Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Dragon in 2016
Dragon likes to live life at a fast pace, but as even he accepts, sometimes it is necessary to slow down a little and take stock. And this is what the Goat year (19 February 2015–7 February 2016) will have allowed many Dragons to do. Goat years are not times for spectacular progress but for reappraisal and aiming for a better lifestyle balance.
As the Goat year draws to a close, the Dragon will find this a satisfying time. At work there will be the chance for many Dragons to put their strengths to greater use, and for those in a creative environment in particular, there can be some encouraging outcomes. September and November could see considerable activity, including those Dragons looking for a change or for work.
There will also be good social opportunities in the closing months of the year, with an interesting mix of occasions to enjoy. December could be especially busy, and the unattached and those newly in love, affairs of the heart could be promising.
Dragon’s domestic life will also see a lot happening, possibly including travel, and the earlier arrangements can be decided upon, the better and less frenetic some activities will turn out to be. Quality time in the company of loved ones can lead to some special occasions in the closing weeks of the year.
Although the Dragon may have had to temper his ambitions in the Goat year, on a personal level he will have gained much over the last 12 months, including insights into himself as well as ideas for the future. In 2016, he will be located in a position to develop these further – a lot further.
The Dragon is famed for his energy and drive, and as the Monkey year starts, he will sense the winds of change starting to blow and will resolve to set important wheels in motion. However, while the aspects are generally favourable, he should take care not to overreach himself. This Monkey year, which starts on 8 February, can trip up the unwary, with haste possibly leading to oversights and mistakes. This can be a successful year, but plans need to be carefully considered.
At work, the aspects are, however, particularly encouraging for the Dragon. Monkey years favour enterprise and a plethora of new ideas, systems and products will be adopted in this one. The Dragon, with his keen and alert nature, will often latch onto developments and be in a position to make use. Whether he chooses to stay in his existing place of work or to look elsewhere, his strengths can lead to promotion. Many Dragons will also feel more motivated, with ideas to explore, objectives to work towards and skills to enhance. There will still get a lot happening this year, which appeals to the Dragon’s mentality, and he will enjoy the challenges presented.
Some Dragons will be looking forward to take their career in a different direction, and for these Dragons, as well as those seeking work, the Monkey year can be one of curious possibilities. By considering different ways in which they can utilize their skills and keeping alert for vacancies, many will find a position offering the change they desire. This may come with a steep learning curve and change of routine, but what many Dragons are offered now will be the chance they have been wanting for some time. April, May, August and November could see lovely opportunities arising.
However, while the aspects are favourable, when setting about his activities, Dragon has to be thorough. To take risks or proceed without adequate preparation could undermine his chances. In 2016 he must not take situations for granted, but be attentive and well-prepared. In particular, Dragons seeking work or to make a career change will find the extra effort they can put into their applications can make an appreciable difference.
Advance at work will often lead to the Dragon increasing his income, regardless of the fact that, with his hectic lifestyle, his outgoings will be considerable and he will need to keep a close watch on spending. Also, if carrying out additional agreements, he should check the implications. This is no year for risk or rush. Early provision for specific purchases or big plans will lead to more being realized. Monkey years favour preparation and attention to detail.
Over the year, new interests, recreational pursuits and innovative products will capture the imagination of many Dragons and they will be eager to find out more. Many a Dragon will have an interesting mix of things to achieve this year and several outlets for his talents.
With his engaging nature, the Dragon enjoys company and both his home and social life will see considerable activity this year. However, in both it is imperative he remains mindful of the views of others and consults those around him when he has ideas in mind. That way, he cannot only benefit from the advice and support offered but sometimes be alerted to other considerations or snags, he may have overlooked. The more feedback the Dragon has this year. The better he will fare. In addition, he should also seize any chances to extend his work and social circle. This is a year for reaching out and being involved.
Travel and shared interests could bring valuable social opportunities and May, August, September and December could be particularly lively months.
For the unattached, this can be an important year. Many Dragons will find love and some will decide to marry or settle down. Monkey years favour a coming together.
Dragons who are more independent-minded (of which there are quite a few), do embrace the spirit of the time and involve yourself more of things that are going on. It will be well worthwhile.
In the Dragon’s domestic life, a lot is set to happen, and effective co-operation will be required. While keen, the Dragon can be scheduled to hold sway all the time, but should show some flexibility over arrangements. With some ambitious practical activities in unique, time scales have to be kept fluid. Monkey years can throw up their quandaries as well as create additional options, and these are treated before actions are finalized. As with so much this year, the Dragon needs to keep alert and respond to what arises.
In addition to the functional activities of the year, shared interests will be particularly appreciated, with the summer months seeing extraordinary occasions in numerous a Dragon household. Some unexpected travel opportunities could also arise and many Dragons will enjoy the chance to meet some impressive sights.
In general, the Monkey year holds fascinating prospects for the Dragon. Active and enterprising, he can make a success. However, he must not seek to make all by himself. This is a year for seeking support and building contacts. The Dragon has a lot to offer and his prospects are encouraging, but he needs to be mindful and, at times, flexible. This is not any time for rash or risk, and in many matters, including finance, he needs to be meticulous and consider his options carefully. However, there are a lot to be gained this year and his consummate skill. Dragon will seize his opportunities and enjoy his positive relations with those around him.
The Metal Dragon
The element of metal helps to make a sign more resolute and this certainly applies to the Metal Dragon. Purpose, resourcefulness and determination – these are all hallmarks of his character, and they will still be his well this year.
For the Metal Dragon born in 2000, this will be a year of enormous possibility. Novel opportunities will open up and allow him to make greater use of his strengths. In his education, he could select subjects for more specialist study as well as enjoy the chance to attempt new activities. Throughout the year the emphasis will be on development and many Metal Dragons will be satisfied with the progress they consider that they making.
A further feature of the year is that situations will often permit the Metal Dragon to engage more fully in what is going on around him, and this may help his level of confidence and highlight personal strengths. In so many ways, the young Metal Dragon can seem to have a lot of the year, even though it may sometimes require stepping out of his comfort zone.
Throughout the year the young Metal Dragon should also draw on the support available to him. If he has concerns over a subject area or a particular decision, rather than hold back, he should seek guidance. Metal Dragons have a mind of their own, and with that can come a stubborn streak. This is exactly what should watch. To close their mind to certain opportunities or subject areas could be counter-productive and affect their performance. Monkey years favour an open-minded approach and, as the Metal Dragon may find, surprising discoveries may result.
Metal Dragon can have serious fun this year in seeing how his interests and recreational pursuits promote. Not only can be many of these involve close friends but sometimes lead to the Metal Dragon attending particular occasions or meeting like-minded people. If there are interest-related skills the Metal Dragon would like to discuss more of, he should set time aside for practice as well as using the resources available.
There will be chances to travel and the Metal Dragon will be glad of the opportunity to visit different areas and experience some lively events, especially during the summer.
With a wide range of activities to do, however, as well as items he will want to buy, he will need to be disciplined in his spending and avoid too many impulse purchases. Without care, he could come to regret his haste.
In his home life there will be occasions he will enjoy, and by being part and contributing, he will find his input often appreciated. Here again, to obtain the most value from the year, participation is key.
For Metal Dragons born in 1940, the Monkey year can also contain fascinating advances. These Metal Dragons will once again have exact ideas in mind, possibly related to their accommodation, the purchase of equipment, activities they are desirous to do or places they would want to go. However, to realize their plans, they have an obligation to liaise with others. It is a collective effort that will bring results this year.
Also, where financial outlay is involved, the Metal Dragon will need to be meticulous, taking a few minutes to check terms and costs and keeping paperwork in order. Money and bureaucratic matters could be problematic this year and require careful attention.
The Metal Dragon will, however, delight in some of the family occasions holding this year, and some good news concerning a younger relation. He will be pleased to offer assistance to close relations and his thoughtfulness will be appreciated. July and August could be operational months in various a Metal Dragon household.
During the year, the Metal Dragon will also be desirous to continue his interests. Certain projects will occupy his time in satisfying ways and in some cases original equipment can open up interesting new possibilities. In addition, he will appreciate going out, whether to local events or attractions or to enjoy outdoor amenities. The Monkey year can offer many and varied pleasures.
For all Metal Dragons, whether born in 1940 or 2000, this can be an interesting year, but make the most of it, they need to curb their independent tendencies and speak openly about their ideas, hopes and plans. Metal Dragon should also remain open-minded and explore the possibilities this Monkey year offer, including developing personal interests. Money matters require care, but generally, with support and the traditional game Metal Dragon attitude. Metal Dragon can make this a rewarding year.
Tip for the Year
Seek advice and support. With encouragement and assistance, you can set many of your ideas in motion. Also, make use of the opportunities that can so suddenly and often fortuitously arise this year.
The Water Dragon
This will be a hectic year for the Water Dragon, but while he may want for the year ahead, they may not always take the course he envisaged. This can be an eventful and significant year, but also a sometimes startling one.
At work, many Water Dragons will face decisions. Some may retire or be offered retirement. For these Water Dragons, there will be delicate adjustments to make and lifestyle changes to think. Those who do retire or reduce their working commitments should not only draw on the advice available to them but also give some thought to projects they would wish to pursue. The Monkey year can open up some nice possibilities.
For those who continue in work, changes are also afoot. In many a workplace there will be new procedures, technologies and products for the Water Dragon to familiarize himself with. Steeped in tradition, he may not find the change easy. However, despite some reservations, he will often have the opportunity to make greater use of his strengths. Also, when the inevitable teething problems occur or pressures arise, due to his experience, he will often have valuable suggestions to make. The work situation of some Water Dragons will be demanding during parts of the year, but there will be opportunities to make strengths count.
There will also be some Water Dragons who are keen to change their position, perhaps to one involving less of a commute or a different type of work. In both cases, the Monkey year may bring surprises. Very often, friends or contacts could alert the Water Dragon to an interesting new possibility. Assorted Water Dragon will welcome the opportunities that open up in this Monkey year.
Quite a rare Water Dragons has an enterprising streak and some may decide to put a skill or interest to profitable use. Some could be drawn by fresh interests as well. By being receptive to what the Monkey year can bring, the Water Dragon can derive considerable satisfaction from what he is done.
He will also appreciate the social opportunities that arise. In addition to meeting friends (and often valuing their thoughts), he could be attracted by several distinct events. His interests will also bring him into contact with others. May, August to early October and December could be particularly hectic months, and for any Water Dragons who have had recent difficulty or sadness to contend with, there will be the chance to deal with activities and get to know some like-minded people.
Water Dragon has an adventurous nature and will welcome the travel opportunities this Monkey year will bring, including the chance to visit some awe-inspiring attractions. There can be a part of surprise connected with some trips, possibly with additional invitations or other travel opportunities arising or the chance to visit additional places while away.
In money matters, the Water Dragon will, though, is under an obligation to exercise care. He is liable to want to make some expensive purchases for his home as well as carry out other plans, and should keep a vigilant watch on spending. This is a year for sound fiscal management. He should also be vigilant when entering into agreements or attending to critical paperwork. This ceases to be a time of risk.
In his home life, this will be a busy and interesting year. In view of his changing work situation, there will be decisions to be adopted, and decent discussion will help. Major purchases for the home need to be talked through. Preliminary plans may change, but the more that can be performed jointly, the better the outcome will be.
Shared interests, travel possibilities and the development of younger family members can also delight the Water Dragon. In addition, a family member may surprise him with derogatory news. Monkey years have their memorable moments and July and August are likely to be especially lively months.
In general, Water Dragon will be kept busy throughout the Monkey year. For many, there will be crucial work decisions to take. This is an inspiring year for peculiar interests, and activities pursued or taken up now can prove satisfying and have potential future benefit. Money matters will need careful attention, but with the goodwill the Water Dragon enjoys. He will receive the support of those around him. To benefit fully, he has to be forthcoming and watch his sometimes independent trends, and a more flexible approach would not come amiss either. Nonetheless, overall this is an interesting and personally rewarding year for the Water Dragon.
Tip for the Year
Consult others and be chary of their views. Their support can proceed with an important difference to how you are. The Monkey year can bring unforeseen chances and choices. To benefit, be flexible. Time spent on interests and recreational pursuits can also be rewarding.
The Wood Dragon
One of the talents of the Wood Dragon is because he is alert and aware. He reads situations and people well and his abilities will stand him in good stead this year. There will be quite a few encouraging developments, and by being conscious of things in the offing, Wood Dragon will be frequently well positioned to act.
In his work for the year can see substantial change. Colleagues he has worked with for many years could move forward and in the process create promotion opportunities. In these instances, Wood Dragon should be alert to signify interest. Some Wood Dragons will now secure responsibilities they have been employed towards for some time. Also, extra changes can occur. Sometimes developments within the Wood Dragon’s industry or reviews conducted by his employer will lead to changes being introduced. Again, Wood Dragon will often be able to benefit, perhaps by being a sizable change in responsibility or becoming involved in different initiatives. The emphasis this year is placed on moving forward.
Throughout the year Wood Dragon’s prospects will also be helped by the excellent working relations he has with his colleagues and the reputation he has put in place. He should make the best use of any networking opportunities, as the contact he has with others can be an important factor in the headway he makes.
Despite the fact that the majority of Wood Dragons will make satisfactory progress with their present employer, some will feel the time is right for a refreshing challenge. These Wood Dragons, and those seeking work, should keep themselves informed of employment developments in their area. This approach, they may be alerted to positions that have just become available and, by responding quickly, could secure an opening that offers the chance to develop their skills in other ways.
Numerous Wood Dragons can look forward to an increase in income over the year, but they will have an obligation to manage their finances with care. With ongoing domestic commitments and probably some expensive purchases, the Wood Dragon’s outgoings will be considerable. Where possible, he should budget in advance for upcoming expenses. This is a year for discipline and good management. Also, paperwork will require care and attention. Lapses or rush could lead to problems. Wood Dragons, take note.
One of the Wood Dragon’s strengths is his inquisitive nature and over, the year, he could be intrigued by a new recreational pursuit or subject he hears about. By setting time aside to follow it up, he could find himself enjoying the chance to learn something new. In addition, he could have several ideas he is desirous to continue with. This can be an often stimulating and rewarding time.
There will be a decent social element in some activities, and for Wood Dragons interested in music or sport, there could be numerous events they will particularly appreciate. Those who want to meet others could find a native group worth joining. May, late July to early October and December could see countless social opportunities.
The Wood Dragon’s conjugal life will also see considerable activity and there may be major occasions to look forward to – perhaps an engagement, wedding, birth, work success or personal milestone. At such times the Wood Dragon will not only feel proud but also play an important part in setting up the celebrations. The Monkey year will, for many, contain special times, with the spring and late summer often busy and lively.
With all the commitments the Wood Dragon and other family members have, it is, though, important that there is excellent co-operation throughout the year and that quality time together does not suffer. Community projects and interests can be particularly appreciated, and if possible, a holiday or other break together can also do everyone good.
Overall, this can be a fruitful year for the Wood Dragon, particularly as there will be chances to strengthen his work situation and personal interests. By keeping alert and making the best use of his ideas and opportunities, he will be pleased with the often charming challenges that open up. He will be supported by the pleasant relations he enjoys with those around him and the support they offer. Money matters will require careful attention and, with many demands on his time, it is worth he strives for a pleasant lifestyle balance, but he can make this a full and personally rewarding year.
Tip for the Year
Be alert and if an idea or tempting opportunity arises, be prompt to be followed it up. Time derives from the essence this year. Liaise well with others and value time with those who are superior to you. Your relations with others can be significant and meaningful. Treasure them.
The Fire Dragon
As Fire Dragon enters his fortieth year, he will be keen to make it a special one. And it can be. Resolute, determined and a desire to move forward, the Fire Dragon will regard this as a year for action and he will often be helped by circumstances. There will be instances this year when he will find himself in the right place at the right time and benefiting from moments of good fortune. He will have much on his side –, but there is a ‘but’. While he will enjoy his successes, he must not push his luck too far. Monkey years are encouraging, but can trip up the unwary. The Fire Dragon is also a need mindful of the views of others. As a Dragon, he may like to set his own course and keep his thoughts close to his chest, but this is a year to work with others and pay attention to those all-important relationships.
In his work, events can occur suddenly. Staff movements or absences could make vacancies to be filled, responsibilities to give to and promotion to win. By responding quickly, the Fire Dragon could find his in-house knowledge placing him in a strong position to make use. Even if he has not meant in his present position for too long, there will often be scope this year to take his career to a new level.
Colleagues, especially those more senior to him, may also help his career along. In some cases, they may arrange training and/or make it possible for him to broaden his role, and by making the most of his opportunities, he will be preparing himself for more substantial progress in the near future. A lot will happen for a reason this year and the Fire Dragon’s commitment can see him reading some vital and timely rewards.
With aspects as they are, he should also work closely with others as well as seize any chances to network. His skills and personable nature will impress many, and Fire Dragons contemplating changing. Their fame and contacts can be important factors in their development.
There will also be some Fire Dragons who will feel ready for a more substantial career challenge and will be looking for positions which offer greater scope. For these Fire Dragons, and those seeking work, the Monkey year can open up interesting possibilities. By keeping alert for vacancies and thinking what they would be in love with (here employment advisers can be helpful), quite a few will find an opening offering the very chance they desire. For some, there could be a lot of learning involved and the initial weeks could be challenging, but the Monkey year will allow numerous Fire Dragons to prove themselves in a different capacity. Such is the aspects that those who take on extra duties early on in the year could be offered supplementary responsibilities later on. April, May, September and November could see encouraging work progresses.
The development enjoyed by many Fire Dragons at work will lead to an increase in income, but this is nevertheless a year for care and vigilance. With some ambitious plans, including travel, the Fire Dragon’s outgoings will be considerable and he will need to budget ahead for upcoming requirements. Also, when attending to forms or any kind of financial paperwork, he should check the facts and be thorough. Risks or oversights could work to his disadvantage. Fire Monkeys, take note.
Fire Dragon has a curious nature and with this being his fortieth year, he may well feel like starting something new. Whether taking up a separate interest, starting a fitness discipline or setting himself a further subjective aim, he will often feel energized and inspired by what he decides on. For any Fire Dragons who have let their interests lapse or do not have a particularly balanced lifestyle, now is now time to address this and set time aside for themselves.
Fire Dragon will also value the support of his friends, especially as some will have first-hand experience that may help him with his activities and decisions. The input of others can be crucial this year.
In addition, the Fire Dragon will enjoy the social opportunities of the year, including some celebrations that may be held in his honour. The unattached, romantic possibilities could also await. On a subjective level, this Monkey year can be a unique one, in May, late July to early October and December seeing much social activity.
Fire Dragon’s marital life will also see a great deal to happen this year. Loved ones will often be keen to mark his fortieth year and some surprises will be particularly delightful. There could be the chance to enjoy a unique holiday.
Amid the activity, there will also be plans to see through and decisions to take. The more these can be agreed jointly, the better. With good co-operation, some ambitious household projects can be advanced.
Overall, the Fire Dragon’s fortieth year will be a major one and encourage him not only to boost his career but also to enjoy and make more of his skills. Personal interests can be fulfilling and the Fire Dragon will also delight in the exceptional occasions that take place, including some surprises that have been laid out for him. Travel, too, is favourably affected. Fire Dragon’s domestic life will be hectic and frequently gratifying, despite the fact that he will need to control his budget and avoid risk. The Fire Dragon is ambitious and likes to make the most of his opportunities, and this year his efforts cannot only bring rewards now but, significantly, prepare the way for the success that awaits in his recent decade.
Tip for the Year
Seek support and share activities. With backing and goodwill, so much more can be made. Also, give time to yourself, pursue your interests and explore your ideas. Monkey years encourage personal and professional development.
The Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon has a keen and enquiring nature. He is also open-minded, and when he sees something of potential interest, he is willing to find out more. His ability to adjust and embrace change will serve him particularly well this year.
At work, many an Earth Dragon will be facing hefty additional developments. Not only could worker movements and new initiatives lead to openings arising. Nevertheless, for those in large organizations, tempting vacancies could arise in other sections and locations. As a consequence, the Monkey year can bring some exceptional opportunities, and with the experience many Earth Dragons have behind them, they will be firm and often successful candidates. To help them progress, these Earth Dragons should take advantage of any training that may be offered and use any chances to network. Extra effort can reap dividends, both now and in the near future. In addition, additional duties can highlight particular strengths and help influence the Earth Dragon’s future career direction.
There will also be some Earth Dragons who feel their situation will be helped by moving to another employer. Again, their contacts can be of use, either in alerting them to possible openings, putting in a good word on their behalf or offering timely advice.
The aspects are also encouraging for Earth Dragons seeking work. By widening the nature of their search, many could secure an opening offering the chance to utilize their skills in innovative ways. What happens this year can have future significance and April, May, September and November could see encouraging advances.
Financially, regardless of the fact that his income may well increase, Earth Dragon will have countless commitments as well as be involved in some large transactions over the year, especially regarding equipment. At all times, he will need to be thorough, checking facts, seeking advice when appropriate and being conscious of any obligations, he may be taking on. This is no time for risk.
With his bright and alert nature, the Earth Dragon is, however, apt to enjoy a delightful mix of different activities over the year. Innovative ideas could catch his imagination and for those who are sedentary for much of the day. Physical activities, including those with a keep-fit element, may be useful to considering.
Of many of his activities, the Earth Dragon will count on the support of those around him. With friends often in similar situations to his own, he will value his chances to meet up with them and exchange thoughts. A dear friend could be especially advantageous if he has an important personal decision to be done. Diverse activities and situations can also introduce the Earth Dragon to others, and for the unattached, the year may see a transformation in their situation with what could be a very singular romance. For those currently in love, marriage may beckon. A personal and social level, this can be a pleasing year, in May, late July to early October and December seeing the most activity.
For Earth Dragons with a partner, the Monkey year will also see significant developments. With hopes and plans for themselves and their home, these Earth Dragons will explore various ideas and carry out many plans, despite the fact that where a large outlay is concerned, these need to be carefully considered and budgeted for. In addition, while enthusiastic, Earth Dragon should avoid involving himself in too many projects all at once. To overcome himself could add pressure and sometimes lead to less satisfactory results.
It is also essential that the Earth Dragon shares any matters that are on his mind. Monkey years favour joint approaches. He may also find it advantageous to take advantage of the expertise of senior relations. Throughout the year, it is imperative he involves others rather than keeps matters (and anxieties) to himself.
The Monkey year has an element of spontaneity about it and the Earth Dragon may have unanticipated opportunities to travel or attend social occasions. Again, he should be alert and poised to take advantage of what becomes possible.
In general, the Monkey year will offer the Earth Dragon the chance to improve himself and his situation. His prospects are fair, but he needs to seize the moment and make the most of the opportunities that arise. Throughout the year, he also needs to liaise well with others and participate in what is happening around him. This is no year to be very individualistic in approach. However, Earth Dragon’s ideas can enhance well and his fervent nature will help many of his activities. Regardless of the fact that he will need to exercise care in money matters, on a subjective level, strong relationships many Earth Dragons enjoy will help make this a fulfilling and potentially successful year.
Tip for the Year
Be accessible to the possibility. As ideas occur and situations open up, there is room for growth. Get the most from it, for essential benefits can follow on, both now and in the near future.
Famous Dragons
Adele, Maya Angelou, Jeffrey Archer, Joan Armatrading, Joan Baez, Count Basie, Maeve Binchy, Sandra Bullock, Michael Cera, Courteney Cox, Bing Crosby, Russell Crowe, Benedict Cumberbatch, Roald Dahl, Salvador Dali, Charles Darwin, Neil Diamond, Bo Diddley, Matt Dillon, Christian Dior, Placido Domingo, Fats Domino, Dan Fogler, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Sigmund Freud, Rupert Grint, Che Guevara, James Herriot, Paul Hogan, Joan of Arc, Boris Johnson, Sir Tom Jones, Immanuel Kant, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Elle MacPherson, Michael McIntyre, Hilary Mantel, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Liam Neeson, Florence Nightingale, Nick Nolte, Sharon Osbourne, Al Pacino, Pelé, Edgar Allan Poe, Vladimir Putin, Nikki Reed, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Reynolds, Sir Cliff Richard, Rihanna, Shakira, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Sheen, Blake Shelton, Alicia Silverstone, Ringo Starr, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Emma Stone, George Strait, Shirley Temple, Maria van Trapp, Louis Walsh, Andy Warhol, Mark Webber, the Earl of Wessex, Mae West, Sam Worthington.
The S