he will also be helped by some moments of good fortune. When he has taken a decision or started on a plan, circumstances will often assist in a meaningful way. And in his sixtieth year, the love and friendship of those around him will mean a great deal. Various Fire Monkeys will thoroughly enjoy their year – the experiences it brings and the opportunities it is opened.
Tip for the Year
You have an enquiring nature: embrace what your year offers. Follow up on ideas, and if new interests tempt you, learn more. Enjoy yourself, give time to yourself and use your strengths. Also, value those who are on the brink of you. They will not only be earnest to support you but can help make your year even more special and successful.
The Earth Monkey
There is a Chinese proverb that states. ‘Those who accumulate good deeds will prosper, ’ and this will particularly apt for the Earth Monkey in 2016. Over recent years he will have experienced a lot, and regardless of the fact that he will have enjoyed some superb results, he will also have had some disappointments. In this auspicious year, the experience, reputation and goodwill he has accumulated will permit him to thrive.
In addition, with this being a Monkey year, many Earth Monkeys will feel inspired and be zealous to improve their ideas and further their situation. Once they start to explore possibilities, helpful progresses will quickly follow on.
At work, the aspects are particularly encouraging. With experience many Earth Monkeys now have behind them, there will be chances to progress and take on a more specialist role. Particularly for those who work for a large employer or are in a specific sector of an industry, there will be several opportunities to pursue, and by keeping alert for openings and talking to contacts, many of these Earth Monkeys will find or be trained up for what will be an ideal next position. In 2016 quite a few will find themselves in the right place at the right time and with, the true experience, behind them. It is accumulated deeds that will enable many to flourish.
While the majority of Earth Monkeys will further their career where they are, there will also be those who feel inclined for a refreshing challenge. For these Earth Monkeys, as well as those seeking work, again the Monkey year can hold vital developments. One of the Monkey’s strengths is his versatility, and by being prepared to consider different types of work, many Earth Monkeys will find themselves taking on a different role and relishing the opportunity. Events this year may take some curious courses, but it will seem as if what arises was meant to be. February, April, May and September could see encouraging advances.
Progress at work will often lead to a rise in income and some Earth Monkeys may benefit from an additional payment or gift. For many, this can be a financially improved year. As a consequence, Earth Monkey will often decide to proceed with ideas and purchases he has been thinking for a while. To get the best value, however, he should take some time to review different options and seek advice. Also, he should not be dilatory with paperwork and should aim to keep key policies up to date and file receipts and guarantees carefully. Mistakes or losses could be to his disadvantage. Earth Monkeys, take note.
The Earth Monkey has varied interests and over the near green recreational pursuits could appeal to him. Being creative, he could also have ideas he wishes to pursue. Monkey years favour the development of skills, and the Earth Monkey could enjoy some noteworthy successes.
The Monkey year can also bring some worthwhile travel opportunities, and if the Earth Monkey is attracted by an event related to his interests or there is a place he is desirous to visit, he should make enquiries. Some of his trips could be particularly delightful.
He will also appreciate the contact he has with his friends and can gain a great deal by running his ideas past them. The year will also be marked by some elementary social events. A dear friend may enjoy a unique celebration and shared interests can also lead to some lively times. May to early July, September and December could see considerable social activity, and the lonely and unattached Earth Monkey could meet someone who could soon become significant.
Earth Monkey’s home life will also be unavailable, and ideas and plans need to be completely talked through and sufficient time allowed for practical undertakings. With many commitments and some interruptions, it could be that some projects take longer than expected.
Amid all the activity, there will also be a lot to appreciate. The Earth Monkey and other family members could enjoy some well-deserved successes, and travel and shared interests could also bring meaningful occasions. Monkey years can be rich in things to do and places to go, and April, August and October are likely to be particularly hectic months.
Overall, the Year of the Monkey can be a very rewarding one for the Earth Monkey, but the initiative does rest with him. With drive, enthusiasm, his individual strengths and the support of others, he can accomplish a great deal and make deserved headway. Both present and accumulated deeds will help his development this year. Personal interests can develop in stimulating fashion and new ideas and activities will often be inspiring. Key to so abundant, however, will be in the right relations the Earth Monkey enjoys with those around him. Family and friends will be happy to help him make this a profitable and pleasing year.
Tip for the Year
Be forthcoming. With input and support, so much more can happen to you. You have a great deal to offer, but you cannot do everything by yourself. Take good note, and enjoy this rewarding and encouraging year.
Famous Monkeys
Gillian Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera, Patricia Arquette, J. M. Barrie, Kenny Chesney, Colette, John Constable, Patricia Cornwell, Daniel Craig, Joan Crawford, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo da Vinci, Timothy Dalton, Bette Davis, Danny De Vito, Celine Dion, Michael Douglas, Mia Farrow, Carrie Fisher, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming, Paul Gauguin, Ryan Gosling, Eva Green, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jerry Hall, Tom Hanks, Harry Houdini, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Jackman, P. D. James, Katherine Jenkins, Julius Caesar, Buster Keaton, Alicia Keys, Gladys Knight, Taylor Lautner, George Lucas, Bob Marley, Kylie Minogue, V. S. Naipaul, Lisa Marie Presley, Lou Reed, Debbie Reynolds, Little Richard, Diana Ross, Tom Selleck, Sam Smith, Wilbur Smith, Rod Stewart, Jacques Tati, Elizabeth Taylor, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Justin Timberlake, Harry Truman, Ben Whishaw, Venus Williams.