Cancer Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Home and family are always important for the Cancerian. For them, they are the very meaning of life itself. In raising a family and addressing these issues the Cancerian finds meaning and purpose in life.

Of late, they have not been meant as important as usual. But this change on September 10 as Jupiter moves into your 4th house, making it a house of power. This, as we mentioned, often brings a move or an enlargement of the present home. Sometimes it shows in the purchase of an additional home, sometimes the purchase of expensive items for the home. The whole effect is as though one had moved.

Those of you of childbearing age are more fertile, and a pregnancy this year wouldn’t be a surprise. The family circle is expanding. It is as though a clan or tribe rather than just a family. This is one of the means that the clan could expand. Nonetheless, other members of the family could give rise to – this would fit the symbolism of the Horoscope. Your extended family will be expanded as well.

Jupiter is your health planet. His move into your 4th house shows that you’re very concerned with the health of the overall family and with family members. You are ensuring that the physical home healthier. If there are toxic paints or other unhealthy environmental materials in your home, you’re spending to clear them up. There will be inclined to install exercise equipment, back massagers and other health equipment in the home. The home will become as much a health spa as a home.

Jupiter is equally your work plant. Thus many of you are working longer from home this year. With all the new technology available, this is not the true problem that it was like. So, if you don’t already have one, you’re setting up a home office. You are riding home a work place as much as a home.

A sibling or sibling figure in your life is in a durable prosperity cycle this year and seems more attached to the family than usual. He or she should probably not move this year, though they may wish to. Next year will be best for that than now.

A parent or parent figure begins a prosperous cycle from September 10 onwards. Until then he or she is in a solid spiritual period, with innumerable spiritual breakthroughs and supernatural kinds of experiences happening.

Children and children figures in your life have had a rough few years, but things are producing better for them this year. They seem to be more emotionally stable than in the past. Those of appropriate age have had multiple moves in recent years – and this trend is continued in the year ahead.

Grandchildren (if you tell them to) are having a durable kind of family year. There’s no need for them to make such dramatic changes.

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