Leo Health Horoscope 2016

Health and energy look superb in the year ahead. There are not any long-term plants stressing you out. There will be times, due to the short-term transits, when health and energy are not at their optimum. But these are transient things, not trends for the year ahead. If you get a pre-existing condition, you should see good improvement this year.

Health is good. Yet your 6th house is tough this year. There are various ways to see this. Perhaps you are over-focusing on your health, perhaps magnifying little things into big things (hypochondria). Or, and this is very likely, you are involved in disciplined daily health regimes. And, it seems. These involve detox or purification regimes. With Pluto being in your 6th house for so many years, you seem expert at detoxes and they work, well for you.

Enjoyable though your health is, you can turn it into even better. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your chart (the relevant reflexology points are shown in the following diagram):

The heart. This is always important for Leo. Worry and anxiety, the side effects of a lack of faith, are the primary root causes of heart problems. Avoid them.

The spine, knees, teeth, bones, skin and overall skeletal alignment. These areas are also highly significant for Leo, as Saturn (who has a special care for them) is your health planet. Regular back and knee massage are always advisable. There are chairs that massage the back mechanically and this might be a good investment if you don’t already have one. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath will help keep the vertebrae in the correct alignment. Regular dental hygiene will help the teeth. Use a mild sun screen when out in a bright sun and give the knees more support when exercising.

The colon, bladder and sexual organs. These have become more influential ever since Pluto moved into your 6th house at the end of 2008. If you feel under the weather with a nice herbal colon cleanse might be in order. Safe sex and sexual moderation are essential.

The liver and thighs. These have simply become prominent since last year. The liver needs more energy as it seems sluggish these days. If you feel under the weather an herbal liver cleanse will be beneficial. Massage the thighs regularly.

Pluto, the ruler of surgery, is on your 6th house suggests a predisposition to this. No doubt this has been wrong with many of you in recent years. It can be advisable again. However, take into account the fact that in many cases a good detox will achieve the same result.

Pluto is your family planet. Thus problems at home – discord with family members – can be a root cause of problems. Should problems arise (God forbid), restore harmony at home as quickly as possible?

Emotional health is very important these days. Work to keep the moods positive and constructive.

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