Aquarius Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Pluto has been made available for your 12th house of spirituality for many years now, as we have mentioned. This is bringing a purification – a cosmic detox – of the whole spiritual life. Perhaps there is no area of life more confusing, more filled with fantasy and misinformation than this area. I would say that most people need a good detox here, and now it is your turn.

These days, ever since your spiritual planet, Saturn, moved into your 11th house in December 2014, this detox is happening through a disciplined and scientific approach to the spirit. You tend to have this way naturally. But these days even more so.

This is a period for testing spiritual attitudes, axioms and practices in a systematic way. Various forms of superstition will fall by the wayside with this approach. Does such and such a practice lead to such and such a result? Practise will reveal it. The mystics of old – the ones who instituted many of the practices extant today – understood the science behind spirituality. It’s now your job to rediscover this science and apply it.

Spiritual interests are considered ‘otherworldly’ and ‘impractical’. Otherworldly is perhaps correct, but when understood, mystical practice is extremely pragmatic in an area where it is applied, whether it be financial, health or career. When understood and practised it provides an opportunity to eliminate poverty, disease and even death itself (eventually).

The other positive things about the scientific approach are the fact that it bolsters faith. Bhakti methods – the exaltation of the feelings and emotions – often bring dramatic results, but with little stability. In a good mood, the person sits on the right hand of the Divine surrounded by choirs of angels. In a bad mood, they can actually become atheists. All the previous experiences are recalled. It is as if they never happened. Nonetheless, with the systematic approach, one maintains faith (so important in this kind of work) regardless of mood.

Pluto is your career planet. His position in your 12th house gives many messages. Spirituality is part of your priorities. Spirituality – your spiritual practice and understanding – will boost the career. And, in many cases, spirituality is the true career, the actual mission for the year ahead. Sometimes Pluto in the 12th house shows a spiritual-type career – a career with a non-profit company, or some spiritual organization. Sometimes people are dedicated to a charity or altruistic cause. Nevertheless, sometimes, the spiritual practice itself is the career. People will be turned off to a spiritual retreat and just focus on their practice. Numerous changes in the world are the product of a lone person’s spiritual breakthrough – usually in private, unheralded and unsung. The outer changes – in governments or in movements – are just the side effects of this.

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