September 2016 Monthly Horoscope

heme of the Month:

Virgo is also known as a treatment and/or problem-solving indication – this is the “fix-it” power of the Astrology. Virgo usually does everything it can for making lifestyle in good health, effective, and effective in a life-affirming way.
Are you prepared to obtain your harvest?

After the Mild of the Sun allows the new plants of the Springtime develop and enhance, the collect of our sources is upon us.

Virgo symbolizes this conversion from development into adulthood. After the fun and enjoyment of Leo, Virgo delivers us back again down to world and informs us that there’s still a truth to handle with, and that the realistic information lifestyle don’t go away just because we’d rather be having fun.

Systems and procedures are main reasons of the Virgo way of going about factors. Virgo power tends to be very structured, and even if that company isn’t actually indicated, it’s usually fairly unbelievable how structured the thoughts and concepts of Virgo power everyone is. Virgo also seems to indicate an amazing prosperity of understanding, which provides individuals with powerful Virgo power well in getting factors done and offering for themselves.

If we consider that Taurus symbolizes what has us experience safe and protected in our way of life, Virgo would be how we go about offering those protection components into our way of life through our existence. Virgo is the program of the facts we understand and know in our daily lifestyles, and it is how we implement that information for making concrete improvement in our way of life.

So what does all of that have to do with enjoying our harvest?

The place seeds we placed in the year during the period of Aries are now arriving to being. We have the option to see what is displaying up in our way of life, as well as what did not appear in our way of life. It’s our opportunity to see just how in good health our concepts and actions really have been (and maybe still are), as we now obtain what we have planted.

I encourage you to think returning to what you were (or may have been) clearly and with confidence considering back again at the end of Goal and beginning Apr.

Did you are making any options for or about any aspect(s) of your life?
Were you growing place seeds for what you wished to develop for yourself and your life? If so, what are you seeing now as result?
Have your place seeds of believed expanded and become prepared for collect in view of your life?
Look at where Virgo drops in your astrology graph to find or assert other places in your lifestyle where you aim to get collect in your lifestyle. You may also find assistance as to where and how you may best it is power in your personal lifestyle trip. For more information and concepts, see the Sept 2016 Astrology for your indication.

New Celestial satellite in Virgo

This 30 days we have a New Celestial satellite in Virgo on Sept 9, 2016.

The astrology images for this 30 days start off with the New Celestial satellite in Virgo (September 9), which placed the “seeds” of a power-packed 30 days to come. And that guarantee has been more than satisfied as we fast strategy this Complete Celestial satellite in 22 amount of Pisces on Sept 16th… …the Fall Equinox on Sept 22, 2016.

The New Celestial satellite in Virgo symbolise “separating the rice from the chaff”. This is a 30 days  to be particularly discerning about what concepts, information, and principles you allow into your lifestyle, for Virgo is a very realistic indication. It’s not only about demeaning what we don’t like, it’s about determining what you do want and then taking the liability to reveal it in your lifestyle. If you don’t, someone else will step in to meet the increasing demand and take that choice away.

Full Celestial satellite in Pisces

This 30 days we have a Complete Celestial satellite in Pisces on Sept 16, 2016.

September Sixteenth Complete Celestial satellite happens in the indication of Pisces at 19:05 GMT. As we know, the Complete Celestial satellite is the outcome or “cresting point” of the 14 day trend pattern which starts with the past New Celestial satellite pattern.

To summary temporarily, the styles raised with the Sept 1st, 2016 New Celestial satellite in Virgo: Virgo, the indication of Mom Earth, changes our concentrate to realistic problems, especially associated to our techniques, our health, our Earth, and how we are caretaking or wasting our power and our sources.

On a emotional level, create limitations for yourself. “Weed out” harmful individuals, locations, and factors from your lifestyle. If an old addiction has become difficult, let it go! Virgo motivates cleanliness in mind, body and soul. It attempts co-dependent actions. If your atmosphere it harmful, do something to wash it up. If your connections are harmful, see where you can “clean them up”. Take a realistic activity, and take Responsibility for yourself. It will do a lot for your Spirit!

The indication of Pisces, is the indication that guidelines Neptune, and is associated with the great cosmic sea of lifestyle, the combined seo, spiritualism, sympathy, Jesus awareness, art, songs, mysticism AND science, intuitive treatment, and fascinating, oil and the oil industry!

The “shadow” side of Pisces delivers up victimization, combined worries, escapism, religious “fog”, CHAOS, religious bigotry and “scape-goating”.

Expect to see ALL of these problems in the leading edge of good information over the next two several weeks. Look for important styles to also center around food, real estate, power shortages, and price gouging rather than the overall loss of life and devastation and absence of gentle reaction that we saw with Natural disaster Hurricane katrina anniversary passes. It is on purpose that Florida and the Beach area are associated with big faith and big oil!

September 22,2016 Fall Equinox( North Hemisphere) at 14:21 GMT.

The Fall Equinox is the actual time when the Sun goes into 0 levels Libra denoting a period of cosmic stability and balance. This has been recognized since the beginning of humanity as the “balancing of the polarities of men and female”; yin and , night and.

In shamanic and world based societies all over the world, this day was ( and is, for many still) celebrated as an important level of the year (equinoxes and solstices) and holy traditions for infertility and variety are recognized.

It it's period of “harvesting the grain” and enjoying the vegetables and fruits of the world. The Group came together as one to respect the Earth Mom. Kids created during these party times were regarded to have “special gifts” of prediction and treatment.

Take plenty of break of your active day how to mirror on “all your relations”. How is your connection with yourself? Are you in balance? What would you like to draw in into your lifestyle in regards to important other? Mild a candlestick on your personal ceremony and give thanks for all the delights in your lifestyle, especially for the ones you love. Take sufficient time how to tell your associate, buddy, fan, kid or mother or father how much you appreciate and really like them. Buy yourself some flowers….adopt a pet…or provide to a shelter…open your center to Love……giving and getting is a fragile stability and does need some exercise and plenty of tolerance.

Don’t be hard or crucial of yourself if you are “alone” and not with a associate presently. All life experience really like. Luxurious your really like nicely to characteristics, to God, to children, animals… those who have less than you. Before you know it, your center will defeat to a different percussionist, and the Woman of your dreams will listen to its contact.

If you don’t have a “special” position or ceremony in which to do your relaxation techniques or publication work, it is very easy to produce a ‘sacred space” in your lifestyle. Take one area of a room, ideally silent, with no computer techniques or TV close by, as your area. You can position a small place there, gems, holy rocks, unique “keepsakes”, whatever you like. The concept is making it “yours”, and even by just seated or status there, you instantly keep in mind and experience your connection to Spirit and to Mom Earth. The relax will just “flow”…no judgement…just “be”!

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