Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Many of the trends that we have written about in past years are still in effect. Long-term planets are engaged, and long-term plans indicate long-term projects.
Saturn has been put into your money house since December 2014. Though prosperity is happening, you could feel tight. Often this is the fruit of an extra financial responsibility that you can’t avoid. All that're required is a reorganization and this is what’s happening. There’s more on this later.

Pluto, the ruler of your Horoscope, has been in your 3rd house of communication for many years now, and will remain there for many more years to come here. This is a fantastic position for students, writers, teachers, sales and marketing people. There is a strong focus on the mind and communication.

Neptune has been put into your 5th house of fun and creativity for many years. This shows an affinity for spiritual-type entertainment. You might prefer a Full Moon ceremony or the Kirtan for a night out on the town. It also shows inspired creativity. Those of you engaged in the creative or performing arts are unusually inspired these days.

Uranus has been put into your 6th house for many years. Thus there have been numerous, numerous job changes. Not only literal job changes, but changes in the conditions of work. This transit also shows dramatic changes in the health regime.

Your financial planet Jupiter spends most of the year in Virgo and in pleasing aspect to the ruler of your chart, Pluto. This shows prosperity. Jupiter will leave Virgo on September 10 and is introduced in Libra, which indicates important fiscal changes – changes in thinking and strategy. Again, there’s more on this later.

Your most vital interests this year is as follows : finance; communication and intellectual interests; children, fun and creativity; health and work; friends, groups and group activities (until September 9); and spirituality (from September 10 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year is as follows : friends, groups and group activities; and spirituality (from September 10 onwards).

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