Pisces Health Horoscope 2016

Health needs more attention this year. Two long-term plans are in stressful alignment with you. Things will improve after September 10, though, as Jupiter is out of his stressful aspect and leaves you alone.

By themselves, the stressful aspects of two long-term plans are not sufficient to cause serious health problems. However, when the short-term plants temporarily join the party, your vulnerability increases. This year the most vulnerable periods are from May 21 to June 20, August 23 to September 22 and November 22 to December 21. The first two be more intense than the last. Do not forget to rest and relax more during those periods. Do your best to keep soaring energy levels. This is still the first line of defence against sickness.

Your 6th house of health is not strong this year. Thus there is often lax over health matters and this can be an issue. You want to be more zealous here – even when you don’t feel like it. Health problems can be due to this neglect.
Aside from maintaining good energy levels, your health can be enhanced by giving more attention to the following areas:

The heart. This is always important for a Pisces; the Sun, which rules the heart, is your health planet. The reflexology point for the heart is shown in the following chart. In addition, avoid worry and anxiety, the two emotions that are the root causes of heart problems. Replace worry with faith.

The feet. These are also always essential for a Pisces. You respond beautifully to foot massages, foot baths and foot whirlpools. There are all kinds of gadgets in the market that does these things, and if you don’t have one, it might be a good investment. Shoes should fit correctly, and shouldn’t squeeze the toes or unbalance you. Comfort is supposed to be preferred over fashion (although sometimes you can have both). Maintain the feet warm in the winter.

Neptune is on your 1st house, as we mentioned. This indicates that the body is much more thoughtful than usual. Thus it is nice to avoid alcohol and drugs, as you could overreact to these things.

Neptune in your 1st house gives glamour to the image. It sets the ability to fashion and mould the body according to your will. Your body becomes like clay in the hands of the potter.

Your health planet, the Sun, is a fast-moving planet and during the year he will move through all the signs and houses of your chart. Thus there are numerous short-term trends in health that are best discussed in the monthly reports.

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