Sagittarius Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Secular psychological therapy has its good points. It gives emotional release to people and often insights into contemporary emotional issues. Often medication gives helpful relief too. But for you, with Neptune in your 4th house of home and family, you need a spiritual approach to emotional issues. Many of your issues have to do with things in previous lives, and your spiritual mission and job. Without this kind of perspective, you’ll only go to a certain point in your therapy – and no further.

If you’re a believer in the Divine, a very sound psychological exercise is to ‘surrender’ the emotional body – the feeling nature – to the Divine and let it have its way. If this is done sincerely – not just with the lips, but with the heart and with full intent – a great peace will come over you. Little by little the Divine peace, joy and harmony – the natural state of the feeling body – will assert itself. We don’t create this. It’s about enabling it to happen.

Saturn in your 1st house shows that your ego nature, your self-esteem and confidence, are getting ‘reality therapy’ this year (it was happening last year as well). Is self-esteem too high? Is there overconfidence? Saturn will adjust it. Nonetheless, the same is true in reverse. Is self-esteem too low? Do you feel like a ‘worm of the dust’? Saturn will adjust this as well. Saturn is about build a healthy, realistic self-confidence in you. Your confidence will not be built on mere feeling or bravado but on reality. Saturn will arrange all these things.

Pluto in your money house is revealing the deeper mystical secrets of wealth and supply. This we have mentioned above, and it has been the fiscal agenda for many years now. Many of you are beginning to see (and for some it will be in future years) that wealth – supply – is essentially psychic. It is a spiritual force and a spiritual substance. This is only what produces the outer, tangible objects of wealth – the money, the cars, the homes. This spiritual substance exists in unlimited quantities. The only limitations are personal – how much a person can receive and accept. Outer wealth is only the side effect of this inflow of psychic substance. Perhaps the most difficult thing is tantamount to withdraw attention from the ‘outer’ objects and place it on the source. One releases this supply by recognition and acknowledgement. It is just an internal activity. In the spiritual law, this internal activity is made manifest externally – in very natural kinds of ways.

Though the activity of wealth is internal and happens in quiet meditative times, this doesn’t mean that you just sit around idly and get rich. The inflow of heavenly wealth will lead to the right actions that are necessary. You might find yourselves busier than you ever were. Nevertheless, this ‘busy-ness’ is also a side effect of the internal spiritual substance.

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