Cancer Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Detox taking place in your love life sounds gloomy and sombre. But behind all this is a big love. You’ve been praying for the ideal love life, the ideal relationship. The cosmos have heard and is responding. In order to give you what you want, it first has to remove the obstructions to it. And this is what going on. It is a lot like what happens when the body gets detained. While it’s happening, it’s not very pleasant. All kinds of toxins, effete material, things that have weighed the body down have to go out. Then and only then can be the natural healing forces of the body are involved, and health.

It is not only people that the cosmos is detaining, but ideas, concepts, attitudes and opinions about love, relationships and even gender. Anything that is not in the way of your superlative love life, your ideal relationship, is being removed.

You’re giving birth to your idyllic love life. The pains you feel are not pathology but birth pangs. If you understand things in this way, the process will go any easier.

There’s more to say about health issues too. Jupiter, your health planet, will be in your 4th house from September 10 onwards. Thus, health problems, should they happen (God forbid) could be coming from a re-stimulation of the memory body. The triggering of childhood memories can produce real symptoms. They feel real. Nonetheless, they are not what they appear to be. Since, on the outside, they seem sincere, the tendency is to treat them in the normal medical approach. Nevertheless, in these cases it is better to treat the memory body. To go back to the origin of the bad memory and transform it. Sometimes these memories are from past lives. In such cases past-life regression can be a great help. Normally past-life regression is not advisable – there’s no reason for it except to satisfy idle human curiosity – however, if health is involved, it’s a different story and it is a valid way to go ahead.

In the spiritual life, it is fashionable these days to find the strange and exotic. People feel that their own religion (whatever it is) have no mystical value. However, every religion has its mystical side – its esoteric side – and this will be good for you. Your job now is to uncover the mystical-experiential roots of your native religion.

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