Pisces Finance and Career Horoscope 2016

Many of you have landed dream jobs in the past two years and you seem satisfied. Two solar eclipses in the year ahead can bring job changes or changes in the conditions of work – these happen on March 9 and September 1. We’ll discuss them more fully in the monthly reports.

As we have mentioned, finances have become a roller-coaster for some years now. Uranus has been made available for the money house and this shows many dramatic changes in the financial life – in your strategy, plans, investments and earnings. Earnings can be taken at any time and from any place. You just don’t know a way or when.

Mars, your financial planet, is a little bit erratic this year and this is in addition to the feeling of instability. First, he will make of his rare retrogrades, from April 17 to June 29. This doesn’t stop earnings, but does create glitches and delays. The financial judgement is not the right way it should be. It is a time for a financial review. Best to avoid major purchases or investments during that period. This is an opportunity to attain conceptual clarity in finances. Things are not what they seem, and you need more facts.

Mars will also spend a lot of time ‘out of bounds’ – from August 9 to October 30. This displays a need to ‘think outside the box’ in your finances, to abandon ‘conventional wisdom’ and try other methods. With Uranus in the money house conventional wisdom is out the window anyway, but especially during the Mars ‘out of bounds’ period. You’re likely to venture into new areas – areas outside your normal financial sphere.

Uranus in your money house shows a good affinity with the world of technology. Investors are called to high tech and media companies. Your technological expertise plays an important role in financing. It also favours online companies or earnings from online activities.

With earnings being so changeable, it is ready to set aside money from the appropriate periods to cover you in the quiet periods. ‘feasts’ will not be last, but will tend to alternate with the ‘famines’. Both will be extreme. You shouldn’t be overly elated with the pleasant periods, or overly depressed with the lows. It’s just the spontaneous action of Uranus.

For some years now the old rule books of finance have been brought out the window. You’re learning, through trial, error and experimentation, the ways that go to push for you. Finance is the grandest of adventures these days. And, without risk, there is no adventure.

Uranus is also your spiritual planet. Thus you’re going deeper into the psychic laws of wealth. You already know much, but there’s always more to be learned. This understanding will enable you to deal with the volatility that is going on.
Mars, your financial planet, is a relatively fast-moving planet. This year he will move through five signs and houses of your chart (sometimes more than once). Thus there are short-term trends in finance that are best considered in the periodic reports.

Career is questioning this year, but ultimately successful. It is accurate to say that you’re involved with various influential people in socially – and social connections are opening doors for you. Nevertheless, Saturn in your 10th house shows that you just have to perform as well. Social connections or no social connections, you simply have to be the best at what you do. You’re in a period of ‘earned’ success. High tech and online activities seem significant in the career of, and it will be advantageous to keep track to date with the latest developments.

A base can be overly exacting and strict with you. The best way to tackle this is to go the extra mile – exceeds their expectations.

Your career planet Jupiter is placed in the 7th house of love most of the year. And the ruler of the 11th house of friendship. Saturn, goes to your house of career. Whatever your actual career is, your real mission this year is supposed to be here for your friends and the beloved.

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