Cancer Finance and Career Horoscope 2016

You’re being out of two fantastic financial years. Cancer, and by now most of your important financial goals have been achieved. Money, of itself, is not that interesting. Your money house is basically empty this year. (Only short-term planets will move through the 2nd house – they will do their job and then move on.)

This I reads as a good thing. You seem basically content with the status qua and do not have to make dramatic changes or pay undue attention here. Of course, you’re allowed to make changes, but there’s no compelling urge.

There will be about two solar eclipses this year. One on March 9 and the other on September 1. These will shake up the pecuniary life and if changes are needed, you’ll make them. We’ll discuss these events in greater detail in the monthly reports.

Career is a lot more interesting to you than mere money. You understand that if the career is good. Money follows naturally. A noble career opportunity is more indispensable than a financial opportunity. If you can have both, all the better.
Sun is your financial planet and during the course of the year he will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus money and financial opportunity happens through a variety of ways and means. These short-term trends are best examined in the periodic reports.

With Jupiter in your 3rd house until September 9, you can earn through your communication skills – through writing, teaching, sales, marketing and PR. Those of you engaged in these fields should have a banner year.

Jupiter in Virgo until September 9 makes you lucky speculations. It also shows enhanced personal creativity.

Children or children figures in your life are prospering and seem supportive. In many cases, they inspire you to earn more. In many cases, they have sound financial ideas.
Jupiter in the 3rd house often indicates a new car (and a good one, and sometimes a second car) and the purchase of suitable, high-end communication equipment.

Job seekers have opportunities close to home this year. Until September 9, those opportunities can be discovered in the neighbourhood and perhaps through the recommendation of neighbours or siblings. It is useful also to look for opportunities through the use ‘ channels’ – through the wanted ads in the media and online. After September 9, there will be job opportunities at home. Nonetheless, family members or family connections can have a role.

Favourable financial numbers are 5, 6, 8 and 19.

The career has been unstable for many years, as we have mentioned. Learning to cope with this has been one of your life lessons of late, Cancer. However, along with that is the excitement of knowing that career opportunity can occur at any time in any place – and often in the most unexpected kind of way.

Uranus in your 10th house shows someone who needs a lot of change – variety – in the career. Thus it favours freelance kinds of career. Media and online businesses would fit the bill. Nonetheless, even a conventional corporate career could work if it allowed you much freedom and changes.

With Uranus in your 10th house it is dangerous to form any kind of opinion of your career status – high or low. It can evolve in a flash. It just is what it is, in the ‘now’.

Those of you interested in astrology or science might consider these as career paths.

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