October 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Concept of the Month:

Every day in every way, we are in connection with everyone and everything.

Libra is an air factor indication. It symbolizes stability, equivalent rights, and equity. It is also associated with one-on-one connections and relationships under the perceptive perfect that the two events engaged will supplement each other to make a healthy energy. Libra’s primary air top quality also symbolizes to be able to take effort in psychologically removing to evaluate these connections you have with others and to main reasons in your lifestyle.
Libra is reverse Aries in the Astrology rim. Where Aries symbolizes one (you and your identification in the world), Libra symbolizes two (you and someone else). Libra is the first actual flavor of how your globe happens with someone else definitely in it.

Libra is known for being the indication of stability, equivalent rights, rights, equity, regard, serenity, balance, and elegance. That’s quite a bit to feature to one indication, yet it is what this indication symbolizes.

This is not to say that Libra energy is all about serenity, elegance, and balance all of that period period. Actually, Libra will sometimes take an excessive place in to stability another excessive place (something like moving on the reverse end of a teeter-totter or a set of scales) if they understand circumstances or situation to be unfair or unfair. This may sometimes be recognized as hypocrisy, yet to Libra, it may be completely sensible to take a company might the reverse place in a problem just to take excellent circumstances.

All of those features, for better or more extreme, are why Libra is associated with connections. Yet, in the outlook during one’s astrology cosmetics, we usually ignore that we, as people, make even our one-on-one connections with others in our lifestyles all about personal ourselves in some way, type, or type.

That said, many of us are acquainted with Sir Issac Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

“For every activity, there is an equivalent and reverse response.” “The causes of your must perform in sets – it is difficult for any ability to are available on its own.” Within this concept, energy (and therefore, people) must have something to comparison, and in many situations something to battle, to have some feeling of self.
The Libra energy expertise in your lifestyle reveals Newton’s Third Law of Movement. It informs you that there are two ends to every tale or encounter, and therefore, for every tale there is a connection. You have connections with every person and anything around you in every time of every day, whether you completely understand of or recognize those connections or not. And everyone and everything in your lifestyle is in your lifestyle so you may be pushed to consider a different viewpoint or another outlook during your connection to All-That-Is.

You are, as we each are, exclusively designed and wired to have an original encounter and objective on the globe. Therefore, we each have a different understanding around the globe. Our encounters, views, values – they differ from someone to another because they should differ. None of us are exactly the same because we each have a one-of-a-kind trip traveling in our lifestyles and our own remarkable role(s) to meet on the globe.

Yes, YOU have a one-of-a-kind trip and a one-of-a-kind aspect to experience the globe.

Yet often, because you are in connections with others, you sometimes ignore that your trip is yours and yours alone – even if it requires others along the way. A essential aspect of being in healthier connections is keeping in mind that eventually, you alone are accountable for the products that you use for the course your life’s trip requires. You alone are accountable for who you allow to impact your lifestyle. You alone are accountable for what you may understand and/or believe about the way your lifestyle goes.

Because your own being and lifestyle trip is not random and without objective, because each one of us are available for a purpose, and because that purpose often has to do with some one or some factor else, that is where the Libra features of serenity, balance, and elegance are essential. These features come forth through your approval of and regard for the exclusive personality of another person’s identification, lifestyle trip, and viewpoint, whether or not it is convinced or in comparison with your own.

Remember that “for every activity, there is an equivalent and reverse reaction”. There is no other time during the season (except for 2-3 times during the Complete Celestial satellite in Libra reverse the Aries Sun) when you get to achieve that trend so clearly, and there is no other time during the season when you get to achieve it on or from the sensitive or sensitive aspect of issues. This is a amazing a chance to acquire ideas into who you are for the individuals in your lifestyle and how you are happening for them.

So, look to where Libra drops in your astrology graph for assistance in how to implement this energy in your own lifestyle trip. For more details and ideas, see the Oct 2016 Astrology for your indication.

New Celestial satellite in Libra

This 1 month we have a New Celestial satellite in Libra on Oct 1st at 03:13 GMT

The “buzzwords” for this New Celestial satellite in Libra are “Love” and/or “Finances”. The indication of Libra is all about connections. Since Venus is in the indication of Scorpio, there could be any “clearing out” of envy, disloyality, aspect reversals or irregular economical shifts. Previous connections, individuals, styles, may all “reappear” in your lifestyle, for better or more extreme. The ideas of “obsessional love” (fatal attraction??) and styles of commitment, disloyality, envy may also area, but very covertly…..as in “secrets”.

Libra does not like conflict, but Venus is Scorpio probes within the outer lining area to get at the reality. If it is a “past” injure that comes up at now, it will be launched once and for all – no trivial band-aids will continue to perform now. On the other hand, if a couple are willing to “share” and come to a common bargain (much like a company arbitration), then even the most psychologically extreme circumstances may be settled and the connection has the possibility for “rising like the phoenix” from its own ashes. This is correct for both company, as well as personal relationships.

However, since connections carry so much of our own emotional “projections”, the best way to type out a “problem” in your connection industry, is to first ask yourself “what is they, scenario, connection reflecting returning to me”? What are my most severe worries concerning this issue? Am I trying to management someone else because of this worry issue? Or vice versa?

Do I “value” myself enough for another personal to really value me? Do I have “strings attached” to loving? (We all do…it is just a case of becoming knowingly aware of where and how we “project” them onto another person that could make the distinction between a proper and structural connection.)

These are challenging concerns, but well value analyzing and of course, the “silver lining” is that is VERY possible to reveal your heart’s wish at this time…..but be cautious what you wish for, as you WILL reveal it!

The great details are that you can really “sort out” and change what you want in a connection, as the Libra New Celestial satellite on Octomber 1st is also about “attracting” Really like into your lifestyle. If you are a Libran, or have significant planet's in Libra, the styles of Really like & Cash requires more of your interest than regular until Oct Sixteenth. By the end of the 1 month, you may be singing the tune: “What’s Really like Got to Do with it?”

Enlightenment is not visualizing numbers of sensational looking creating the night aware.
(C.J. Jung)
Who manages the foodstuff manages the people; who manages the ability manages whole continents; who manages money can management the globe. (Henry Kissinger)
Those who can allow you to believe absurdities can allow you to make atrocities. (Voltaire)
Full Celestial satellite in Aries

This 1 month we have a Complete Celestial satellite in Aries on Oct 16, 2016 at 07:25 GMT

This Complete Celestial satellite in Aries is the end result of the pattern which started with the New Celestial satellite in Libra on Octomber 1st.

The end result of this Complete Celestial satellite pattern has much to do with the getting together again of connections in our lifestyles, our areas, and the globe in particular.

While the Sun is in the indication Libra, the Complete Celestial satellite drops in the reverse indication, Aries. Aries is the first flame indication of the zodiac denoting the first brave “push” of the growing ego. The planetary leader of Aries is the fantastic world, Mars. Aries motivates the soul of the innovator and the explorer, and the archetype of the soldier.

This Complete Celestial satellite in Aries motivates us to accept our interest completely, but to also be informed that this does not have to come at another’s cost. On the other hand, victimization and martyrdom are the “shadow” aspect of Libra, and do not do well in the area of Aries!

It is exciting that Venus, the globe of elegance and balance, is the leader of the indication Libra. Both the “Peacemaker” and the “Warrior” are outlined during this Complete Celestial satellite. Astrologically, Venus and Mars make very supporting and enthusiastic associates showing that it is very simple to have sex than war.

On your own stage, where the Sun drops at 21-22 levels Libra in your natal graph reveals where you are being known as to stability and balance your connections. The home where 21-22 levels Aries drops represents where you need to clearly condition your energy, show yourself, and become more self-assertive. It is all a case of stability (remember, the indication Libra is represented by the machines of Justice).

You need to “Know Thyself” in to get what you want in life; but you also need to correspond with “the other” in to have healthy and healthy connections. Where do you need to settle better conditions for yourself? Where do you need to see factors from someone else’s reason for view?

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