Capricorn Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Pluto in your 1st house is wonderful for weight loss and detox regimes, as we have mentioned. It also has a tendency to cosmetic surgeries. Saturn in your 12th house gives us additional messages. Since last year, you have been receiving revelation on spiritual methods to change the body and the appearance, through meditation, visualization and diet. These methods, though slower, might be preferable to cosmetic surgery. (But sometimes the cosmetic surgery is the side effect of these methods.)

The body was designed to be subservient to the mind and the spirit. It doesn’t really have a will of its own. It often seems that way to us because of mis-identity. But when one puts the focus of attention in the right place – the Divine – the body will naturally reflect the health, beauty and radiance that it was originally designed to reflect.

Remaking and remoulding the physical body is a valid spiritual path this year. Much new knowledge and insight will be gained in the process. Much worldly-oriented rubbish will be deleted as well.

You’re giving rise to your ideal body and image these days. This is a long-term project that has lasted for many years and will continue for many more to come. Be patient. It won’t happen overnight. Nonetheless, as you persist you’ll see steady progress.

The emotional life, as we mentioned, has been turbulent and unstable. The cosmic energy has an agenda here. You’re being required to move to a place that is above the expressive level. The emotional level is only one aspect of who you are, you’re much more than that. As you’re able to view these things from a higher perspective, they will be under the age and less power over you. You will no longer be subject to moods – high or low – but the observer and (eventually) the master of them.

Emotional stability will not only help in your family life, but also in your finances. Capricorns are basically rational people with sound financial judgement. However, ever since your financial planet has moved into your 4th house, moods have been playing an undue role in your finances. In a good mood, you feel rich. In a bad mood, the world is ending. These moods can affect the monetary judgement and is expected to result in mistakes. In a good mood, you’ll tend to overspend; in a despondent mood, however, you might pass up a sound financial or investment opportunity. Strive for emotional stability.

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