Scorpio Health Horoscope 2016

Saturn left your sign at the end of December 2014, which had a significant improvement in your overall health and energy. This year there are not any long-term plans in stressful aspect to you; they are either making nice aspects or leaving you alone. Health should be good therefore. If they have got any pre-existing conditions, you should see improvement in their too.

There will be periods in the year when health and energy are less comfortable than usual, but these are from the short-term planetary transits and are not trends for the year ahead. When they pass, normal good health and energy return.
Health is good. Yet your 6th house of health is very tough this year. There are for two ways to see this. One, perhaps you are over-zealous about your health and is magnifying little things into big things. The other way to view this is that you’re involved in healthy lifestyles and health regimes, even though you basically feel OK. You want to make certain that you keep feeling OK. Often both readings are genuine.

Enjoyable though your health is, you can make it even better. Give special attention to the following areas – the vulnerable areas in your chart (the reflexology points are shown in the following chart):

The colon, bladder and sexual organs. These are still important for you, Scorpio. It’s a good idea to have regular colonics. Abundant natural healers affirm that all disease – without exception – begins in the colon. This is no certainty, but in your case it could be said. Safe sex and sexual moderation are also always meaningful for you.

The head, face and scalp. Head and face massage tend always to be overwhelming for you, craniometric therapy likewise.

The adrenals. These are also always eminent for Scorpio. The important thing is meant to be avoided anger and fear, the two emotions that stress the adrenals.
The musculature. It is still essential for Scorpio to maintain good muscle tone. A weak or flabby muscle can knock the spine or skeleton out of alignment, and misalignment vertebrae can cause all kinds of other problems. Vigorous physical exercise (in accordance with your age and stage of life) is supposed to be very beneficial.

The ankles and calves. These have simply become prominent in recent years – ever since Uranus entered your 6th house. Both should be routinely massaged. Give the ankles more support when exercising.

Uranus is your family planet. His position in your 6th house of health shows the importance of keeping harmony in the family. Health problems, if they happen (God forbid) could stem from family disharmony, and so the first step to recovering good health is tantamount to restore harmony as quickly as possible.

It is also essential to keep moods positive and constructive. This is a lot easier than it has been in recent years, but is still a challenge. Appropriate health for you means sound emotional health. Meditation will be a great help here.

The amusing thing about Uranus in your 6th house is because you’re throwing out all the rule books. You’re learning how your body functions through trial, error and experimentation. Each one of us is wired up differently. Things that go to push for one person will not necessarily go to work for another. So, it is every person’s responsibility to learn what goes to work for them. This is happening for you.

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