Scorpio Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Saturn in the money house creates a feeling of constriction – a feeling of limitation – in finance. But this is not punishment. It’s educational. His goal is tantamount to plug the holes in the financial consciousness and make you financially healthier. Do not ever let redundant bank accounts or brokerage accounts? Now is not the time to streamline them. Be because you paying too much for your cable TV or mobile phone? Are you paying for services that you don’t use? This is a critical year to fix this. If a person has been irresponsible in financial – over-spending, running up debts for frivolous things – a Saturn transit through this house can be quite a trauma. The debts come due and have to be repaid. The price for bad financial habits needs to be paid. Nonetheless, if a person has been conscientious in their pecuniary dealings, Saturn will actually enrich them – and in a healthy kind of way. Saturn in the monkey house for these people means ‘enduring wealth’.

Saturn in the money house favours practical steps to enhance wealth. It favours savings and investment plans – and it takes some discipline to stick with these things. It favours building wealth over the long-term, step by step.

The financial planet in your 12th house from September 10 onwards doesn’t deny Saturn’s actions but adds a spiritual dimension to them. Much of this has been under discussion. This is the moment when many of you will learn that wealth is an ‘interior activity’. Things have to happen in ‘though you’ before they can happen to ‘to you’. This is the transcendent perspective on wealth. If there are financial problems, we don’t try to fix them from outside, but work to get our mind aligned with the psychic principle of ‘affluence’. This is counter-intuitive to worldly thought and takes some meditation to grasp. It is OK (and even useful) to have a budget and an investment plan. It is nice to get long term fiscal goals. Nevertheless, the actual work should be on the psychic level.
The spirit is constantly pouring out its affluence upon us. From its perspective, there is no limit whatsoever. The only limitations are individual – how much a person can receive and accept. The person who can receive more (and we’re talking on the interior level) will have more.

I have discussed the issue with very wealthy people. Though they don’t utilize spiritual terminology, they do say that wealth is a prerequisite of mind; an astrologer would say it is ‘a state of consciousness’. So if there are financial worries or problems, get into the wealthy ‘ state of mind’ as quickly as possible. The problems will begin to dissolve of their own weight. Getting the hang of this – and it will take some work and meditation – is well worth the effort.

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