Pisces Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Neptune has been in your own sign for some years now. Thus many of the trends mentioned in previous years still apply in the year ahead. The body is a lot more tricky. Thus, as we mentioned, diet is now more important – as is the refrain from alcohol and drugs (especially in excess). The other notable thing is the case that the psychic faculties are much stronger than usual. Psychic vibrations – positive or negative – are experienced right in the body, as physical sensations. If this isn’t understood, it can result in all kinds of heartache.

For example, perhaps you’re sitting in a restaurant enjoying a meal and the person at the next table has a heart condition. You would feel that condition as if it were your own. Perhaps there would be chest pains, or tightness in the heart area. Or, someone you’re close to is having heart problems. The person can even be in another country (space and time have no bearing on psychic vibrations). You would experience the same kind of phenomena even if there was not anything physically wrong with your heart. Often, because of things of this nature, people check themselves into a hospital and go through all kinds of needless tests or procedures when there was never a problem in the first place – only a destructive psychic rapport. This kind of thing goes on more than anyone realizes.

So, try to be more objective with the body. Consider it as a ‘measuring instrument’. Note the sensations that happen, but don’t identify with them. This will enable you to detect the source.

If the sensations are overpowering, you might need medical help. Nevertheless, if they’re not, work to break the telepathic rapport. A hot bath often helps. Sunshine helps. Prayer and meditation are powerful. Detune from the sense and put the attention elsewhere. If it is a rapport, the unpleasant sensations will leave.

With the ruler of your Horoscope, Neptune, in your 1st house you have unlimited ability to mould your body as you will – as we have mentioned. The body has no will of its own. It is totally subservient to the mind. So, with will and determination, imagine how you want the body to be undertaken. Hold fast to it.

 Eventually the body will start to take on the image you desire. This will be only an internal process. The appetites will change. Some foods you won’t crave, some you will. If you need a vitamin or supplement, it will come to you. If you need some exercise regime (it might be necessary, but sometimes it is) this too will come. The end result will be what you imagine the body to be. It takes perseverance, but it can be done.

Uranus in your money house makes the financial life like a roller-coaster and tends too much instability. On Mars as your financial planet, the spiritual agenda here is to develop fiscal courage. And these days, the need for courage is even greater. More important than financial gain or loss is the ability to meet situations with courage. By now it is happening.

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