Capricorn Finance and Career Horoscope 2016

Practical Capricorn is always interested in finance, but this year less so than usual. Career will be more decisive than mere money. And there’s logic to this. Career success is a tendency to lead to more money, although not always right away.

Your money house is unoccupied for the most part this year, with only short-term, fast-moving planets transition through here. This shows a stable kind of financial year. You seem contented with things as they are and want to build on the same lines. However, it also shows a tendency to take earnings for granted. It shows a lack of attention. If fiscal problems arise, this is perhaps the reason. Give finance the attention it deserves.

Many of the financial trends that we’ve written about in previous years are still very much in effect.

Uranus, your financial planet, has been in Aries, your 4th house, for many years. This shows a desire to be financially independent, a need to be in control of your own financial destiny. This aspect does not get too good for partnerships or joint ventures. It also shows an affinity for ‘start-ups’ – new businesses. If you work together with others, you gravitate to start-ups. Nonetheless, it also shows that you are starting your own additional venture – or are involved in a new venture.

Uranus favours the high tech field – the online world, online businesses or online activities. You are involved in technology, but it’s a sound investment. You make more than you spend. Those of you who invest will be placed under a special affinity for the technology sector of the market, and especially for technology start-ups.

Uranus is involved in modern inventions. This often wants’re involved with your own original invention or with the invention of another.

The pecuniary life is certainly more exciting with Uranus as your financial planet, Capricorn. There’s never a dull moment. Earnings and earnings opportunities can take place at any time and in any place, and often when you least hope that it. A family member who a minute ago was on your throat can suddenly open the wallet or bring you a financial opportunity.

Uranus in your 4th house shows that you’re earning money from home, as we have mentioned. Nevertheless, it also shows earning money from real estate (residential or commercial), restaurants, the food business, hotels or motels. Industries that cater to the home is safer as well, either for jobs, or businesses or investments.

Jupiter crosses your Mid-heaven on September 10, as we mentioned. This indicates career success. It shows promotions (but not necessarily pay rises), honours and the expansion of your career horizons. It is interesting that you could receive more honour and recognition because of your charitable and philanthropic activities than thanks to your professional achievements.

Being involved with charities and good causes will enhance the career and be noticed by the powers that be. In addition, important career contacts or other opportunities can come via these things.

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